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Founders in England Day 10

On our last day at Bovey Castle I hike up to the moors (uncultivated grassland areas in England, sometimes marshy, usually at slightly higher altitude) to see the famous wild ponies of Dartmoor. They are not actually wild, but are owned by local farmers and allowed to graze on common land and move around freely in herds, much like our own Windermere horses used to do. I find that if I stand up or make sudden movements they get scared away but if I crouch down they come to me. For more info on them,  click here.

Photos show a few scenes on the hike, then the ponies, then the hike back, and then at 1pm we’re back on buses to the train back to London. At the end are some photos from the train ride and the countryside through the train windows. We’re back in London by dinnertime.

6 thoughts on “Founders in England Day 10”

  1. Absolutely stunning images David of the Countryside and the Wild Horses! I can feel the Raw Power and Soulfulness of the Horses and the Countryside. Much thanks! Blessings, Joseph

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