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Meeting the Challenges with Spirit in Carpinteria

Meeting the Challenges with Spirit in Carpinteria — a True “Love-Polishing” Experience
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The Spirit-Led Beginning…

For me, the Meeting the Challenges with Spirit Workshop began the day I met Celia Allen-Graham for lunch. That day she shared an email—John Morton’s response to a thank you note she had recently sent him. Her note was thanking John for participating in our recent 2018 Traveler event and inviting him back for a 2019 gathering.

John’s response lit a fire of “Light inspiration” and I was now in that Mystical Light Stream that propels the creation of a Traveler event.

When I read  John’s note, it was as though a Light Baton had been given to Celia and was passed to me. This 14-month event preparation and creation was a true “love-polishing” experience, with lots of opportunity for growth and expansion. And I am grateful. After all, it was J-R who said (and this is not a direct quote) ‘we want to be in the Lord’s classroom all day and all night’.

In the months leading up to the event, I experienced “love-polishing” opportunities were available for all. I love the dance of letting go and coming together. Each step has a purposeful energy. Even the small steps, like sending Light ahead, signing up to volunteer or putting a deposit down helped to anchor the event into the physical. We all created this together.

Lion’s Park—A Heart-Opening Setting for our Traveler Event

Lion’s Park has a beauty that sets the tone for communion. Nature surrounds the wood-crafted structure where we held the workshop. Light spills through the windows of the workshop room blessing each participant. Meandering beyond the room we saw towering trees and heavenly greenery—a little piece of heaven on earth.

Not far from the workshop space is a picnic area where we gathered for a gourmet lunch. These nurturing meals were prepared by the our very own Food Angels. We gathered under a canopy of trees to break bread, laugh and allow our hearts to “catch up” through loving conversations. Some even played in piles of leaves (literally!) or found private nooks to bathe in the presence of Love.

The Weekend Events…

This weekend gathering was all very ordinary and that is extraordinary. With our beloved John Morton at the helm, the weekend began with a Q & A. As people gathered in the room, it was as though the walls and the ceiling fell away and we were all floating in the Light. The presence of the Traveler was palpable and a sweet clarity came forward. Our Q & A was the launch pad for this Spirit-infused weekend.

Meeting the Challenges with Spirit Workshop

If you strive for perfection, the work you have started will be finished by the Christ.

—John-Roger, DSS

The 2-day workshop itself was beyond words—heavenly and in the beyond-ness of That Which Is. The bounty that each participant brought was offered to God and the table was cleared by the Christ. The workshop was bright and clear with Traveler energy and the experience was so far beyond description that we share the voices of some participants so you can drink in the essence.

The coming together of kindred Souls in support of spiritual transcendence and upliftment – what a beautiful experience was our gathering at Lion’s Park in Carpinteria. The Traveler delivered a perfect learning opportunity for us all and the growth continues on many levels.
– Kay Turbak

The Traveler was on Fire. We were on Fire. Grace was present. It was like a mini PAT or LIG. The surroundings are also so beautiful and it was nice to be in a new area in the intimacy of the community there. So grateful.
– Eric Lumiere

It was just one of those unexplainable truly great MSIA workshops. From Friday night the Love and sweetness in the air, and in my heart, was incredible. The entire weekend was such a gift. So many of us exclaimed that the energy felt like that at the end of a PAT or LIG. It was just one of those incredible experiences. Thanks to all involved. Thanks, Christi, for your ministry.
– Zoe Lumiere

I was so aware of the Christ Presence permeating the room, Johnny of course, and each person there…. as if we were all One and the Same… !  Thank you John, and Christi and team, and all present…. The loving was palpable.
– Ellie Gant

The Santa Barbara community turns out when the Traveler comes to town and welcomes all to join in. From the opening seminar to the final bar-b-que (all prepared and served by our Ministers) it was a grace walk.  Join us next year and we’ll do it again.
– Jackie Peterson

 “Meeting the Challenges with Spirit.” It was Fantastic: Simple, effective, POWERFUL structure/format to the workshop! Wonderful facilities and Good food! Great workshop booklet/journal! Our Beloved Traveler and facilitators present! Shared with our Blessed spiritual family. I was inspired, recharged, resurrected, and 100% blessed. PERFECT!!!
– Connemara

It was a wonderful day full of fun preparing the picnic lunches with lots of laughter, love and joy at this very special event in a beautiful park. The large cabin-like clubhouse was filled with our Light and love.
– Janet Camimite

This little Light of mine, I’m gonna let it shine!
– Thom Storm

I experienced it as a time to be with my Traveler and share loving with my family.
– Justin Jayne

By cooking for the event I got to support John’s work and the local community while spending time with my friends and daughter.
– LL, Elizabeth

I loved the pure energy John Morton held for all of us. I was reminded of the letting go process and loving myself through it all.
– Erika Winston

I am grateful for your request to reflect on my heart experience of the weekend, and the word that just keeps popping up for me is “elegance”. I experienced elegance with the easeful flow of the weekend and the sharings and the processing and the levels of support and the general openness and willingness of one and all.  I experienced elegance as the flow of love and joy inside of me and all around me, and I carry it with me now. When I looked up its meaning, because I was surprised that “elegance” kept popping into my consciousness, the first definition was “refined grace.” Meeting the Challenges with Spirit was and is Grace-filled.
– Denise Zaverdas

My Love & Gratitude…

I am blessed to be in the company of so many who have paved the way from the beginning with J-R. This community beautifully comes together in support of the Traveler and each other. I experience this coming together as a teaching of Love.

I would like to share my gratitude and loving to all those core volunteers who were holding intention for the workshop in loving support, as well as rolling their sleeves up to be of service. I have so much gratitude for your willingness to step into the dance and serve in Love.

Many Blessings of Love & Light!

Christi Mider

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