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Natural Learning vs. Natural Knowing  MP4

Natural Learning vs. Natural Knowing

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John-Roger begins this seminar in Bogota by bracing you for what might be coming your way. “I hope to say things that you’ll find of value,” J-R says, “but usually I say things that upset people. Then about five years later they find it valuable. So… Let’s get busy hurting feelings!"

In his loving and humorous way, he gets busy possibly “hurting your feelings” talking about such topics as: The tenets of MSIA that you don’t have to believe in , the 10 guidelines in dealing with people that you are not required to use, and delving deeper into how dishonesty forfeits divine aid.

He gets to the core of the titled theme by comparing MSIA to an affiliated organization. “Insight was natural learning. You got to see many things to see how you think and how you learn. Some people really didn’t like that, because they wanted to think they were right no matter how wrong they were. MSIA is natural knowing. Once you get there, you know. You just know. Nothing can change it.”

In this seminar you’ll learn how you can stay in that mode and continue to advance in your natural knowing.

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God Bless You!
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