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Your Soul’s Progression


One of the temptations of this world is to take yourself out of your own salvation. You may be tempted to go off the path that’s moving in the highest progression of your Soul. Get back on your path and at the highest rate you can handle. So it’s not just, “Don’t stop.” It’s, “Keep going as fast as you can.” The fast I’m referring to is that quality of greater good that goes towards greatest good.
– John Morton

This article by John Morton was first published in the New Day Herald in March of 2012.

I look at all of us as being natural geniuses. We were born with innate abilities, gifts and talents destined for us to release and make manifest in this world. Some of our gifts we have yet to discover because they come forward through our life experiences. When we do discover them, it may seem that they have a life of their own as they bring forward great blessings.

As we go through our life experiences and have our encounters, we can look at reference points for how to do things for the highest good. We may consider who we admire, who we want to be like, who shows us the way, and who demonstrates what we want to do. These experiences awaken our natural abilities and innate knowledge about our life purpose as a Soul in this world.

I consider myself blessed to be one of those who discovered my life purpose, and I’ve been trying to keep up with it ever since. It has led me to do all kinds of things that are fulfilling and nurturing as well as confounding and challenging. If you think that discovering your life purpose takes the difficulties and challenges away, that’s certainly not how it has been in my case. If anything, the challenges may intensify. However, I look at what we’re doing as it comes in line directly with one of the ground rules that John-Roger has identified, “Use everything for your upliftment, learning and growth.”

Consider everything really means everything. There’s no exception in using everything. Every moment of every day, every circumstance, interaction, feeling and thought can be used for our upliftment. So use them all to gain. When we’re engaged in that way, amazing things happen. Our life is illuminated in the brilliance of who we are.

It may not always feel uplifting in each moment, so I don’t want to mislead you that it’s always easy. I’m not always clear in what I’m doing. I just find that when I give myself a chance to be aware, then I realize I have a choice to love every experience as of God and for the greater good coming forward. I can try to deny it. I can run from it. I can make excuses. I can attempt to avoid it. I can make any number of choices, but by far the one that always works is to embrace each experience in the perfection of God’s will. The best choice is to use everything for what it brings up as higher awareness, as an intention towards manifestation of the greater good.

At times, we may run into our fears, doubts, and self-judgments. We may feel resistant and find ourselves holding back. We may then encounter others who can become our teachers, perhaps in the forms of those who test us about whether we’re really committed and certain enough about what we’re doing to continue. For those of us who do find the way to be true to what that intention is by loving it all, great things can happen. We find our gifts and our value in life. It is fulfilling to us, and we find fulfillment from within rather than being dependent on the results in the world.

If you’re expecting that when you find your life purpose the world will love you and agree with you, I haven’t found that to be the case. Instead, I have found that having this connection inside, this awareness of who we are as Souls and as one with God is the key to upliftment. Souls who incarnate in this world do so in the perfection of God’s will. I know of no exception to that. At birth, there’s an embodiment of the consciousness of the Soul intact. We come into this world a living, breathing being with the individualized God aspect, that element of the Divine that is necessary to be a human life and fulfill the human existence. We have all of what is necessary for the Soul to fulfill itself so that the negativity and the experience of the worlds of illusion eventually complete and return back to the nothingness from which they came.

The material existence, no matter how dark, disturbing, or negative, serves the Soul, and brings experiences that enlighten, illuminate and liberate the Soul from the necessity of this existence. What is the necessity of this existence?  To enlighten and fulfill the realization of the Soul. Why does the Soul come in here for that? Is there something lacking about the Soul? The Soul comes in for a reflective experience of itself. The Soul is extremely patient and willing to endure eternally until whatever is needed to be completed for the highest good is finished. One of the primary messages in this Movement of Spiritual Inner Awareness is: “endure and to endure until the end.” What end is that? When God verifies, when God confirms. How would we know that? God does it. So give it to God. God determines that moment.

The human existence allows for repetition. It allows for re-embodiment. From a human perspective we can look at that as something dysfunctional. You might ask, “What’s the matter with those people? Why don’t they just get it in a lifetime and be done with it? Why do they have to keep repeating?”

My recommendation — and obviously it’s been here in the wisdom pool that’s with us in this world — is don’t judge. Just consider that there’s perfection in all that takes place. So whatever people do, there’s a perfection. It fits in God’s grand plan. If you look upon it and from where you are in your consciousness realize, “That’s not for me. I don’t see that as in line with what my life is here to realize and experience,” that’s your wit. And if it isn’t your wit, you’ll soon find out.

We’re all designed to come into a realization of who we are, and this world is designed to reflect it to us as much as we can handle. If we resist, if we reject, that just emphasizes endurance. Maybe it will be a little longer; maybe it will be a little later. Why? Because you may not be choosing what’s available to you now. You will choose eventually, so there’s no rush. There’s no urgency or “have to.” That sort of thinking can create a kind of consciousness that shows up in greed, avarice and lust and trying to differentiate between experiences that are “better” and “worse.”  Don’t indulge in any negative process, as that does not serve your learning and growth. When we wake up to the present opportunity, we naturally realize to move on to what does serve learning and growth and what works for us without judgment of our experiences.

With increased awareness of the goodness always present, you can realize there are no destinations. There’s no place to go. There’s nothing we have to do. Yet, we are here. So we might as well make ourselves useful in whatever way that may become. Maybe the reality is this world could use a little more quiet. We can find the quiet that’s within us and offer that up. If someone judges us or comes against us because we’re too quiet or they don’t like our quiet ways, we can just find some more quiet until the Lord moves us to do something better.

My point of view is we could use a lot more peace and quiet in this world. We could use a lot more joy and happiness. What that allows for is, “Don’t worry.” Don’t be concerned about others in a way where you delay, become bothered or depressed, or you’re in some way impeding your own progress. Move back on track to your peace and joy which is always present within.

One of the temptations of this world is to take yourself out of your own salvation. You may be tempted to go off the path that’s moving in the highest progression of your Soul. Get back on your path and at the highest rate you can handle. So it’s not just, “Don’t stop.” It’s, “Keep going as fast as you can.” The fast I’m referring to is that quality of greater good that goes towards greatest good. It also translates in a practical sense to: “just do the best you can.”

Be compassionate with yourself, and look for simple ways where you can turn away from something that would be your downfall or lead you into something that is unnecessary and cause unnecessary pain or suffering. If you do find yourself off track, then forgive yourself for forgetting you are divine. Remember, we’re all in God’s hands. God loves all of Its creation. So each and every moment of your experience is a gift for you to embrace in the divine and perfect progression of your Soul.


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