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The Peaceful Power Within Us CD

The Peaceful Power Within Us CD

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This is one of those seminars in which John-Roger addresses a number of topics, although the core theme is peace.

Early in the seminar, he says that at some point, we have to stop seeking spiritual fulfillment and just take it in, like breathing in air. Later, he speaks to why we have difficulty presenting ourselves to others as we are; we usually present ourselves the way we think others want us to be!

J-R offers a very direct and easy-to-understand approach of letting go and letting God. "How to you let go? Relax. And how do you let God? Be patient." Sounds simple? It is, like many of the solutions J-R offers. But the layers go really deep.

Toward the end of the seminar, J-R looks ahead into the new century and puts forth a picture of how it will be and our role in it. It probably isn't what you think.

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God Bless You!

Length of CD: 48:58


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