Wisdom of the Heart:
Body, Mind, Heart and Soul in Harmony

By: Paul Kaye, DSS

July 25th, 2018

Wisdom of the Heart: <br/> Body, Mind, Heart and Soul in Harmony


Wisdom of the Heart is a foundational course in successful living. This year-long class is an invitation to higher consciousness filled with experiential content and exercises that apply to all ages and generations.

We invite you to immerse yourself in the wisdom of your heart in this unique one-weekend-per-month class where you will be supported in developing a stronger commitment to your own truth.

The purpose of Wisdom of the Heart is for you to know who you are and why you are here. The class offers a way of life where you find fulfillment while handling the challenges that you face in your life. You will discover that you can face these challenges in a calm, heart-centered, and positive way.

We will learn to tap into our natural knowing and come into alignment with the different aspects of our being. In our natural knowing, we will discover our intentions as they manifest physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.

Most of our problems emanate from lack of coherence where our levels are out of synch or unconsciously working against each other. During the weekend classes you will be bringing the Body, Mind, Heart and Soul into harmony as a way to create greater health, wealth, and happiness.


The body is one of our most important and underutilized resources. It is the living temple of the Soul. We’ll learn discernment in choosing what is best for us through listening to our body. Wisdom of the Heart is focused on creating greater health and wellbeing for ourselves as we let go of stress and worry and what is not working for us.

Body Curriculum:
Movement: Fitness, Yoga, Tai Chi, Qi Gong
The power of deep rest
Healthy eating, healthy weight
The importance of the breath


The mind is a powerful and resourceful tool when used to support the direction we set for it. However, many of us can easily over-identify with our minds and thoughts, putting them in the driver’s seat.

We’ll practice letting go of negative thought patterns to move from living in our heads to living in our hearts, while utilizing the mind as a tool to serve our upliftment and growth.

Mind Curriculum:
How to live free of stress
Reframing – Positive Focus
Techniques for creating success
The importance of mindset


The heart has a bigger electromagnetic field than the brain and actually contains brain cells. It is a huge inner resource and source of wellbeing, expansion, love and joy.

We are out of harmony with ourselves when we let our reactions and egos run our lives. The quality of our lives improves immediately when we let go of our ego and personality identification and follow the inner wisdom that comes from the Heart.

In this class, we’ll break free from our limitations and connect to who we really are.

Heart Curriculum:
Clarifying your purpose
Increasing Heart connection
Creating relationships we want
Appreciation – Gratitude as a focus
Listening with and to our Heart


The Soul is our true self – the essence of who we really are. It is love, peace and joy. When the body, mind, and heart are in harmony they become effective instruments to serve our Soul’s purpose in this world.

Our focus is to become aware of our divine nature as we live a healthy and joyful life of creativity and expansion as conscious and responsible creators.

Soul Curriculum:
Meditation and sound
Developing intuition
Following inspiration
Being in a state of effortless loving, peace, and joy


Doors are open!

In person in Santa Monica, California or via Live Stream.

Offered in English and Spanish.

Visit wisdomoftheheart.org
Or email hello@wisdomoftheheart.org


This Article was originally published in the New Day Herald Magazine, July 2018 edition.


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