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A Bouquet of Blessings

A bouquet of blessings is blooming at Peace Awareness Labyrinth & Gardens.  More media attention is attracting more visitors. The peace that is always present is palpable to people (and reporters) in a variety of ways. One vehicle is the Saturday Experience the Labyrinth workshops.

Carol Jones and Charles Bernstein have long nurtured a program where participants can experience the magic of the Chartres-inspired labyrinth. Katherine Hall made her debut as a facilitator last Saturday and was fantastic! As Carol goes on to other adventures,  you can rest assured that when Katherine takes the reins in 2020 alongside the award-winning architect, Charles Bernstein, and amazing actor, Kevin McMillan, the Saturday labyrinth events will continue to be exquisite!

See the link for the Weekend Wildflower, a popular blogger’s take on last week’s Experience the Labyrinth event. Her photos are breathtaking!

Before you click…Please consider yourself invited to participate in spreading the good news about our Spiritual Oasis in the City or actively participating by being a docent or assistant.

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