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The Sound Current – Part 2

The Sound Current – Part 2

This is the second of a three-part article from a booklet published in 1972.

You don’t hear too much about the process of the Sound Current. There are just a few groups that know about this. Some mention it, but if you question them you find they may not have many answers. Their expression of knowledge has been pedantic. In other words, they’re telling you something that they have either heard or read, and they just repeat the information back to you, perhaps adding to it a little authoritativeness. They may look you straight in the eye and tell you the truth as far as the information level is concerned, but states of beingness are something very different. We in MSIA are working for the state of being, which is really a very easy state to reach. It’s sort of a do nothing, be nothing state, where you do something and be everything. That’s a paradox, but that’s the only way it can be observed—the doing nothing and doing something, being nothing and being all things simultaneously. The state of being is not a state of personality awareness. It’s more of a form of ecstasy.

It’s not what we call a “high” or a “low.” I can’t go any further with the word level. It becomes an experience level. And it is the experience of the Movement of Spiritual Inner Awareness that is so valuable.

Someone once asked me, “Should I come into the MSIA seminars?” I said, “You have to decide that.” She said, “I’ve been studying with another group,” and she showed me one of their books. I said, “The information in that book is rather accurate, but you cannot have an experience level with what you’re getting from it. You’re only getting the information level.” It took quite a while for her to realize that information is just information, and until you can experience transcendental consciousness and the movement of the inner consciousness, it might as well be “baloney.” Some people tend to set themselves aside as sophists, paraphrase things that they have heard, and then pray to God that something takes place with them so they will look good. This type of person nearly always fails. The type of person who succeeds is one who moves and does and becomes and experiences. It’s so important to remember this. It’s the foundation of all consciousness expansion. There is no other foundation. Do you know that people took LSD and smoked marijuana because they could have an experience that they could not have from reading spiritual books or “positive-thinking” books? Something changed inside. These people were attempting to have a transcendental experience, but at almost any cost. I saw a bumper sticker one day that said, “Have a nice forever.” When I saw that, I backed off and thought, “Wow! That’s something that I’d like to have said.” Then I saw another sticker that said, “Pot pollutes people.” And I thought, “I wish I had said that, too. True or not, it really sounds like it’s right.” And yet, there was no experience level with the bumper stickers. And no matter how good they sounded, they probably weren’t going to alter consciousness.

One night I was in downtown Los Angeles, and I heard a local sidewalk minister. I rolled down the car window to hear him more clearly, and he was really doing his number, but I had some difficulty in locating him physically until I realized that he was the only person on the sidewalk. I thought, “Okay, mister, do your thing. It’s fine that you are saying what you feel is valid and relevant,” but no one was having an experience with what he was saying. Ultimately, it is the experience that is important.

In the levels of consciousness that I’ve been in, I’ve worked with quite a few great people. A while ago, in another existence, I was working with one who really knew where things were as far as speech and diction and grammar were concerned. He could really lay it out, and my mind became sharp because I had to be able to recite any given section from a tremendous book. He could say, “Page 45, section 22,” and I could just roll it off. And this was supposed to show spirituality. That was my last bit of karma at that level, thank goodness, and then I met a Master who said, “I can give you the experience.” Being very human, my point of view was, “Oh, really? What can you do for me? I have a teacher who is an authority on the Scripture, the authority; he can speak eleven languages and you only speak one. He can do things that are fantastic. What can you do for me?” And the Master said, “Do you have the courage to look?” I said, “Sure.” And just walked away. I really demonstrated for that Master that I wasn’t ready. But something hung on inside of me that said, “Do you dare to you look?”

And so I searched out the Master, even though it took quite a while, and I said, “I’ll look.” He said, “Well, that’s fine. I looked and I looked and I looked, and I didn’t see anything. He didn’t have too much to say. He told me about the trees and about birds and the grass, and I knew all about those. I had climbed enough trees and eaten enough grass and had tried to catch enough birds so that I knew pretty much where those levels were. Finally I said, “Will you tell me about God? I came to look. I want to see. So show me. You said you could.” I wasn’t quite that bold; it was more like, “Please, sir, don’t be angry with me or turn me away, but I’d like to see God.” And he said to me, “If you haven’t seen God yet in what you’ve looked at, I can’t show God to you.” I said, “But I had the courage to look.” He said, “Do you have the courage to experience?” And, at that point, I wasn’t too sure. Something inside of me said, “Sure, if he can do it, you can do it.” And something else inside of me said, “But he can do it, and you don’t know if you can or not.” Something really said, “And you probably can’t.” But I wasn’t going to let that get hold of me because it would surely defeat me. So I said, “Okay.”

And upon following his instructions to close my eyes and say his name, I woke up in another place. And in that other place I heard divine music. As far as I was concerned, I wasn’t there for more than a tenth of a second. But upon coming back to the physical consciousness, hours had passed. I had experienced a part of the Sound Current of God. You can live without the Light, but not without the Sound—not once you have had that experience. That’s what the Mystical Traveler brings forward to you in the experience level. It’s not necessarily an information level. It’s not a physical thing. It is the experience that is going on, the experience that each person must tabulate individually, the experience that every person must reckon within themselves.

Sometimes people compare their experiences, and one may feel that his experience wasn’t as good as, or was better than, another’s. Sometimes, they both will seek me out to verify their experiences, and we find out that they were actually in the same place, attending the same seminar on the other side. They may not have had the identical experience, but two people in the same physical seminar will not have the same experience either, nor will two people hearing the same tape or reading the same discourse. Someone may attend a seminar and say, “That was really a good seminar.” Somebody else asks, “What was it about?” And the first person says, “I don’t know. I can’t remember what the words were, but it was a good seminar.” It was happening on the experience level. It went past the word level into the experience.

The Mystical Traveler has the ability to work with each of you individually, to take you into each realm, to teach you how to work with the Light through all the lower, magnetic realms of Light, until you have established yourself in the Soul Realm.

Once you hear the Sound Current or have been connected to it, you use that Sound to direct yourself. As you’re traveling the inner realms of Light, you keep the Light in front of you and you listen to the Sound. You can follow it right back through all the levels into the Divine Ocean of Love and Mercy. With the Sound you can guide yourself right back into the consciousness of the Supreme God, that which exists when everything else does not, that which we came from, that which IS. So the value of the Sound Current becomes tremendously more important than the quality of Light, inasmuch as you can live without the Light but not without the Sound. Once you have seen the Light, you can turn from it; but once you have partaken of the Sound Current, you can never live without it. It fills your every beingness. It becomes the word made flesh within you. It becomes everything in total.
You could live without food and water and air before you could live without the Sound, this stream of the Sound Current that comes down to us. Now, once again, I may have given the appearance that this is a non-tangible quality. It’s very tangible. And I may have given you the impression that this is something that you can’t reach. It’s already inside of you. All you have to do is attune yourself to it.

There are many levels of the Sound Current, and I’d like to relate to you what the quality of the Sound Current is on each level of consciousness so that, as you hear these sounds in meditation or contemplation or while doing spiritual exercises, you may have greater success in identifying the realm on which you are traveling.
When we are quiet here on the physical level and we are perceiving through our higher senses, the Sound sometimes sounds like a thunder. Sometimes there will be a loud popping sound. When you sense or hear this loud popping sound, it probably means that you have exteriorized part of your consciousness and have moved away from your body. You still have body consciousness because your senses are active. So you will feel your feet, arms, and hands, but you’ll also hear this thundering sound. It’s not like a tremendous type of thunder, but it seems to be more of a steady sound. You might refer to it as a roar, something that just continues on. Some people sense it as unpleasant. They’ll say, “It just feels unpleasant and I want to go higher.” And it’s nice to want that.

When we are moving into the astral plane (the level just above the physical) the Sound that we’re dealing with is much like an ocean sound. It’s like listening to a seashell held by your ear, or like hearing the roaring of the surf. Sometimes you may feel this sound pulsating in a rhythmic pattern. That definition is about as close as any I can give you. All I can really say is, “listen for yourself.” Then you’ll understand what it is. So if you are in meditation or if you have been doing your spiritual exercises and have stopped to listen, and you hear this sound of the ocean, it may mean that part of your levels of consciousness are out and are activated, and you are traveling the inner realms in what we call the astral level. This level carries quite a bit of imagination in it, so you may start seeing things like specks of light and funny designs; and this then says that you are seeing that—and no more. Some people like to tell you that they know what’s going on in these realms. Remember that someone can be awfully authoritative, and at the same time be deceitful. It might be best to honestly plead ignorance even when you know, lest you be trapped by your own ego. It might be best just to say, “I really don’t know. I have some ideas, but I’m still working on them. I’m still going to work it through. When I have it more perfectly, I’ll let you know.” And, of course, that may be quite a while.

The next level is called the causal realm. The sound that we hear there is like tinkling of bells, much like the wind blowing through wind chimes. Have you ever seen the wind chimes or “mobiles” made from long slivers of glass? The sound made by those as the wind blows through, as some hit and some don’t, seems to come pretty close to the Sound Current on that level. It isn’t a distraction, where you think, “I wish that would stop,” but it’s some thing that you find yourself listening to because it seems to start forming a rhythm. Many times you’ll find yourself chanting the tones taught by MSIA, or you may find yourself chanting the tone of that level in rhythm with the chimes. Sometimes it may seem to sound more like bells than chimes, or like tiny finger cymbals.

When you learn to listen to these levels, it can be pretty helpful to you. Sometimes you’ll seem to hear the sound in the right ear and sometimes you’ll hear it in the left ear. You don’t really hear it outwardly through the physical ear. You hear it through the inner ear (the third ear). Some people will actually put their hands over their ears to see if they can shut the sound out, and then they’re disturbed because they have focused back into the physical realm, and that stops the Sound. Then they think, “I wonder if I was really hearing it?” They have moved their consciousness out of that higher level back to the physical, and they’re not going to hear the higher sounds because now they are tuned to the physical, and if they hear any sound, it will be the thunder sound again.

The next level is called the mental level; this is where the mind is busy and active. The closest we get to describing the Sound on this level is to say it sounds like running water. But water runs so many different ways. If you’re by a stream that’s running rapidly down a slope, that running sound would be comparatively loud. If you’re by a meandering brook, that would be another sound. The Sound of the mental realm could be all of those. It might sound like pouring water from a pitcher into another container or like water falling over a waterfall. The higher you get on that realm, the less noticeable the sound of the water becomes. It becomes more refined. It’s almost like listening to the sound of water running flat—and that doesn’t make too much sound. At this particular point you are moving into the next level, which is more of the unconscious or the etheric, and this will sound something like a fly or a mosquito or a bee by your ear—a buzzing sound. This one can be very subtle. To hear this you really have to listen because it will mingle so tremendously with all of your own senses that you find it very difficult to master. This sound is the last one you hear prior to breaking into Soul or pure Spirit.

It’s important that you listen to all of these levels, but it is not so important that you master all of these levels because you’re not going to stay there anyway. You’re going through those realms. As soon as you break through what we call the magnetic, or lower, or negative worlds, you move into the pure realm which is the Soul Realm, and the Sound here is the Sound of a flute. There is a song called “The Swingin’ Shepherd Blues,” and there is a flute solo within the orchestration that comes very close to the Sound of the Soul Realm. Does the flute play only one pitch? No. Again, there are many tones, many variations, but it will sound like a flute. It might sound like a reed flute or it could have the quality of a piccolo. But, when that tone starts through your levels of consciousness, you are actually eating of the manna that comes from Heaven. You’re actually eating of spiritual food. Once you hear this tone, you’ll never be able to forget where it is. A few people incarnate into this planet with that tone installed within them so they know how to get back to that realm. “A few” might be a thousand or two thousand. They have this tone and they are termed “self-realized people.” Often they become great teachers and leaders, and you know that they are self-realized. The conscious awareness of their self-realization may come early in their lives or much later, but as they hear this tone in consciousness, they will move into who they really are and find their way back to their true home.

On the realm above the Soul, there is the Sound of the wind—the most delicate, tantalizing sound of a wind that you can imagine. If, in the wildest stretch of your imagination, you create what a beautiful wind sounds like and feels like, you’ll still miss. Trying to relate these sounds to you is extremely difficult. So let your imagination soar; just let it go and you may be lucky enough to get the feeling of what we’re bringing forward here—not necessarily on the word level, but on the knowing level.

When you go into the next level, you will hear a humming sound, like the humming of all the angels of all existences. It’s not a loud or oppressive sound, and yet you feel like it could just rip you apart. You’re moving into pure Spirit at this particular point, and you’re dropping the identity of the Soul. Every process of individuality is being dropped and that Sound action then is moving you away from all individualized expression. Then, of course, you’re moving up to that Sound that might be called “the thousand violins.” It could sound like two billion or nine hundred and ninety-nine or ten thousand. But it is the sound of violins. And this is the most heavenly music that you can hope to reach. Very few people have ever gone this high and resided back in the physical body. It’s most difficult. It makes this physical level extremely hard to live in. It might make you want to commit suicide so that you would be able to live there permanently—except that you don’t make it there through suicide. As soon as a person who has been working with the Mystical Traveler commits suicide, he has turned from the Mystical Traveler and is on his own. The Mystical Traveler does not teach suicide; it teaches salvation, longevity, and working through patterns here. If you go against the teachings, it means that you’re going to incarnate back because suicide is not the answer. You have no right to take away the expression of your life plan. You only have a right to fulfill the expression.

Not too many people get up to this higher source that we call the Light and Sound. Some groups call it one name and other groups call it another name. We simply call it “pure Sound.” The Sound that we hear on this particular level is like woodwinds—clarinets, oboes, saxophones, and flutes. Tho music is so perfectly divine that most people—or you could say most entity forms—that reach there want to stay. (I’m talking anthropomorphically here, giving human characteristics to non-human things, because that’s the level that many of us will understand most easily.) Next we get up to what we call the level of the pure existence of God, and the Sound there is the H-U or the HU. There is a level above this, which is the level of the Silent Ones. We in MSIA are working with a source of power that comes out of the Silent Ones. I can’t give you any definition for it; I’m beyond a vocabulary and beyond a state of realization, but this is where MSIA gathers its force of Light and Sound and Beingness. There are none who are higher than this source; there are others who are as high (and let’s keep that in mind) but their function is different. The Source that we’re working out of has combined two actions, one of returning soul to Soul Consciousness, and the other one of stabilizing all existences on all levels.

Baruch Bashan

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