Spirit Works Overtime – 25 Hours a Day

By: John-Roger, DSS

April 25th, 2019

Spirit Works Overtime – 25 Hours a Day


Maybe your car breaks down, your relationship with your spouse gets a little rocky, the job starts falling out from under you, all sorts of things start going “wrong.” And believe it or not, that could be the Holy Spirit coming in to shake you out of your complacency — to disturb your comfortable routine “stuckness” — and to give you a little abrasion to help you reach for the next level and continue your pattern of growth.
– John-Roger

This article by John-Roger was originally published in the Movement Newspaper in January of 1980.

The Mystical Traveler brings you the experience of God and the Spirit. If you allow it, the Mystical Traveler can work with you in ways that you could not calculate with even the most rapid and most sophisticated computer on the planet. Long before you can even think to ask, the assistance is already present, through the Mystical Traveler Consciousness.

The Traveler will work with you, but you have to learn to sit down and be quiet and chant some of the spiritual exercises that are designed to be the bridge between your physical consciousness and Spirit. They are the bridge, and the stronger the bridge, the more it can support you.

The more you can focus on Spirit, the more you will be aware of Spirit. When you can get yourself out of the “right field” of your negative thinking and the “left field” of your negative emotions and pull yourself into the “center of your being,” you’ll find out that the Mystical Traveler has been there a long time, waiting for you. At that moment, you may find out what divine love is all about. You’ll feel that loving quality that has patiently waited for your awakening, while letting you experience all that was necessary for you to experience, and letting you experiment around with your consciousness and discover all the things that don’t work. The Traveler will let you take all the time you need, and then when you turn towards yourself — which is toward the inner form of the Traveler — you’ll hear him say, “Come, let’s go together. There is a place prepared for you.”

You can turn into Spirit anytime, ”twenty-five” hours a day, “eight” days a week. There is no time that you are not present in the spiritual form. There is no time that the Traveler is not present with you. You are being shown the path into Spirit, into God, into your true home — all the time. All you have to do is recognize that.

When I am working with people, through the consciousness of the Mystical Traveler, I work with them all the time. I might have them traveling in Soul consciousness while they are driving in their car or doing the laundry or any other daily activity. For the first few times people might feel a little sleepy, but then they get used to that and learn to hold more of the spiritual energy, and it doesn’t present any difficulty to them. Some days you might feel exceptionally sleepy, and you might say, “I could just lie down and drift off to sleep in no time.” It might be that you are completing some things on some other levels, and a lot of your consciousness is involved in levels that are not the physical level. Instead of getting upset or impatient with yourself when you feel like that, you might just say, “Thanks a lot, Lord,” and do methodical things that don’t take a lot of your concentration and attention. You might want to scrub your floors that day, or do the dishes, or wash the car. Do the mundane things, but within that activity, listen very closely to the sound of God inside of you. You might hear the Traveler say, “Come, my beloved, and we will travel the high country.”

Sometimes you hear that and say, “Whooppee!!” and that shock of enthusiasm blocks your awareness of what is taking place. Sometimes it’s best to just acknowledge what is happening and flow along with it, just observing what happens next.

There is nothing that the Holy Spirit cannot do for you. All things are possible. Sometimes it will comfort you. In the midst of your depression, your misery, your anxiety, you might feel a sense of peace and well-being and joyful loving come across you — and you’ll just lose all sense of anything being amiss in your life. You’ll feel centered and warm and loving toward everything and everyone. That might be Spirit coming in to assist you by bringing balance into your consciousness and comforting you in the time of your need.

Other times you might be going along feeling okay about things — you might even be feeling a little too proud and that you have the world by the tail — and all of a sudden, things will start falling to pieces around you. Maybe your car breaks down, your relationship with your spouse gets a little rocky, the job starts falling out from under you, all sorts of things start going “wrong.” And believe it or not, that could be the Holy Spirit coming in to shake you out of your complacency — to disturb your comfortable routine “stuckness” — and to give you a little abrasion to help you reach for the next level and continue your pattern of growth.

If things are going too well, sometimes you get a little lazy and stop your growth. When that’s the case, Spirit will often come in and stir things around for you a little bit. It’s all part of your growth and progression, and it will happen in whatever way is for your highest good, whatever way is in your best interests. The Holy Spirit will never initiate any action that will harm you or hurt you. It’s fail-safe. It will not inflict itself upon you or be an active force in your life without your asking. If you are committed to work within Spirit and toward your own growth, then the Holy Spirit will work with you for your highest good, and will do whatever it takes to lift you into greater and greater awareness of Spirit and your own divine nature.

The Spirit, the Traveler Consciousness, doesn’t necessarily work with you the way you think it’s going to work with you or the way you might like it to work with you. It works with you in the way that will work — in the way that will assist you to learn and to complete those things that are necessary to your karma — and in the way that will assist you to complete the divine plan that you incarnated here to complete. It’s perfect. And if you let it, it will transform your life. When you open your consciousness to it and recognize that Spirit can be a transcending force in your life, then it can step forward and touch to you in the most dynamic ways that you can imagine.

You might hear a story or hear someone tell a joke, and suddenly feel a surge of emotion as you realize, from some deep intuitive place within you, the full impact of the story or the full significance of the joke, or the implications that they hold for you in your life. A simple story can take on many, many meanings and open up areas that you never even considered before. That could be the Spirit working within you.

The Spirit, the Traveler, will use any tool to awaken you. It might be a seminar that awakens you to new levels. It might be seeing someone on the street and suddenly knowing who that person is, beyond their personality or their physical appearance. It might be your child telling you that he loves you — thus awakening a place within you that you never knew existed before — as you truly see your child as God’s child, and know that you are only his guardian on this level for a little while.

When Spirit reaches into you and breaks loose levels that have been hidden or stuck, you may be flooded with the most beautiful and wonderful realizations. Spirit will awaken you in the timing that is right for you. The blessings are entirely present all the time. Your job is to be aware of Spirit’s blessings as they unfold to you — and to know that all things that happen are right and perfect in their timing — and to accept Spirit’s presence in your life and the guidance that It brings to you.

The greatest key to knowing Spirit is loving. When you are in a state of loving, you are more aware of Spirit, of God, of the consciousness of the Mystical Traveler. My nature is loving and joyful. When loving is present, I am present. I only work in love. When you are in a state of loving, you will find me present within you, and then it is so easy to lift you into a greater awareness of Spirit.

People say they want to love. It’s easy, just love. If you find that difficult, just think of something that’s special to you. If you’re a vegetarian, think of a nice fruit salad. If you’re not, think of a big, juicy steak. If you’re thirsty, think of a cool lemonade. If you’re a parent, think of your child. If you’re in love, think of your lover. Find that feeling inside that teaches you how to love. And then shoot it out into Spirit, into the Traveler, and it will be sent back to you double. Then take that into you — feel it spread throughout your body and consciousness — and then send it back out and it will come back double. It’s a beautiful way to build the love that you have within you, and you may be astounded at what can happen as you start to work the love more fully within yourself. You’ll find that in giving, you receive more than you ever imagined possible.

Use love in all that you do. Be loving in all your dealings with other people. Keep that focus always present within you. It creates a bond that goes so much deeper than the outer expression. It is the connection between the God in you and the God in others. And as you exchange that love, the Soul stirs and gains strength. And in that strength you start to find out who you are. I could tell you who you are, but until you find out for yourself, it doesn’t work. And when you find out who you are, you’ll know who I am, because I am also you.

Baruch Bashan.


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