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Calling Forward the Beloved? MP3

Calling Forward the Beloved?

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In this seminar, John-Roger observes that we are not using our bodies to their capacity. He points out that the Movement of Spiritual Inner Awareness offers a "user's manual" for how to get what you need in this world.

J-R says, "It's really simple. We have another body, other than the physical body. Ever been in an elevator and you feel something funny in the back of your neck and you turn around and look and somebody's just been looking at you and you get that eerie, spooky feeling? Or when you're thinking of somebody and they call on the phone? There something that's important about that. It's telling us there's something else going on in our existence that we're not aware of."

The core of the "user's manual" is that someone is there for you through it all: one who loves and cares for you. That one is the Beloved.

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God Bless You!

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