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The Sound Current – Part 3

The Sound Current – Part 3
by John-Roger, DSS

This is the Last of a three-part article from a booklet published in 1972.

Every place that an MSIA seminar is being played, there are teachers, masters, sadhus, sages and rishis bringing their people in to listen, because a temple of Light and Sound is established at that point. Many people from around the world attend those seminars in a higher consciousness while their physical body sleeps. They may say, “Oh, I was in a seminar on the other side and I saw all these people.” They weren’t on the other side; they were back here on the physical listening to a seminar in another place on the planet. And it may seem very real to them because it was real. The seminars they attend in the inner realms are also very real.

You can listen to the Sound Current physically, but you don’t hear it with the physical ear. You hear it with the inner attunement. Sometimes, as you are listening to the Sound Current, you may find yourself wanting to put your fingers in your ears to block out the physical sounds. Maybe the sound of your heater becomes a distraction to you. If it does, put some earplugs or some cotton in and see if that will block it out. But, because you have been so conditioned by everything around you on this physical level, you may plug up your ears and close your eyes and then, in your mind, sing the last song you heard on the radio or the last commercial you heard on TV. In other words, the mind is so full of static that to break through it we try to pick out something to hold to, to pick one thing and focus on that. If you can do this, you’ll have broken away from the static of the lower disturbances.

In any place, at any time, there are many levels of sound going on. Some of them we don’t hear consciously, but we’re still involved with them, and they can become an irritation. Have you ever been driving your car and listening to the radio and have a feeling of irritation coma in? Something inside of you may reach over and turn off the radio, and you’ll think, “Wow! That was irritating me and I really didn’t know it.” Or it might be that when the air conditioner in your home goes off, you think, “What a relief that stopped.”

An example of the more subtle sounds might be the radio currents that are pervading the atmosphere. When we turn the radio on, we can pick these currents up, and that indicates that they are in the atmosphere. When we turn a television set on, we pick up another type of signal. When we work with infrared or ultraviolet systems, we pick up still other signals. And radar or X-ray equipment picks up still other subtle signals. We are in a great miasma of currents of sound and movement right here in the physical; so much so that the whole action may seem to be one of listening to static. Many people will say, “I try to meditate and I attempt to listen, but I hear all of these weird things. I hear them every time I meditate and I don’t know what they are. Is that the Sound Current?” And, of course, the answer has to be, “Partially.” But they say, “I could spend a century trying to locate some particular sound in all that. When it all appears to be static, how do I find out what the sound is that I’m supposed to isolate and work with? I can’t seem to isolate anything.” It might be like sitting in a big room with speakers all around you that are producing static or what they sometimes call white sound, and trying to isolate one sound or one tone.

So the Mystical Traveler brings forward the ability to isolate a portion of the Sound Current for you and to extend that Sound Current to you, thereby activating the Sound Current inside of you. The activation takes just a fraction of a second. All we have to do is see the Sound Current hit; it doesn’t even have to hold to stir the individual. Some people, when they receive an initiation, undergo a tremendous metamorphosis within their own beingness. With others, it’s a more gradual process. And other people may say, “I didn’t really feel too much at that time.” Some people even forget what their sound is; and all that says is that, even though they felt they were ready on one level to receive their tone, they certainly weren’t ready on the inner level. But, when they are ready and have kept plugging along, that tone will reconnect itself to them because it was connected. I’ve had people come back three or four months later and say, “I have my sound back again, and it’s really doing something. But can you tell me why I lost it?” And the answer is, “You didn’t lose it. You just weren’t quite ready for it.”

Keep in mind that you may still have difficulties after you have received the second initiation. Until you receive the fifth initiation, you are not in the Soul Realm consciously. It doesn’t matter what kind of game you want to play in your head, you’re not there. And you’re going to be working your own levels of consciousness through all of the lower dimensions. If you get yourself caught in a universe other than the one you’re presently in, you may find yourself going to that other universe to work out your karma there. You might want to pray to the Father that you have a long life on this level so you can get through your karma this time, or you may get to come back and listen again. Most of us in the Movement have learned to see the Spiritual Law rather clearly. We see the Light and we may say, “I don’t necessarily care to stay here, but if I have to, it’s okay because I can make this level work for me, and I can go through it having success.” Success may not be fourteen yachts and thirty townhouses and five Cadillacs. It means that the physical world does not become a karmic distraction and cause you to enter into all the patterns of desire that earn you a ticket back here. It does mean that you can move your body through this level and, at the same time, live in the higher level. The Eastern philosophy has called it Nirvana or Samadhi. We use simpler words like “joy” and “ecstasy” and “bliss” and “nameless realities.” I don’t feel that I have to be able to label everything for you. Labels are not important and it matters very little to me whether you believe me or not. It’s just not going to change the realities.

I was talking to one of the initiates who had an experience of going up with the Mystical Traveler into the Soul Realm and past that into the Ocean of Divine Love and Mercy. When she came back, she said, “I don’t know how on earth you can live on this level after seeing all that beauty.” It goes beyond description–complete oneness, total freedom, sheer ecstasy–the words can’t say it. They don’t even come close. When we have made the commitment to each other spiritually through an initiation into these higher realities, we go on.

When people come into the Movement, they may try out a lot of these ideas to see if the Mystical Traveler really can appear and do these things, and they may play all sorts of funny games. It’s interesting that if you come in on the level of deceit, you get deceit returned to you. You’re going to get your fill of deceit until you stop creating it. The Mystical Traveler Consciousness just reflects back to you what you put out. You can get pretty darned disgusted with putting out negativity until, at some moment, you say, “I really do want truth,” and at that moment, you can start having truth. If you have your habits of negativity going for you, the patterns of deceit and doubt and despair, it can be a long and arduous path. I can give you nothing on this level. But, in the spiritual consciousness, you already have everything. “Seek ye first the Kingdom of God and all things will be added to you;” but once you get to the Kingdom of God, you don’t care about all the other things. You just don’t care. If anyone tried to give those material things to you, you’d say, “Those are a burden. I don’t want them. I have these other things.” You have to live in the world, you have to make ends meet, you have to keep the rent and the light bill paid, and that means you must work on this level; but you can still maintain the goal of Soul Consciousness and be continually lifting and directing yourself into that awareness.

If you connect to the Sound Current and practice the Sound Current, then you are more open to receive the inner teachings, and the inner teachings become more clear and precise for you. Part of the difficulty is that your mind has been playing games on you for such a long time that you don’t know what’s coming in from outside and what’s going on inside, particularly if your storyteller is very busy playing games with you. Some people become panicked and ask, “What is it? What’s the illusion? What’s the game?” There are all sorts of games. The point of view on this is an eternal one, and I’ll tell it to you again: What difference does it make? If the illusion works for you, use it. If the “game” works for you, use it. When it no longer works for you, move beyond it and go on to the next thing, whether it is truth or another illusion. That’s where it is.

People ask, “Does the Inner Master, the Mystical Traveler, working in this capacity, sometimes sound just like me speaking to me, or will he look like a friend?” The answer is “either,” because he uses any vehicle of expression that you can work with, and some of you have no way of knowing how he relates to you. It becomes a process of your working to trust yourself. I’ll repeat it again on this physical level: If you will practice the spiritual exercises you will be automatically disciplining yourself and gaining spiritual freedom at the same time. Doing spiritual exercises is much like writing a book. To write something you have to put the seat of the pants on the seat of the chair and get a pencil and paper and then start putting marks on the paper. To do spiritual exercises, you have to sit down and do them. It’s like a man who prayed and prayed for a new car; he stayed in his home and prayed and prayed and prayed. Then he called me and asked, “How come I didn’t get the new car?” I said, “Because they can’t drive it into your home.” He thought, “Cute!” But you do have to put yourself in the position to receive those things that you are bringing forward. To receive the Sound Current you must put yourself in the position to receive it.

Working with the Sound Current is a matter of individual experimentation. What works for John-Roger may not work for you. You may have to modify it for your level of beingness, your level of consciousness. Don’t be afraid to do that. There is nothing to fear. I think a lot of people are afraid they’re going to be successful and then they’ll have to stop blaming other people for their failures. As you become aware of your responsibilities, the buck passing stops. At that point you have to say, “I did it. I’m responsible for it. I’ll handle it. All the time that I was blaming my spouse for my failure, and now I find out that he (or she) wasn’t even close to helping me fail. I was doing it all myself. In fact, I didn’t even give him (or her) a chance to help.”

The key to working with the Sound Current is PRACTICE, putting yourself in the position to receive it. Do you have to sit with your legs crossed with your hands open? No, but you have to take the time to practice. How long? As an idea, thirty minutes. If you have put in thirty minutes of practicing the Sound Current, of doing any of the spiritual exercises we use in MSIA (the candle meditation, the water meditation, So-Hawng, the creative imagination, the inner calm, the HU’s, your own individual tone), and still nothing seems to be happening with you, go do something else. Don’t worry about it, just go do other things, like physical things, and then later you can go back and practice the spiritual exercises for another thirty minutes.

There is no magic wand. A lot of books have been saying, “For one thin dime or two fat nickels, control your friends and get a raise in pay.” This sort of thing works for the authors and it works for the publishing companies. They make all sorts of money. So if you are an author or a publisher, you may find out that these books work for you. But, in the meantime, you have to put forth your effort to increase your gains. People say, “If God is God, why do I have to do it?” You have to do it because God is God. If He does it for you, there’s no need for you. God needs you as much as you need Him because you’re His vehicle for divine expression.

When you were very young, you learned your times tables—7 x 8 is 56 and 7 x 9 is 63, etc. But did you ever learn what 15 x 15 was? Or 32 x 49? No, because they only taught up to 12 x 12. And then they taught you how to apply the theory to all the other variations. You found out that 13 x 24 still fit the same pattern. And 15 x 1 fit the pattern, too. But you repeated the basic times tables many, many times before you got a chance to make an application of them. But when the time for application came, you said, “Ah! I remember that. I’ve heard that before. I’ve said it many times. That’s what it is. It works.” And you had a success. Practicing the Sound Current isn’t much different. It’s just that you’re repeating the same thing over and over. Some people say, “That bores me. I just sit and chant the tones for ten or fifteen minutes. I sit there and nothing goes on. I get bored.” All right, after a half hour, go do something else. Hang up your clothes; wash the dishes; get the physical world off your back so it won’t distract you when you are taking time out for you and your relationship to God and the Spirit. If you have to make a phone call, don’t wait until after the exercises, because while you’re doing the spiritual exercises you’re going to have that phone call pressing on some level of your awareness; and it will distract you. You may not know it consciously, but in the levels of the unconscious, you will know it. And you have to have all of your levels working together to have success.

The biggest block in doing spiritual exercises will be your lower self, your Basic Self. Its force still is the Magnetic Light. It’s job is to keep the body together and functioning here in this plane, and it tends to resist the spiritual flow of the Holy Spirit. It may make you think you’re seeing things and doing things that you are not. There was a great Indian Master who so wanted to see the goddess of Earth that he projected a representation of that consciousness out from his own unconscious, moved it forward, and then observed it, and said, “Eureka. I have had a spiritual contact. I am divine.” And he preached this “illumination” to his followers, until quite a while later when he did have a “true” spiritual illumination. And he said, “What I told you before wasn’t a true experience. That was out of me. But I didn’t know any better.” But, at that time, he had been convinced, and his spiritual teacher had allowed him to learn in this way. When he finally did learn, he was also given the qualifications of discerning the Spirit, which is no easy trick. It’s very difficult.

Many people like to take other people’s inventory, and they take it right out of their own level. It becomes so fascinating to watch someone put down someone else; all you have to do is turn around and mention one word that explains the whole action, and that one word is “projection.” So many people project themselves out onto that other person and read their own image that is being reflected back to them. That image is projected out of their own unconscious. They say, “Oh, no, I’m not like that or I would know.” Really? If they knew that much they would know where that other person really was and that they had no right to take their inventory. It is important to know and to recognize these patterns if you’re going to play those games in those levels of consciousness. If you’re not, then it’s absolutely unimportant because you’re not in that level, you’re not in that place, you’re not doing those things. You’re just not there. And once you do establish this consciousness of Light and Sound, you will no longer be in the consciousness of games. When you have the Light and the Sound—the rod and the staff—in your heart, you have God close to you all of the time, and you never walk in shadows. When you walk in the Light, you can still walk in shadows. When you’re walking with the Sound, there is no such thing.

You can live continually in the Sound Current. You are right now. You live continually in the Light. You are right now. But let’s make this a more specialized idea. Can you live in the Spiritual Light all the time? The answer is “No.” You live mostly in the electromagnetic light of the lower realms. You’re living there all the time. To live in the Spiritual Light takes a tremendous type of evolution inside of you. My physical body doesn’t live in the Spiritual Light all of the time. That would burn my body; the physical body could not hold the energy patterns of living in the Spiritual Light all of the time. But we do live in the Magnetic Light all of the time. You can move yourself into the Soul Consciousness and live continually in that, and that lives continually in the Spiritual Light. So, in the sense of moving your consciousness past the physical structure into the Soul level, you can live in the Spiritual Light all of the time. But you cannot do this in the physical consciousness of the physical body. Can you live continually in the Sound Current? Again, not in the physical. But within the consciousness of the Soul, you do live continually in the Sound Current.

To live free we live in the Light; we live in the Sound; we live in the NOW. We practice the Sound, we recognize the Light, and we travel with the Mystical Traveler. We work off karma in the other realms. This karma is being resolved and dissolved rapidly. If you want to dissolve karma in the physical level, live NOW. Don’t live yesterday, which is only a reference point. And don’t live tomorrow. If something bothers you, work it out NOW. Right NOW, you clear it. A misunderstanding? You say, “Look, I think there’s a misunderstanding. I hope I didn’t give you a misunderstanding.” Part of our level of responsibility on this planet is to screen what we hear and to screen what we see so that we don’t allow an adverse effect to come into us. And part of the responsibility of everyone in the Movement of Spiritual Inner Awareness is to consciously screen all of the information that John-Roger gives you in seminars, in discourses, in private—wherever-—and to test it and try it. If you don’t, you’re not acting too wisely. And if you do test it and try it, you’re going to find out that it does work and just how it works.

If you believe it without working it, you’re being less than wise. And lest you become dull, become wise and knowledgeable by screening the information with your wisdom and by working it to gain the knowledge. And you’ll have spiritual freedom—not only spiritual freedom, but you’ll be free in Spirit in the physical. You cannot be free physically in the physical body; that’s a bondage that’s here. But you can be free in it. You can sit on a garbage dump and eat your lunch and create your own paradise within your own levels of consciousness. The physical environment won’t bother you. You’ll know exactly where you are and what you’re doing and what’s going on, but it will be in such a proper perspective inside of your consciousness that you’ll say, “I’m living free.”

May the LIGHT of God and the SOUND of God become yours.

Baruch Bashan.

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