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Q&A with John Morton About the Coronavirus

The following Q & A took place during a sharing session with John via zoom conference from Brisbane, Australia with the Harmonic Self class held in Los Angeles, CA on March 7, 2020.

Q: With the coronavirus in the headlines, is there something you could share that would benefit us?

John Morton:  The reference of the name “corona” is also a reference to a crown and also something like a light that appears above.  I’ve yet to hear why they use the term “corona” for the virus.  But obviously, in our human experience we always have an opportunity to be aware of the light that is present. It may be in the more subtle dimensions of what’s going on.

In the light attunement, there is ease, relaxation and calm.  So be calm.  We’ve been hearing that saying for a while. Hold with the calm. We’re not given anything we cannot handle, not even once. Where’s our trust?  It’s inside.

Some of us have seen a demonstration John-Roger did a number of times. While he was talking he would pick up a pen and ask what you needed to have in order to give someone a pen. In order to give a pen, you have to have a pen.  How could you give it if you didn’t have it?  If you’re going to give trust, you have to have trust.

Our maker is communicating eternally, “You can handle this.”  My experience with the creator is it doesn’t need to repeat.  It said, “Once and for always, you can handle this.  Wherever you are in the creation, you can handle this.”

In the world there are “better ways” and something like “worse ways.”  We could make a better choice.  One of the keys is to look for the better choice or even the best choice.

The obvious thing to me about the coronavirus is that it is a disturbance coming from the micro-kingdom – things like bacteria, viruses and mold.  They have formations in bodies.  I’ve seen pictures recently in the media of the coronavirus.  It has some kind of identification that says, “I’m the coronavirus.”  Then it’s, “Happy to meet you,” or something like that.  Let’s see how you handle it.

I’m not an expert here.  I’m not trying to stand up and tell people what the coronavirus is and how to handle it.   But I do know that health and vitality works.  That’s the best immunity.  So if you meet the virus, you handle it.   We meet the virus and we handle it.

I saw a video today of a man who had the virus for something like two weeks.   Then one day someone said, “You don’t have it anymore.  You can go home to your wife and family.”  He was telling the story and part of the story was that they isolated him.  Obviously, that wasn’t what he wanted.  But the key is that he got through it.  He handled the virus.

What about the people who die physically from the virus?  They handled the virus also.  They just used it to leave the body.  There’s going to be some cause for us to leave the body.  I don’t know of anybody who has immortality to stop that.  Physically we’re all going to die.  At some point, the physical creation is going to be pulled up.  Something like, “no more.”

You could get this world is doing that.  At some point this world is “no more.”  The world dies.  I suppose we could freak out about that.  Like, “Is it going to happen today?”  I don’t’ know.

I do know that I can handle it because that’s the spiritual promise.  If I don’t handle it in this body, it will be in another body.  If we look at how Soul Transcendence works, we go from body to body.  We can go higher and higher until we’re in the body that is God in all of the creation.

Our heritage is to become one with God.  We make it practical.  In this world, it’s something like be healthy and happy.  Do well with your life, even as it’s completing this day.

Let’s use Paul, from the bible, who was at Tarsus.  He wrote letters that are in the New Testament.  He spoke of dying daily and making your peace with this day.  Then, if you are provided another day, you make your peace with that day.

Can we do things to stay out of harms way?  Sure.  Wash your hands.  It’s a good idea anyway.  But is it a good idea to spend all your life washing your hands?   I’m laughing because Pontius Pilate came to mind.  He told someone he wanted to wash his hands of the matter with Jesus.  He was trying to stay out  of some trouble with Jesus, like, “Give me an out.  Let’s make a deal.  I need something to handle what the priests want.  I don’t want any trouble with you.  If you offended Caesar, I’d have to do something about that.”

When Jesus didn’t offer him a deal, Pontius Pilate came up with the idea, “On the Sabbath I can spare somebody.”  Before the mass that had gathered there, he asked, “Who do you want me to spare?”  Barabbas or Jesus.”

He thought they were going to spare Jesus, but the crowd wanted to spare Barabbas.  Maybe they were a bunch of thieves and criminals hoping that one-day they would be spared. Maybe in whatever the craziness and hysteria was they believed rumors saying Jesus was a blasphemer and power hungry.  Rumors were he wanted to take over the high priests and to be king.

Jesus said, “My kingdom is not in this world.”  But they still mocked him with a crown of thorns.  The Romans put a label on him, “King of Jews.”  The high priest at Sanhedrin didn’t like it.  The Romans had a way of rubbing it in, “What are you going to do about it if we mock you about your ‘King of Jews?’ “  My view is that it was like a “perfect storm.”  Everybody’s karma was being called forward.

Jesus had the Son of God karma, to take on the world in the flesh, including the coronavirus.  Take it on.  Have the infection.  Then there was a point when he was on the cross declaring, “I have overcome the world.”  Maybe the Romans thought he was nuts.  “You’re being crucified.  Where are your powers now?”  A king wouldn’t allow himself to be crucified.”

One of the declarations of the Traveler in the physical body is that we’re not exempt.  I’m not exempt from the coronavirus.  But if I can spare myself, I’m going to take that course.

But in my Gethsemane moment, talking to God about the coronavirus – and I’d rather not have it – I’m going to say, “Your will not mine.”  If You want me to have it, it’s Your will.  If I’m going to have it, I can handle it.  If not in this world, I’ll handle it in the world to come.


Dear Lord, this is for Your complete blessing of the whole world, everyone who is in this world and everything that is upon this world.

We can picture that the whole world is in Your hands.   We can see the world turning on its axis.  It is in movement and Your hands are holding it in embrace.

The earth is moving upon its orbit circling the sun.  As we go into the great altitude in which we can see all things, we can see that the sun, the solar system, this galaxy is in a perfect order, a perfect movement.

We can see into all of what is the universe in perfect order, in perfect movement.  Things come and go.  There is relationship to all things, harmonic order.  So everything is in perfect relationship.

You show Your creation has ways of other creations, other universes in other dimensions.  Still, all of Your creation is in perfect order as far as the eye can see, in perfect singular detail, always in perfect order.

There is an equilibrium in Your creation, in perfect transmission.  Whatever becomes comes in a state of perfection.  All the movements and all the changes – whatever becomes and whatever is no more – is in Your hands.

In what we see as Your body, the totality of who You are, we can see like unto ourselves.  In Your face is our face.  In Your hands are our hands.  In whatever part You are, we are, what we know eternally.

We are loved in the creation.  Love is the perfect order, and the light and the sound are Your way of revelation.  So we can always look to whatever we see and hear, whatever comes into our experience is always in perfect order.

We are the harmonic self.

Baruch Bashan


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