Can We Have the Virus and Be Great?

By: John Morton, DSS

May 7th, 2020

Can We Have the Virus and Be Great?


If you find yourself disturbed, upset or in fear, that’s an opportunity to let go, relax, go within and commune with God’s presence inside.  God’s not worried.  God’s okay with what is.  Is there an opportunity to make it better?  Always.  That’s my experience. – John Morton

This article and blessing come from John Morton’s sharing with a Master of  Spiritual Science class held on March 28, 2020.

The heart and the mind can be highly attuned.  That’s an opportunity, to have the heart active in your thinking.  A key word in the heart is love. But it’s also a keeper of wisdom, the keeper of truth.  God consciousness has an indwelling in the heart, not really in the mind.

There is a god of opinion in the mind.  That’s a lesser god.  But you can make your opinions be cheerful and encouraging.  There can be a better brand of opinion that comes around.

It is important for all of us to be Self-sourcing.  I like to spell Self with a capital “S”, so God is involved, so that my “self” includes God’s Self.  Then I intend, relate, and identify that God and I are one.  I choose back in that oneness.

I have to open my mind to do that.  If my mind is contracted or positioned in a belief – and my mind knows how to do that – it can have strong opinions and positions.  “That’s right.  That’s not right.” My mind can get into that. I don’t want to get into that because it tends to close down my relationship to what’s going on.  It becomes more and more limited and inflexible.  It’s not cooperating and in harmony with how life is working in God’s oneness.

This is such a perfect level for us to work that out!  It’s a perfect classroom for learning how to become one with God by bringing us to our weaknesses.  Where we’re in a “hangnail” of some sort.  We’re hung up on something.  We have a position that is righteous, and we’re caught there.  We’re not open to other aspects of what’s involved.

One of the keys there is acceptance.  We can check our acceptance.  How am I embracing what this is or what that person did or said, or what I did or said? How am I in that?

If you find yourself disturbed, upset or in fear, that’s an opportunity to let go, relax, go within and commune with God’s presence inside.  God’s not worried.  God’s okay with what is.  Is there an opportunity to make it better?  Always.  That’s my experience.

The world has a moving opportunity where we can make choices that make the world better.  That would be one of the spiritual keys that we all have.  Make where we are better.  If we’re at home or in our continuous space, what are we doing today to make it better? And then know the dynamic is, “If you’re not making it better, then you are allowing it to get worse.”  Notice I’m saying, “allowing” it to get worse.

What do I mean?  There’s a negative movement here.  If we don’t do anything, things break down.  They go into something that’s unnecessarily negative because we didn’t choose to make them positive when we had that choice available.

Once upon a time, I was studying subjects related to renewable natural resources.  I was then working as a park ranger and doing things having to do with ecosystems and the environment and all those causes we are now much more aware of in the world.  In that process, I was experiencing that nature always has a way to balance itself.  That’s why it works and works magnificently.  If we can allow ourselves to come into that attunement with the natural harmonies, then we also can have choices taking us to what would be wild, like a wilderness.

We can enhance the natural world into something like a Garden of Eden.  We have influence in nature.  Harmony is in what we create. Nature is better, not worse, for our involvement.  That’s often what I found in my work as a park ranger.  I was striking a balance.  We don’t need to just let it be wild.  Like, “Don’t put footprints here.  A human is not to enter here.  Keep humans out.”  I didn’t personally agree with that.  We are here in the world.  It’s not to have an imposed barrier that says, “This environment is at its peak of 100% if we keep humans out of it.” I understand the value of wilderness as well as the value of the lower nature of a human being.  We need the higher nature to change and transform the human condition. That is an opportunity.

I consider that what is called the Coronavirus is helping the entire world come into a better relationship with the harmonies that are here, including the micro-kingdoms. I hear people and leaders directing people, “Attack the Coronavirus.  Job one is to attack the virus. Go out there and march and kill it.”

Let’s find out how we can have the virus but feel great.  We don’t have to wear masks from now on.  Is this the “Age of the Mask,” when all of humanity began wearing masks?  I hope not.  I hope we’re not going to that requirement.  Years from now, do we want our children and their children wearing some kind of helmet mask and wondering who’s behind it, where the face will become something of a former age?  That is kind of scary.

We have been directed and put into a shared continuous space.  I’m good with that.  In this moment we’re discovering what is upon us because there is still tremendous mystery about what this is, how it functions and how we can create harmony.  We don’t need to get sick and we don’t need to have our mortality registered by this cause.

I say, “Hey, remember!  Nature is powerful.”  One of my deep experiences studying nature for years was that I understood why some people think of it as a religion.  The natural world is their god.  They feel like that’s where it is holy and sacred.  A place where we commune with nature and harmonize with how it works.  I understand that.

There are greater dimensions to God.  What we’re looking at is a magnificent witnessing to the grand design.  I had that experience studying science in school.  I did about six years of science after high school, and just kept finding there is no way this is random or came out of some chaotic accident, like an explosion.  Like there’s no design or intelligence to it.  There has to be intelligence.  There has to be a creator or a collective.  I thought it possible there was a collective creatorship.  It’s on some level of intelligence that I’m in awe. Wow!  I have an experience of how much I don’t know.  One of the lessons from science is, for the most part, I don’t know.

We can claim God is love and we are of God and the love of God.

Baruch Bashan

Blessings In Always Ways

Lord, we are open

and in the ways we are claiming to be open, but we are not open,

we ask that You adjust us, that You clear us

You release us

from the unnecessary forms of restrictions

we have placed upon ourselves.

We especially ask for that in the unconscious and subconscious levels

where we habitually continue the forms that would keep us restricted

in unnecessary ways

that are not serving the highest good.

That in Your perfect wisdom

in your perfect mercy and love,

You bring to us a release, a clearing, a balancing, and healing.

And in that way, You turn to those of us who have this need

for greater forgiveness.

If the direction is to forgive thyself,

that it is upon each one of us

to do what that is in our way

for whatever applies in releasing and letting go of any judgments,

any negative forms, any disturbances from any existence.

When it has been done in this way,

we are released from the karmic flow that is no longer necessary.

We find our self moving into soul consciousness,

soul liberation, soul transcendence,

that is the oneness with God

the eternal nature

that is always loving in all ways

in the living truth that abides in all of Creation

as the eternal truth.

Regardless of what we are doing in a temporary form,

this life in this day in this life

in this moment in this life,

You reveal again we are always in movement,

and this is the living force.

And this movement is going to God,

going into all that is good,

all that is blessed.

Then You remind us that this is to be shared,

that we have a loving, sharing and caring God.

This is our way.

This is the way.

So, what is upon us is to rise up,

not partially but completely,

in the anointing that is the Holy Spirit and the Christ.

In this way, we become the living truth,

we become the light,

we become the love,

that this world is in need of.

And if we are here in the world, we are in need of this love.

We are part of the need for greater love.

We just take a moment to hold for that transformation

to the greater love.

In whatever parts of our creation have resisted or have blocked,

have attempted to stop or deny,

we have the opportunity now to eternally set the tone

in God’s will being done.

To love all of Its creation,

and to move us into the fullness of what that can become.

This day we are one with God.

Always in always ways.

Yes, I said that. Always in always ways.

The eternal nature, this loving.

Baruch Bashan


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