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Social-Sexual Behavior MP3

Social-Sexual Behavior

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Here is a seminar that explains a lot about sex. Yep, you read that correctly. Here is John-Roger speaking clearly, briskly and plainly about human sexual relations. He responds with great clarity, for instance, to the following question, "Please explain how a woman releases a man's negativity during her period." Another questioner asks about relationships in which there is more than one partner. Are you curious about J-R's answer?

And what does our sexuality have to do with Spirit? "We are accountable for our actions," J-R states, "and we need to watch how we identify ourselves because we will lock in a false identity. As we. think, we do become." J-R also says, "Sex is the way the Soul makes love on the physical plane, whereas lust makes lust on the physical plane."

If you want your questions answered, together with a recipe for a loving sexual relationship, you'll find it in this seminar. And another blessing you'll find is J-R leading you in an exercise bypassing body, feelings and mind into YOU.

God Bless You!

Length of MP3: 43:18


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