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Dreams MP3

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In this intriguing seminar, John-Roger spells out what happens in the dream state. He says, "When we are asleep at night we go into the spirit world, if we can use that term. We actually do get in there and we can receive many teachings, many beautiful awareness that are brought to us. When you start into the deep sleep stage, the Mystical Traveler pulls you into the Soul Realm. When you return into consciousness, you pick up all of these sheaths along the way. Then you can have all your experiences in spiritual protection."

How does that sound? Pretty good, huh?

J-R continues, "As long as we stick in these physical levels, we incarnate back. When we get in the Soul Realm we've broken the Wheel of Eighty-Four. This means that we are then in a higher consciousness. Then we can become a co-worker with God. We can know about the great ocean of divine love and mercy and can become a center of it. I can't give you any more words for it. It's something you have to experience."

God Bless You!

Length of MP3: 48:20


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