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The Love of a Master South America

The Love of a Master Tour – South America, Fall 2019
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In October, I returned to South America again. My trip began in Santiago, Chile, where I stayed at Reymi Urrich and Isabel Catalán’s lovely home known as “Reymi’s Regency.” The day after I arrived, Isabel, Pedro and I headed to Concepción, where we were hosted by Ingrid Cabezon. We presented a Satsang gathering, held a Love of a Master workshop, and shared J-R videos with a handful of enthusiastic new folks. The next day, we traveled to Villarrica, planting Light columns all along the way, and were hosted by Elvira Duran, the area MSIA Rep.  Upon our arrival, I immediately began a seminar/workshop Satsang with J-R videos—sharing the teachings, discussing my book and talking about my years with J-R for several new and existing MSIA participants.

John Morton and Leigh Taylor-Young Morton had inspired me, after their most recent trip to Villarrica, with their experiences of meeting the “Lonko Mapuche” chief, Lonko Florencio Hector Marin Manquecoy. I had the pleasure to meet him as well, the Lonko Chief of the region, with our MSIA community. We did Light work together, as both his wife and Vania Grimalt translated, placing a blessing for the clearing of the local environment, since the lake around the volcano called Rucapillán is quite polluted. Then we went to another part of the lake and did another blessing in Pucón.

Around this time, strong winds called “puelche” (a dry, foehn-like eastern wind that occurs in south-central Chile) hit Villarrica and Panguipulli, paralyzing the entire area.  So, we held the J-R Video Marathon at Elvira’s home in Villarrica. Following the winds, we had dinner, did Satsang and simply spent time together as initiates and ministers. It is incredible how the community is growing there. When I completed my MSIA work/service, our group returned to Santiago, planting more Light columns along the way and blessing the city from the Virgen Hills in Talca.

In Santiago, we did some Satsang, a J-R Marathon, and celebrated the anniversary of J-R’s passage into Spirit. I called it Bhandara, after Ishwar Puri’s group, which means to celebrate the transcending of the Master. So we celebrated J-R by playing his video seminars until 3:00 in the morning and went into the 22nd of October at 2:49 am calling in the Light and celebrating J-R’s passing — not as a loss, but as a joyous occasion and an abundance of blessings.

On October 24th, we went to Mendoza, Argentina. Eduardo Vera hosted us and we did our MSIA work there. For two days, we connected with the community in Satsang, and I gave a Love of a Master talk and shared about J-R. It was incredible. On my trip there, I flew over the Andes and I got some great shots. I’ve yet to drive across that mountain range…perhaps I’ll do it when I go back in late January and early February 2020 when I am teaching two days of Insight IV in Santiago, Chile.

What was fascinating to experience was the “toque de queda,” which is the state of emergency that hit Santiago the last 3 or 4 days I was there, right around J-R’s celebration on the 22nd. Essentially, the government completely shut down Santiago; however, I do not want to get into the politics of this. I want to share about holding the Light, being in the Light and not taking sides. It was terrific to play J-R videos, call in the Light and to hold for the balancing actions taking place while the state of emergency was in process. And, I also knew that John Morton would be coming to Santiago after I left for Bogotá, so we were laying the groundwork for his visit.

Upon arriving in Bogotá, Colombia, I hung out with Alberto Arango, Diego Forero, Juliana, and Ilse. I was invited by Pablo Lipnisky to hold Satsang, play a J-R Video Marathon and lead a workshop at his Montessori School, which was very cool. Then we did MSIA work for the folks there; I gave some Spiritual Counseling and privately ministered to people’s families. Because I was enjoying my time in Bogotá so much, it seemed to be more like personal ministerial time. It was quite amazing to see the Travelers in the videos I was playing, the praying, the work that the ministers were doing and then Traveler John Morton showing up with the staff.

I do not know if it cures anything, but there is a strong sense of karma clearing going on. J-R called “evil” an “unnecessary experience,” so I would say it is essential to bring the Light as Light-bearers. If there is a balancing of action, we can hold that it be less of an evil, unnecessary experience.

I extended my South American Tour with a side trip to Costa Rica in Central America to do MSIA services. Thanks to Navine Cashimira and her family, I had a wonderful time there sharing J-R, doing some Satsang and playing J-R videos.

I’m looking forward to going back to South America in late January to teach at Insight IV and do some more Satsang for my new book called The Dreams of a Master.  The book is a continuation of my life after the passing of my Master, friend, and Traveler John-Roger, and how I have navigated through my grief. I hope that the book is a blessing for all. I have become like everyone else in our community—a bearer of Light, serving John-Roger and John Morton.

Don’t forget to sign up for the 2020 Travelers PTS trip to Israel and Turkey! God bless us all.

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