The Wayshower Book Event with John-Roger, Paul Kaye and Jsu Garcia — Rubicon Estate, Napa Valley, Dec 2011

By: MSIA Staff

December 14th, 2011

The Wayshower Book Event with John-Roger, Paul Kaye and Jsu Garcia — Rubicon Estate, Napa Valley, Dec 2011

The book event was icing on the cake. The day was beautiful and clear. Driving up to Napa in the golden fall light with the colors of the leaves that still are hanging on the vines adding more dimension to the scenery, I knew it would be a relaxed and lovely day . The light was out in all its glory, a little heaven on earth.

J-R and the crew showed up early and the tone was set. Paul Kaye spoke about his beginnings with MSIA and his personal journey with J-R and his own process of growth.

It seemed like an opening again of no boundaries just love and sharing, that was what we were there to do. That is what the day was. Sharing with each other and sharing with J-R.
– Christi Mider

There was a sweetness that pervaded the space at the Rubicon estate. Paul Kaye brought forward a sacredness and loving quality that was palpable. So grateful I was able to attend and bathe in the Light!
– Eden Pudberry

It’s difficult to put into words the privilege, the delight, and the deep heartfelt gratitude to be in J-R’s presence. He fills the room. It’s my 2nd year of participating in the booksigning at the Rubicon Estates and I looked forward to it all year. Thank you, thank you, thank you.
– Letty Flohr

I started “The Wayshower” book in the evening and couldn’t put it down till 4 am. While reading, I experienced a powerful expansion of my spiritual awareness, and that kept me spellbound. No words can adequately express my deep gratitude to J-R, my Wayshower.
– Zelma Barinov

The Rubicon event is in a beautiful setting, and it allows whole families to be together in a setting where MSIA children can play together and everyone has a chance to connect personally with J-R as he signed the Wayshower book. This year we also had the treat of hearing Paul Kaye’s personal story about his experience with J-R as his wayshower. The food was delicious, and we had a chance to share with people at our tables about ways to experience the Beloved more fully in our lives. Thanks to everyone who made this experience possible!
– Laila Millar

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