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The Body Balance Meditation MP3

The Body Balance Meditation MP3

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This is the downloadable version.

This great meditation is part of the Health from the Inside Out packet and outlines how to use the energy of the body to create better health and relaxation; it can be listened to before going to sleep to promote deeper rest.

The packet also includes insights into and methods for overcoming the cycle of overeating, as well as a description of the power of your thoughts and how to use this power for better health; in addition, it provides information on how to connect with the Supreme Source to promote healing and vitality.

This whole world boils down to one word -- energy -- and it's used either for you or against you.
-- John-Roger.

If you would like to purchase the entire packet in MP3 format, just click here. or in CD format, just click here.

God Bless You!


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