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Leigh Taylor-Young December

A Challenge for The Greatest Growth


Hello to my beloved Light Ambassadors all across this beautiful World!

I honor you in my heart as we share our loving and Light, and serve to make things better as we can, for the Highest Good. In early December I began to ask of Spirit what challenge would be especially on point for myself as a Light Ambassador that I could share with you.

During the Grace Retreat most recently, I asked for the challenge for my greatest growth. This is what came forward for me:

I challenge myself to hold in the silence within my inner self, no matter what is occurring in outer activity. I challenge myself to hold to the inner Presence, and from this Presence, then respond to the Outer. When I find myself ‘wandering’ in my focus and being more distracted into the outer world, I shift my awareness back to the Light and Presence of the Spirit in myself. This becomes a dance between my inner and my outer awareness.

I then decided to increase my intention, and imagine myself Radiating the loving of my heart and soul as a Presence of Light with no need to DO anything at all. I was choosing to be present in Inner stillness, holding to my awareness, and allowing God to lead and flow and radiate from me as a Being of Light. I realized I was partaking in another way of serving. I was being with God in silence and letting Spirit fill me and have Its way with me. I experienced that I was touching to my environment and the people around me with loving, while ‘doing’ nothing at all. This became a profound experience, and I considered that there are many ways to be a Light Ambassador. The Power of being silent and in at-oneness within myself is a way of serving as a Light Ambassador. It is a living in Grace. I enjoy practicing this so much, I wanted to share it with my loved ones.

I am finding it a great relief to simply be and allow the ‘doing’ to flow out from within me in intimate connection.

Beloveds, have a beautiful blessed season of the Living Christ,
I love you so dearly and deeply.
Leigh Taylor-Young Morton, MSIA Ambassador

8 thoughts on “A Challenge for The Greatest Growth”

  1. Dear Leigh, Thank you for your willingness to share your inner-most process with us. What a great blessing. My intention during Living In Grace was to become more soul-directed. I believe you have shown me a practical way to do that. Thank you again and may your days be blessed in Christ awareness. Love, Andrew Millar

  2. Thank you Leigh I recently had an experience, not like yours, but similar. I have been having a health problem for almost a year. I haven’t been able to work and am living with a family member. I always projected myself into the future. Had plans. Last night I let go of all the plans. Nothing was in front of me and I knew I would, when this heals, just follow whatever was in me to do. That nothing gave me such a sense of relief. That nothingness was quite lovely. Thank you again for your sharing. Love and Light.

  3. Thank you Leigh for sharing this. My ministerial blessing is about “being” and “I don’t have to do”. It has been a process for me to accept that “being” is sufficient. I don’t need to be doing, doing, in order to feel that I add value or am worthy. Thank you for sharing ” I experienced that I was touching to my environment and the people around me with loving, while ‘doing’ nothing at all.” God is doing the doing 🙂 Thank you for sharing. Corinne

  4. Stephanie Kozak

    Thank you, Leigh. This was / is a beautiful reminder of how I wish to cooperate with Spirit and how I wish to “show up” for Spirit. God bless you. I love you too. Peace, be still. Stephanie

  5. Rosalie L.F Lurth

    Dear Leigh, Your wonderful insight is just right for me. Holding in silence to the inner Presence, no matter the outer events, and then replying to the Outer from this Presence, as a dance. Allowing God to lead, flow, radiate from me as a Being of Light, I am at-one within myself, living in Grace. In Love and Light, Rosalie

  6. Thank you Leigh for this heart centered, humble, light-emabassadorable sharing. I am grateful for your examplorary beingness and your light-Leigh way of doing what needs doing. It allowed me to practice my intention of staying in the silence and centering toward my God consciousness. My experience of Living in Grace this past year was grace-filled living indeed. Thank Hu thank you. Kevin

  7. Dear LTY I cannot but imagine what you have just shared and that the Traveler allow us to be part in this sharing of who you are, who we are. This should be an everyday lesson until life is learnt. Please keep sharing. You are blessed

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