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In Celebration of Learning, Growth, and Upliftment: Reflecting on the PTS Transcendent Leadership Fall Residency

PTS’s Transcendent Leadership Program recently held our Fall Residency in Los Angeles and Santa Monica. Students and faculty from around the world come together once every semester (twice a year) to experience five Spirit-filled days together in celebration of our learning, growth, upliftment, and transcendent journeys!

When I saw Paul Kaye, MSIA President, at the end of this week together he told me how much he loves it when the TL Program is here at Prana and our Santa Monica building. He said the energy is wonderful and that everyone he sees involved with the program has the same thing to say: “It’s amazing!” I laughed with joy and gratitude and said, “Yes, it is absolutely amazing!” Paul said, “Clearly. But why? What is it about this program that is so amazing?”

Wow! Where to begin! My sense is that everyone involved is experiencing such profound growth in our spiritual awareness and attunement through our participation in the TL Program, that when we come together to share and celebrate our process it feels like a celebration of life and expansion. It’s like a five-day Soul party! We are in great joy at being face to face with people who we have come to know and love as a perfect, chosen, spiritual family.

The TL Program uses various methods for us to connect on a daily basis throughout the program. We do SEs together using Zoom video conferencing—some of us are together in this Worldwide Solarium every single day. We have regular video calls with small groups and also with the whole cohort of students and faculty. We watch J-R videos together and share our responses and learning. We share articles that show how the rest of the world confirms or is just catching up with J-R’s teachings. Every day there is an opportunity to connect with each other in celebration of this shared transcendent journey. So when we come together face-to-face, the hugs are abundant and heavenly, the richness of the experience of our group SEs is immediate and glorious, and the learning is precious and powerful.

The joy of seeing everyone again was amplified—the more time we’ve spent meeting on the morning Zoom and writing in the PTS Wisdom space has increased the closeness and wonder of seeing each other in person.

We were blessed right off the bat with a sharing from John Morton and Leigh Taylor-Young on the morning of our first day. Sitting around a large table together, the intimacy increased as the energy was vamped up. My heart was deeply touched—I remember that. I don’t recall John’s words, they could have been “ham and eggs” and I would have experienced Spirit as deeply. There’s something about this course that touches me in a way that I’ve not experienced, which I believe has a lot to do with the ongoing connection and intention that we share when we are at home. As long as my intention is to do the best I can, I’m aware of Spirit lifting me though the days.
–Corinne Kidd, Second Year Student

The Transcendent Leadership Program enrolled our second cohort of students this fall. (We call each class a cohort because we work so closely together and support each other in one accord.) The experience that we are sharing of increasing awareness, attunement, and alignment or harmony with Spirit seems to have been multiplied with the new cohort of students. It’s as though they knew how much the journey has deepened the attunement to Spirit for the first cohort and the faculty, and they came in and said, I’ll meet you there, and join you to go higher in Spirit’s blessings and divine presence.

Very early on in the residency the faculty prompted us in such a way that I experienced us in one accord, in a synergy that included students and faculty alike. This set a tone, a foundation, upon which we built in the following sessions. For me our process as a group became sacred and safe and allowed me to fulfill my intention of expansion. Transcendent Leadership is becoming a deeply satisfying and nourishing experience and we have only just begun.
—Andrew Millar, First Year Student

This was the program’s first residency with two cohorts of students coming together—a new cohort just beginning the first year and a cohort that is experiencing the second year. We’ve all been very excited about what this moment would be like and it certainly didn’t disappoint.

Students beginning their second year in the program were thrilled to come back together for the third time after orientation, spending a week loving and celebrating each other, their journeys, and their individual and shared transcendent learning experiences. Each student in the second year presented how they are integrating the learning from this semester’s courses, and shared from the Traveler or Transcendent Leader within how they are bringing the learning into their daily lives. The presentations were original, diverse, and splendid. They had times throughout the week with the faculty teams who teach each of the three courses for this semester, to participate in conversation and experiential activities that support a rich experience of growth and transcendence. Every day we were together students shared beautiful personal stories about how they experience the integration of the TL course topics with their own spiritual growth and upliftment, and how they translate these teachings into their lives. A common comment was that this Traveler energized program is supporting them to express more meaningfully in the world.

Expression seems to be a theme of this gathering.

I was completely awed by the magnificence of the students—of the depth of wisdom shared, the safety and intimacy created, and the way in which each student stepped forward into an expression of the Transcendent Leader in each of them. In the sacred space we co-created with Spirit, each student in his or her own way had the opportunity to step forward into a greater expression of who they truly are. For me, the Traveler’s mystery school was ever present and the inner teachings were flowing through each person. I am honored and blessed to participate in the field of Loving that we create together.
—Lili Goodman Freitas, TL Faculty Member and Lifelong Transcendent Learner

Like all PTS classes and programs, the Transcendent Leadership Program is about learning and integrating the lessons of the Spiritual and the physical. As high as we go in our journey of spiritual awareness and attunement, we go just as high in our joy and celebration of the possibilities for our physical experience when we lead a life of Soul Transcendence—a life where we know that “Being leads doing,” where we lead our lives from our awareness of the Divine in all, the Soul in everyone, and the perfection of Spirit leading.

We do that by honoring and celebrating the multidimensional experience, valuing and learning from the physical, mental, and emotional, as well as the Spiritual. Our time together explores and celebrates it all.

This residency was unique in that it was the first time that we had two cohorts of transcendent learners meeting simultaneously across the hall from each other. All of the students and faculty—all transcendent learners—came together for intro and wrap-up events, for SE’s every day, and of course for our time with John Morton and Leigh Taylor-Young Morton—a kick-off sharing that led the way to an awesomely Spirit-led week.

This residency was also unique in that we were invited to celebrate Halloween with the Prana residents, complete with a steak and lobster meal and a Prana House Meeting in costume with guest star Pauli Sanderson telling tales of early Prana. J-R was palpably in the room. We laughed—which of course is not unique for our residencies. We had more fun together on Saturday evening for a potluck and ice-cream celebration at Prana. What a blessing to have two cohorts of learners together, supporting, reflecting, and expanding the transcendence of the traveler’s ministry.

The cohort of second-year students was invited to do service projects together in groups of 5 that would (1) Be Spirit-led; (2) Serve the greater good; and (3) Be a useful service to others. On our last morning of the residency, we made these service projects happen. For me, this was such a beautiful attunement process and I learned a lot about coming into one accord—listening, surrendering, stepping up to the plate, and remembering to ask Spirit to lead as my group courageously brought forward a Peace Pop-up event in a local park. Peace was and is present.
—Kevin McGinn, Second Year Student

Students in the first year cohort also met with the faculty teams who facilitate the three courses for the first semester to share and learn on these teachings: Loving; Awareness, Attunement, and Alignment; and Multidimensional Consciousness. Each student gave a presentation about a person who they see as a model and living demonstration of the qualities and essence of a transcendent leader. They were also blessed with exceptional guest presenters throughout the week. And overall there was celebration of the cohort experience, their time together as a way of deepening the experience of connection and one accord, and coming together to use these and other teachings of the Traveler, so that we may practice living the teachings more fully.

A wonderful residency was had by all. I liken TL to a deep and amazing ocean filled with riches to explore. We know that there’s gold in there too. There is a wealth of exciting ideas to explore in each course. What is more, a sense of loving support permeates all. Thank you to each and everyone on faculty. I love all of the faculty and all my fellow students. What a great mix of personalities, intelligences, experiences, and wisdom. Everyone willing to be one, to learn, to grow, and to expand in Spirit. How wonderful to partake of TL. I am very grateful.
—Dawne Domah, First-Year Student

One accord in the upper room was present.
—Frankie Cardamone, Second Year Student

I can only imagine where the Traveler is taking this program, all of us involved, and everyone who says “Yes” to PTS, the Traveler’s Mystery School. One of the students in the second year cohort asked his classmates for a show of hands if they were experiencing higher quality SEs since being in the program. 100% of the students and faculty raised their hands. One of the other students called out “Ask the first year cohort the same thing.” The student said that wasn’t really fair since they had just begun. Several people chimed in “Ask them.” He did. And yes, 100% of the students who had just begun the TL Program two months ago, shared that they are seeing an increase in some aspect of their SEs, attunement, devotion, quantity, consistency, or something else! This is PTS. This is the blessing of being all in with the Traveler.

Please enjoy these photos from the Transcendent Leadership Program’s Fall 2019 Residency:

It’s not too early to be thinking about signing up to be part of this amazing PTS MSS program in Transcendent Leadership next year. We begin with an orientation in September 2020. Contact me to learn more about the program, which can be completed from anywhere in the world. |

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