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Introducing the MSIA/PTS Worldwide Solarium

A Zoom-based connection for sharing silent SE time

The MSIA/PTS Worldwide Solarium is a Zoom-based connection that students in MSIA and PTS can use at any time or from any place to come together and do silent Spiritual Exercises. The Worldwide Solarium is named for our beautiful Solarium at Prana. The Prana Solarium holds a row of comfortable SE chairs that face out over the gorgeous Peace Awareness Labyrinth and Gardens and a southern Los Angeles landscape, where Prana residents, staff, and guests have access 24 hours a day to do silent SEs.

Now you can be in the comfort of your own home, or your favorite spot out in nature, or anywhere that you would quietly choose to focus and do SEs, and connect in to the energy of our MSIA/PTS Worldwide Solarium. You can log in to our Solarium Zoom account on a computer or phone (tech details are included below). Just like the Solarium at Prana, the Worldwide Solarium is accessible to you right now. Always. 24 hours a day. From anywhere.

This sacred time in our world is a perfect time to come together in loving service and spiritual attunement, while people all over the world are holding a focus of staying physically distant from each other in service to the Highest Good. We know that doing SEs lifts us higher in Spirit and it also lifts the energy on the planet. When we do SEs together this lifting is even more profound. J-R said “Doing SE’s as a group throws a ‘flying wedge’ into negativity.”

Many years ago when MSIA first started offering J-R seminars by video, J-R famously said that “Videos are the next best thing to being there.”

Over the past many years our Spiritual family has witnessed the power of the connection of Spirit when we use technology to come together from around the globe. For example: PTS offers MSS, DSS, and many other programs using an online video stream. We can participate in Conference, Living in Grace, and other MSIA and PTS events through an online connection. We have been able to join our Traveler, John Morton, and others as they travel to holy lands. Ministers from all over the world now participate live with the LA Ministers Meeting. Many seminar leaders offer old fashioned video seminars using Zoom, with people coming together to do contributions before J-R begins. Local areas are holding minister’s meetings using Zoom, so people can connect from their homes. Many seminar leaders offer old fashioned video seminars using Zoom, with people coming together to do contributions before J-R begins. And most recently, Beloved John and Leigh have been blessing this day, each day, for us as they livestream “Blessing This Day” from their home in California.

This virtual way of connecting is something that we in MSIA have always been ahead of the game with. Beyond technology, initiates of the Sound Current have long known the connection among all Souls. We have always filled rooms with Souls that are here on the planet, Souls no longer on the planet, and Souls yet to come! Those of us working with the Traveler Consciousness through the Sound Current are always connected. We experience that connection in many powerful ways. We are blessed to be part of a Spiritual family that offers so many beautiful opportunities to directly experience it.

Now we have access 24 hour a day to the MSIA/PTS Worldwide Solarium, where we can silently do SEs with others in MSIA from all around the world.

While the Worldwide Solarium is still new to the larger community and awareness of its presence is still growing, you might find that you are the only one logged in. In this case you will only see your own name (or profile picture or video, depending on what you choose). Just as you would do if you were the only one in the Prana Solarium, settle in and have the benefit of your SEs in silence as you help build the Spiritual energy of the Sound Current in the Worldwide Solarium.

When others are also using the Solarium, you will see names or shared videos. Often you will see the image of the MSIA/PTS Worldwide Solarium account, which often welcomes us with a photo of J-R or of the Prana Solarium. As the word spreads about this wonderful experience, we will find more of us from all over the globe doing SEs in this space. Together we can create an experience of MSIA and PTS students from all over the world doing SEs in our own homes, while being both spiritually and virtually connected to each other. Let’s hold and send Light to the image that whenever we log-in to the Worldwide Solarium we will be in the company of other Light Bearers.

Whether you are the only one present in the Worldwide Solarium, or there are many other students in MSIA and PTS present, the energy is always there.

The Light is always present.

The Traveler is always present.

The Christ is always present.

Calling Us Together as a Spiritual Exercise

A Solarium experience using Zoom was first created two years ago as part of our PTS MSS Program in Transcendent Leadership. Students and facilitators in the TL Program love the daily experience of coming together for SEs. Here is what some of them have shared about their experience.

“I have been joining the Solarium every morning since the year began, and I am consistently doing two hours of SEs there each day.”

The SE’s Zoom space has been a life saver for me. It’s like being at Prana. I can sense the loving energy from the site.”

“I love that when I miss a day, I get a text from one of my cohort members checking in on me.”

“Even when I am unable to dial into the Solarium at the time our cohort meets for SEs, I still find myself well aware the process is going on, and I still feel connected.”

“I love the Solarium purpose and energy. I very much appreciate the connection to the peace.”

“I am loving our morning Solarium and preparing inwardly for my outer expression.”

“Attending the Solarium, even if I am not on the actual call, or if no one is on the call when I am on, I still feel and appreciate that time in communion.”

I spend hours each day in it. I am also doing the MSS class and have a tracking sheet that shows that I have been on the Zoom site every day this month. So who would have believed that this is possible? It’s a miracle and I am very grateful for it. It has transcended my life for the better. Thank you.”

 “I love to be logged in to the Solarium when I listen to the Luxor Meditation or do my Multidimensional Consciousness innerphasing. I feel the Travelers’ presence. And I feel like everyone who has ever walked with a Traveler is there with us.”

I don’t know if John has blessed it but I sense a presence when I open that page and do my SE’s each day.”

PTS students provide a sweet surprise birthday blessing for an MSS TL cohort mate in the Zoom Solarium before calling in the Light.

Now the MSIA/PTS Worldwide Solarium is available so that all students in MSIA and PTS can come together to do SEs, at any time of day or night, without leaving our homes, from everywhere in the world. Small groups have been coming together at specific times that you can join. For example, a group of Ministers in Argentina logged in to the MSIA/PTS Worldwide Solarium at the same time each day, for a few days to hold a focus of Planetary Light Columns. There is a growing number of people logging in each day to do SEs together following John’s and Leigh’s Blessing This Day. Just this morning I observed that there was someone from Canada, South American, Australia, and the US when I logged in to the Solarium after John and Leigh’s Blessing This Day.

“It is amazing when I zoom into the Solarium. There is an energy that greets me. No matter whether there is 2 or more in the solarium, it’s like I am sitting up there at Prana. I am greeted with the same sweetness of the Light. When I sit down to start my SE’s there is a deeper quality. I am with J-R and God and we are floating blissfully away into Nirvana. Whether it is 15 min or 2 hours, I have the feeling of being cradled with God. I also love the image of the altar that comes up each morning I tune in. I am greeted like an old friend saying ‘Welcome my love. You are here.’” –Judea

“I turn the Worldwide Solarium on when I get up between 4 and 5 to do my morning Spiritual process and love keeping it on for a while, even when I’m complete—knowing that there is a sweet energy pouring thru my computer, connecting me with many around the world!! Thank you again for this marvelous support!” –Berti

Personally, I log in to the MSIA/PTS Worldwide Solarium every morning between 6:00 and 9:00 am Pacific time. I call in the Light, listen to my daily SAT, and sometimes the Luxor Meditation, then I do silent SEs until it’s time for John and Leigh to bless this day for us. Initially I was alone, and each day I am seeing more of my beloved spiritual family there. Just last week I “bumped into” Laila, one of my oldest and dearest friends, in the Solarium space. We smiled and waved and joyfully blew kisses to each other, and then settled in for our SEs. I felt like we were together again in the meeting hall at Asilomar, surrounded by beautiful Souls.

I admit, I am one of those people who has struggled to find my personal sense of discipline around daily SEs. Since I began participating in the Zoom Solarium two years ago, I have been doing SEs every day at the same time, consistently for two hours each day. Knowing that others will be there in SEs with me has created in me an energy where I love to pop up each morning, excited to begin my daily Spiritual practice. I feel joyfully called to join my fellow Souls, just like I do when I am at a PTS retreat and we all gather in the sanctuary to do SEs. I am grateful and I am blessed to have this connection with us.

Any time that you are ready to do SEs, please log in to the MSIA/PTS Worldwide Solarium. If you have a regualr time that you do SEs, consider inviting others to join you at that specific time, for example your local MSIA community or distant PTS classmates. Or simply share your SE time with the new friends that you “meet” in the Solarium. Some people come in for 5 minutes to call in the Light in the company of others; some stay for two hours or more.

The MSIA/PTS Worldwide Solarium is a silent video call connection, where all participants are doing silent SEs while logged-in. Participants may unmute and call in the Light and chant Ani Hu out loud at the top of any hour of any day. Details about the process and the technology are included below.

As initiates of the Traveler we are in a blessed position to call ourselves and the planet forward into the Light of the Christ. Where two or more are gathered. I look forward to seeing you and doing SEs together in the Solarium!


Specific Details about Process and Technology

I’ve put together these points in a bit of an order that makes sense to me, starting with the most basic and building up to some fun creative tips for those who are old hands at Zoom. Start wherever you are. And join us.

Using Zoom for the First Time:

If you have not used Zoom before, you can participate without having a Zoom account. You can join a Zoom call in one of these two ways:

  1. You can click on a Zoom meeting link. We are not putting the actual “clickable” link to the Solarium in this online NDH article in order to preserve the privacy of our Zoom space. More about the Solarium link below.
  2. Or you can go to and click on the link that says “Join a Meeting.” It will ask you for the “Meeting ID or Personal Link Name.” Our meeting ID is the MSIA main phone number 323 737 4055. Our personal link name is msiasolarium. (The meeting ID and personal link name are simply two different ways to remember the login; they both take you to the same Zoom space.)

With either of these approaches to logging in, you will be given a choice to join the call from your web browser (Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Internet Explorer, etc.) or you can download the Zoom app to your computer, which literally takes about 7-10 seconds to download and only happens once. You can also add the free app to your phone. I recommend adding the app to your computer and phone as it provides a better connection and more features, including saving your list of recently joined meetings, so that each time you use the Solarium, you can simply choose it from the app’s login line.

Once you choose to join the MSIA/PTS Worldwide Solarium by one of these two methods, you will be asked for a password. We are keeping this very simple—our password is the house number for Prana: 3500

At some point as you log in, you can choose the name that will be seen by others to show you are there. You can change your name any time you log in, or even after you are logged in. The name you choose shows up for others in the Solarium, so we recommend that you use your real name so others can see who is in the Solarium with us. Consider adding your location: Joanie in Prescott Arizona.

That’s it! That is how you join a Zoom call.

This image shows two Zoom users logged in to the Solarium. The participant on the left has their video off so that only their name shows. The participants on the right have their video on while they are doing SEs.

Personalizing Your Zoom Experience with a Zoom Account

If you want to have a little more fun, you can create a free Zoom account. The free account works great and is all you will need to participate in this or any Zoom call. If you want to host Zoom calls yourself, then you might check out the options for paid accounts.

With an account you can add a profile picture so that when you are logged in, if you have your video turned off, others will see your name in small letters at the bottom of your screen, and your photo will be at the center. This is a wonderful feature and I highly recommend it. You can choose a photo of yourself or anything else that you want to represent you.

This image shows what it looks like when only one person is logged into the Solarium. As you can see, I have added a profile photo to my Zoom account, so when my video is off my photo shows.

The Live Link to the MSIA/PTS Worldwide Solarium

As more people around the world are using Zoom to connect, more rascals around the world are searching for live Zoom links online and logging in uninvited to play games or cause distractions. Because we want to keep this Solarium space sacred, we are being very careful and not sharing the live hyperlink in public spaces.

There is long link that has the password already embedded into it. We will be directly emailing that link to our mailing list sometime relatively soon. We ask that you only share that link in private, MSIA-only spaces, such as an email to your local MSIA community or in private, moderated MSIA Facebook pages.

I regularly post the clickable Zoom link on the private MSIA Facebook pages. Or you can email me ( and ask me to send it to you. Once you have it, please save it so you can use it whenever you need it.

If you want to put together a clickable link, here is what you need—copy and paste parts 1 and 2 into your browser and delete the space between the parts—that is our link.

Parts 1 and 2 of this zoom address: 3237374055

Remember, delete the space between the j/ and before our meeting ID of 3237374055 after you paste it into the url line on your browser.

Or use this one:

Parts 1 and 2 of this zoom address: msiasolarium

Again, delete the space after the my/ and before our personal link name of msiasolarium.

It will look like this on the url line in your browser.

In either case the password is 3500. These two options work the same—choose the one that you prefer to use and remember.

Try it right now or anytime you’re ready to do SEs. To leave, click on the link that says Leave Meeting.

Using the Zoom App to Join the MSIA/PTS Worldwide Solarium

If you choose to get the Zoom App on your computer or smart phone, then joining a meeting is very easy.

The app gives you the choice to “Join” a meeting. Click on that and enter either the meeting ID 323 737 4055 or the personal link name msiasolarium. Then enter the password of 3500.

Microphone is Off When You Enter the Solarium

The Solarium settings are such that when we come in to the space we are muted. This means that if you speak or make sounds while you’re in the Solarium others in the Solarium won’t hear them. You can change this setting by clicking on the microphone in the lower left corner of your screen, so be attentive to ensure that your microphone is muted to keep the silence in the Solarium.

The Sound of Silence is Yours to Ensure

Just as if you were in the Solarium space at Prana, if you want to make sure that you don’t hear anything, we encourage earplugs. The online, technological version of earplugs is muting the speaker on your computer or phone. That way if others call in the Light or chant, or someone accidentally unmutes their microphone, you will not be inadvertently disturbed from your SEs. Your virtual earplugs will be in.

Calling the Light or Chanting Aloud

The Solarium is intended for silent SEs 24 hours a day. And, we invite participants to call in the Light out loud together. It is recommended that we limit this to a few minutes of time at the top of the hour—any hour of the day—in order to maximize the silent space for SEs. Perhaps your local MSIA family or PTS classmates will all plan to meet in the Solarium at a particular time to call in the Light out loud, to chant Ani Hu together, to plant Light Columns, or to do group SEs. Please be respectful of others who might be in the space. (And again, see the note above about silence—if you want to ensure silence, mute your speakers before you begin your SEs.)

Here is a fun tip about chanting together via a Zoom call. J-R said that chanting together is “a matter of trying to harmonize the tone with your neighbors’, so it’s like a choir. As long as you’re in harmony, you don’t have to sing the same note.” Technology adds a unique layer to this since we cannot easily hear our neighbors and correct for harmony. So, wait for the person who called in the Light to begin chanting, “listen for balance and harmony,” then join in chanting.

Following the chanting, mute your own microphone again, mute your own speaker (if you want to guarantee your silent experience), and do silent SEs for as long as you like.

A group of PTS students call in the Light together. Here Kevin is reading a short excerpt from a J-R book. Judy will follow that with calling in the Light and she will begin the group in chanting Ani Hu as a start to their SEs.

Your Video Camera is Off When You Enter the Solarium

As you are logging in to the Solarium, you will be asked if you want to share your video. You can also turn your video on or off at any time during a Zoom call.

I especially love it when participants in the Solarium share their video. It gives those who are in the Solarium at the same time a sense of being live in real time with the other participants. I am personally less comfortable having my face on camera while I’m doing SEs, so I choose to aim my camera at my altar. It feels intimate to me to share my altar with my spiritual family. Several of my beloved Travelers are represented on it, including J-R, Jesus Christ the teacher, and a few other members of my spiritual support team. And there is always a candle flickering for us.


Sometimes the Light is very present on my altar.

Some participants direct their camera at a photo of J-R and John, at a candle, at flowers, at their sweetly blanketed lap and feet, or out a window at the view.

If your computer isn’t in front of an image that you want to share as your video, there is another wonderful option from Zoom, which is to use a virtual background. The virtual background tool is in your video settings in the lower left corner, next to the microphone. Its use requires a fairly new computer with a high quality video card, but you can check it out to see if it works on your computer. With a virtual background, if a person is in front of the camera the person’s face and shoulders will be visible, but their real background will be covered up by their chosen virtual background image. If no person is close up in front of the camera, you may only see the virtual background. This is a wonderful way to be live, and yet to be off camera. Experiment and find what is most comfortable for you.

In the Zoom app you can choose to upload many of your own images as virtual background options, and then you can vary the image you share in the Solarium. I love to choose photos from the Prana gardens. Be creative. You could choose a photo of yourself doing SEs on the rocks at Asilomar or at a local PAT. You could choose a picture of J-R. This is a fun way to have a lot of variety, to be live, and still be discreet about your own SE time.

There are a few ways participants can be seen in the Solarium space. The top 4 participants all have their video cameras turned on. Two have the camera facing them as they do SEs. One has the camera pointed at an altar. One has a post-it over the camera for privacy. The two participants at the bottom both have their camera off: one has a profile photo and the other does not, so only their name shows.

Seeing All Who are in the Solarium at the Same Time

Zoom allows a number of ways to view the participants in any Zoom call and there are two main choices you want to be aware of: Gallery View and Speaker View.

Speaker view is great for a meeting if you want the full image on your screen to be the person who is speaking. For example, when PTS uses Zoom for sharings with the Traveler, the Speaker View allows us to see John when he is speaking and see the person sharing with him when they are speaking.

This shows what it can look like to be on Speaker View. (There are other settings within Speaker View that each individual user can also change.) You can see the words “Gallery View” in the upper right corner of the screen (by hovering your mouse in the corner). To change from this Speaker View to Gallery View, click on the words Gallery View.

In the Worldwide Solarium, Gallery View is the best choice if you want to have the experience of Group SEs. Gallery View allows you to see a small rectangular screen for each person who is currently in the Solarium. On a full size computer screen you can see up to 49 participants at one time. To get the Gallery View on your computer, hover your mouse in the upper right corner of the entire Zoom screen. If you see the words “Gallery View” click on it. Then you will see everyone who is logged in at that time. Remember, you might be the only one logged in. (Note: If you see the words “Speaker View” it means you are already in Gallery View.)

On the small screen of a smart phone, Gallery View allows you can see up to 4 participants at a time. Swipe to the left to move through a Gallery View to see all participants’ screens.

This is what Gallery View looks like on a computer screen—all participants are visible.

Think of the Worldwide Solarium as a Virtual Meeting Room

Just like the Solarium at Prana, think of the Worldwide Solarium as a room, a space, that is always available to you. The space might be empty, or it might be full of other people. There is no host needed for the Worldwide Solarium other than the Light, the Lord Jesus Christ, and our Beloved Travelers. Often you will see an image of J-R or the Prana Solarium welcoming you to the MSIA/PTS Worldwide Solarium. That simply means that a member of the MSIA or PTS staff is logged in to the main account and doing SEs in the Solarium. Beyond that, the space is simply and always available for anyone in MSIA or PTS to come in and stay as long as we’d like.


You might see one of these images when you log in. It means an MSIA/PTS staff member is logged in and using the Solarium.

There is one technological aspect to the Zoom system that you might discover as you use the Solarium. Zoom allows one person to be in the space for as long as you want—there is no time limit. If multiple people come and go in the Solarium space, the Zoom connection will also continue forever, as long as there are two or more people participating in the space. There is one combination where Zoom might remove a single user from the Solarium—if this happens, simply rejoin the Worldwide Solarium. This situation happens when there are two or more people in the Solarium and everyone leaves except one person. The technology behind Zoom automatically assumes that a meeting ended and that one user just didn’t notice, and after 40 minutes if no one else joins, Zoom will close the meeting and tell you that the meeting has been inactive for 40 minutes. Simply join the Solarium room again and continue. This doesn’t happen often, but I want us to understand it so you won’t be concerned.

Zoom or Solarium Support

I have been using Zoom to hold classes and meetings since 2013. I even held a surprise birthday party a couple of years ago for my sweetheart Frankie when he turned 70. In the MSS Program in Transcendent Leadership we use Zoom daily for SEs, weekly for our small TL Circle meetings, monthly for Cohort Connection Calls of all students and faculty, and whenever else we want to connect. Our March residency, when we would have come to Los Angeles, was held entirely on Zoom. We practiced many inner techniques to deepen our personal experience of the connection. We also played with lots of the Zoom tools to see what works best for having the kind of deep Spiritual connection we are used to during our PTS class, while using an online video tool. Our students and faculty found the experience powerful and a little magical.

I love the Zoom technology and find that not only is it the next best thing to being there, it truly is being there. We are always connected in our oneness in Spirit and the online video technology beautifully allows us to see each other. It also creates a space to be together that can be as clearly multidimensional as when we are physically in the same space. If I can be of any assistance to you as you explore this technology, please let me know (

In loving service. Joanie

Here are some images from Peace Awareness Labyrinth and Gardens that you can use as a virtual background, if you want to explore that.


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  1. The best Church. John & Leigh in the morning, Paul Kaye in the afternoon, J-R & Jsu at night & now s.e.’s in the Solarium at Prana! Life is beautiful. Thank you MSIA ♡

  2. Madhuri Marelli

    Beautiful concept. The solarium had always been special to me and I enjoyed many years there. It feels so good to be going back to that space.

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