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One Accord in Christ the Beloved


The more we can understand that everything in our life is delivered as a gift, as a blessing, the more we are in the consciousness of the Christ. It is a consciousness that understands how everything is for upliftment no matter how we would view that in the negative.
– John Morton, DSS

This article comes from a sharing John Morton had at MSIA’s Conference of the Christ in 2015, Westlake Village, California.

If I came and handed you an entry ticket and said, “In the next room, right over there as you go through those doors, you are going to meet up with the Christ,” would you be willing to do that? Would that be something where you would want to get up and immediately go in, or would you have hesitation, fear, trepidation, worry or a doubt towards yourself of what would that be? Even if you are far, far away and you understand you have the ticket, would you come? Would you drop what you need to drop to be with the Christ?

It is kind of like the indigenous people in this part of the world, a tribe having the idea of a peace ceremony. By coming into the gathering, you enter into the peace ceremony. You could not bring in againstness. You could not bring in war or weapons. That all had to be left at the door. As part of the ceremony, there was a peace pipe containing burning materials for everyone involved to breathe in and breathe out. By smoking the peace pipe, each person was ingesting the peaceful intention for the gathering.

As we enter into the Christ, it is of a nature that forgives all now, right in this moment. Forgiveness works over and over as a bountiful consciousness. We can share forgiveness into the world to help transform people in their hatred, jealousy and bigotry. These things are needed right now in the world.

In MSIA, we often suggest forgiveness as, “I forgive myself for judging.” When we do that completely, we don’t need to say anything else. The judgment is what needs to be forgiven from what would bring in the Christ. It is looking from behind our eyes and listening from within our ears, and it is in our touch. It is when we are touched; we are touched by the Christ. And when we touch, we touch with the Christ.

Forgiving may not be so easy when things are not going the way we want or expect. Those are the moments when we can consciously make a choice to choose forgiving or judging as the way to be. Are we going to relax or be upset? Forgiving can be how we relate to whatever could upset or disturb us. Forgiving can be the commitment that becomes the way we respond to life’s challenges as an anointing of the Christ.

Being aware of loving is always a key to forgiveness. Loving may appear to be coming from the outside, but the reality is the loving is always inside as the consciousness that knows the loving outside. The outer conditions are not so important. It is our attitude and intention to engage in loving that can shift our experience to greater forgiveness. The opportunity for greater loving is always present in forgiving whatever appears to be unloving. All is loveable by being the loving that is missing.

The consciousness that breathes with us is the loving. It knows how to love everything if we have the openness to that experience. If at first you don’t succeed, you just keep going to the loving.

If something keeps defeating you, it may be what you need to love so it would then transform to the loving. When we shift into a form of acceptance – which is part of the divine loving – loving becomes embracing, open and neutral. When we move into divine acceptance, we are free to see what is charming about the thing we hated, even though that may seem like an impossibility.

In this world the limitations that come upon us and confound us are our teachers. They invariably bring us what we need to learn. You can start with the attitude, “Whatever is my limitation, whatever is bothering or bewildering me, is something that is actually my ally in what I need to learn.”

Accepting, appreciating, loving and forgiving the very thing that has been upsetting, disturbing and painful can be strange. Regardless, when life’s challenges appear, there is an opportunity to shift our attitude. Life’s challenges are an opportunity to realize that our creator always sends what we can use for our upliftment. Life’s challenges show us how to steer clear of choices that don’t serve our best interests.

We can be intelligent in how we respond, so more and more we enjoy the benefits of life’s challenges. We can be thankful for all the rungs on the ladder, especially when we realize we’re going into higher consciousness with each rung we climb. We can realize that each challenge is an opportunity to learn what is needed with an opportunity to keep going higher.

We can set our intention to keep going higher no matter what life brings as challenges. Our life is good, inherently good. It brings whatever we need to experience and learn while also bringing ever greater opportunities to create what makes life beautiful. As long as we are breathing, that’s an indicator we are meeting up with what we need. We can celebrate each and every breath.

Loving life is a key to happiness, joy and peace in the simple ways that life works. We don’t have to demand that our life be different, and yet we have creatorship so we can make life better and better. We can be more attuned to how we want our life to become. What kinds of experiences are you looking for? Find them in yourself and share them with others.

The more we can understand that everything in our life is delivered as a gift, as a blessing, the more we are in the consciousness of the Christ. It is a consciousness that understands how everything is for upliftment no matter how we would view that in the negative. It uses upset and disturbance for forgiveness, kindness, compassion and generosity, or maybe just quiet. Within a bunch of noise, the Christ is the quiet, and that starts permeating with all the noise and stress that is in our midst. It is that consciousness that would bring whatever is called for into our life. Trust that whatever is going on for you has been called into your life as an opportunity with Christ the Beloved.

Baruch Bashan


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