Peace Awareness “Shakes It Up” at the Home of the Traveler [With Photos]

By: Sina Skates
Photos by David Sand

July 19th, 2019

Peace Awareness “Shakes It Up” at the Home of the Traveler [With Photos]


Not usually, would I use the words “earth shattering” to describe a Peace Awareness Training (PAT), but starting off our first evening with an earthquake definitely shook things up!

Just as we were settling in for PAT 1, the Earth decided it was also interested in participating and made its presence known. As you may have heard about the recent earthquakes in Southern California, the one on Friday evening, July 5th occurred just as we were beginning the training.

David Sand (our Sound Assistant who has been at more PATs than he can count) said he cued up the earthquake on his sound board, but we were not convinced. Our Facilitators, David Bransky, Rebecca Skeele, and Sherie Wylie (Facilitator in Training), were masterful, joyful, clear, and present throughout the training. We were also blessed with an Assisting team that really went above and beyond in caring for us as participants: serving with excellence and supporting all aspects of the training in the Spirit of Service.

My first experience with the Peace Awareness Trainings (PATs) was nearly 20 years ago up at Lake Arrowhead.

I had to wonder, what was it going to be like on the Prana Campus, at the Home the Traveler?

In a word? Incredible.

Sharing our time between Prana West (for the majority of the PAT) and then back to Prana for our meals, was very grace-ful and smooth. Walking back and forth between the properties, I experienced this column of Light walking with me. Here I was in Los Angeles, feeling the Christ and the Traveler with every step. And, I must say, it was very, very nice finding myself in a bed each night with fresh linens and towels provided by the Prana Guest Services Team and a really nice hot shower.

The loving that was present throughout the week was palpable. Prana residents and staff opened their hearts and their arms for us in the most loving and appreciative ways. They also graciously gave us our space and held in the honor and reverence of the PAT.

Our meals were taken care of by the excellent kitchen staff. Breakfast, lunch and dinner consisted of whole, nutritious meals, each one with delicious flavors and options for all dietary considerations.

Let’s just say… we were not wanting for food! And boy did we eat! There must be something about the Peace Awareness Trainings, about the process and the experience of clearing karma and making room for greater Soul Awareness, that really builds up your appetite!

We even celebrated a birthday during the week for one of the participants and with someone’s very clear intention, we were treated to the most amazing, beautiful, delicious, low-glycemic chocolate cake with coconut whipped cream, edible orchids and fresh fruit. The celebration included a sing-along, ukulele version of “Happy Birthday” along with a few other popular and boisterous selections.

When our Traveler John Morton came to share, the presence of loving and blessings filled the room. John gave us the invitation to partake and we were reminded over and over again… not one Soul is lost and not one Soul was left behind. The energy moved us and seemed to take us along on this journey of diving deeper and deeper into the waters – flowing and attuning ourselves to Soul Transcendence.

This entire experience was one of being held in the precious energy of the Christ, Traveler and the Holy Spirit. There is no other way to explain the experience of the PATs. The opportunity is present: to dive deeply into the arms of the Christ – to completely let go, let God and experience the grace of completion with every breath.

Peace Awareness Trainings are like nothing else in this world. But what’s a PAT really like? I can only describe it as this… a precious place prepared for each person to truly and deeply discover who they are in a safe, loving environment where all of your basic needs are handled. It’s an opportunity to disconnect from the outside world and go inward – to that sacred place within where you and the Soul and God Consciousness are one.

There’s still time to join PTS in Bulgaria for PAT 1:

PAT 1 Bulgaria 2019
August 4 – 10, 2019
In Person
Prerequisites: Active subscription to MSIA Soul Awareness Discourses (or SATs if completed Discourse #144).
Reserve your place today!
To Register please contact Blanca Dominguez at the PTS Office: 323-328-1958 or email Blanca at

Tuition: $850.00 USD
Tuition includes Room and Board in a shared room for 8 days (7 nights)
Single Room: + $100.00 USD (includes the whole period)
John Morton is scheduled to participate.

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