Soul Transcendence – Our Natural Heritage

By: John Morton, DSS

July 24th, 2020

Soul Transcendence – Our Natural Heritage

"As a person comes into being established in their Soul, their identification takes on the nature of the Soul to such a degree that they become free of the material world. They’re in the world, but not of the world. These are the holy ones."- John Morton

This article comes from a sharing that John Morton had in a Ministers & Initiates Question & Answer Seminar in Buenos Aires, Argentina on November 11, 1995.

Soul Transcendence is our natural heritage and we can’t do it in the world.  It is something we take on as an intention that isn’t completed in the world. It’s completed in the Soul. We refer to that transition as the transcendent.  We’re moving our conscious awareness into the realization of our Soul.  That’s our true nature.

It’s accurate to consider that we forgot ourselves as a Soul.  When we go about living as a human being, it appears as though everything is here.  Life begins and ends in the world.  What is the evidence that it begins before the world or continues after the world?

The evidence is not material.  It’s something that is metaphysical, not realized in the physical level.  How do we know this?  Something happens in our experience that is beyond the world.  That’s true always.  There is no one who is not experiencing themselves beyond the world.  Some know it and some don’t, and some take more responsibility for that knowing.

As we take more responsibility and respond to it, it changes who we are.  We become more Soul-like and less material-like.  That’s a literal statement.  Even our body is transformed and takes on more of the quality of the Soul, which has an invisible nature.  Our body actually becomes less material, as do our thoughts and personality.  As we move into a completion of that process, we no longer need the body.  It has served its purpose, so we transcend into the Soul and we have the opportunity to remain there.

Those of us who are here in the physical have not completed Soul Transcendence.  In order for a person to take on a body, they have to take on the incompletion.  It’s also known as the karma.  When anyone walks in a body, they walk with karma, which means something still needs to be learned.

As a person comes into being established in their Soul, their identification takes on the nature of the Soul to such a degree that they become free of the material world.  They’re in the world, but not of the world.  These are the holy ones.  They sanctify the ground they walk on.  It’s a necessary requirement in order to maintain that freedom of the Soul.  They must detach themselves from the materiality.  In order to detach from the materiality, we must spiritualize it.

In one sense, to be material is to be attached.  As I spiritualize myself, there is also a quality of spiritualizing disconnection; I’m spiritualizing the place where I find myself.  That quality of the energy of Spirit detaches me from the material.  I’m free of it.  Yet taking on the body will reconnect us into the physical.  As long as we’re in our body, we have a contact with the physical.

One of the things we’re doing in spiritual exercises is to detach, to become free of the body.  But we can’t maintain that and maintain the body.  So, as we go into the Spirit, we detach.  Then the magnetic quality of the body reattaches us, and the Soul is attached to the body.

What we can learn to do is to make it a relationship where there is great freedom.  It’s like learning to stay under water.  At some point you have to come up for air.  But you can strengthen your ability to stay under water.  The Traveler Consciousness has the ability to sustain you beyond your own ability.  It’s like learning to be a scuba diver where you can stay under water for a long time.

The consciousness of the Traveler takes you into Spirit past your ability and provides an experience that is part of your learning.  You gain the necessary experience that liberates the Soul from the material physical world.  It not only frees you from the material physical world, but also liberates from the psychic, which has a magnetic quality. The psychic levels are where the Traveler is doing the most work.  The material level is assigned to you.

The Traveler comes into the physical world as a Wayshower, one who knows you are not from here and talks about the way to the Soul.  As you choose into that, you allow yourself access to the greater levels of Soul Transcendence.  Spiritual exercise is the primary key into Soul Transcendence along with a loving consciousness.  When we don’t love, we cast ourselves into ignorance.  We become blind, stupid and dumb.  We become those who cannot hear.

We can become disconnected from our Spirit by the way we do things.  We can live a discordant life full of problems and difficulties.  Generally, it’s full of pain.  People have equated that with something called hell.  Hell is not a reality other than what we create.

In our creative ability, we are entitled to enter into negativity and illusion.  The more extreme expression we have in the negativity, the more painful.  The Traveler has not only the ability, but also the responsibility and commission to go into all the levels of negativity.  That was established with what Jesus the Christ did, that the rod of the Spirit was taken into every level of Creation, even to the most extreme negative.  No consciousness could be denied access to that.

For the most part, it’s working in an invisible quality.  When we really talk about the Traveler, we’re talking about a consciousness that is with everyone, everywhere.  When people meet up physically with the Traveler, there’s recognition that the process has already been going on and that there has been preparation enough to choose into it.

Most people are doing Soul Transcendence in a very gradual process over many, many lifetimes.  At the point they choose to take on the completion of Soul Transcendence, that’s graduation.  It’s saying, “My intention is not to return to this level.  I am declaring I’m ready to complete with the world.”  This presents itself as a challenge.  Are you ready to give up all material things?  It may sound like, “Oh, of course.”  But just think about giving up everything you like, all your comforts and preferences.  Would you continue saying, “Yes” as everything was removed from you?

When you know who you are spiritually, absolutely. There is no question.  You know you are not your body.  You know you are not material things.  They have no real meaning.  They are already sacrificed.  They’re just something that’s arbitrary to your existence.  That remains one of the primary signs of someone who is practicing Soul Transcendence.  They have no attachments.  They are involved, but free in their involvements.  That takes a strong consciousness with great discipline.  We are all powerful creators, so if we linger and hold our focus on material things, we direct our energy into it and attach to it.  It takes discipline to let go of the attachment.

Do you know the saying, “A rolling stone gathers no moss?”  If you keep moving, materiality cannot attach to you.  The first word is “movement”.  Etcetera.  Next.  That’s a very important principle in Soul Transcendence.  Keep moving.  Let go.  That’s where the challenge is.  Because we can touch into materiality with great pleasure, sensuality and satisfaction, we can then identify with that materiality and pleasure.  We misidentify that it is the source of our satisfaction.  WE are the source of the satisfaction.

Satisfaction really comes by doing good things and realizing ourselves in a greater nature.  In this world, that translates to learning and growing.  That’s where the great satisfaction is.  In order to do that at the highest rate, we have to take on new lessons.  Do you suppose that might have something to do with new experiences?

If you are familiar with things, are you going to be learning if you keep repeating the same thing?  For example, if I ask, “What is five times five?”  Twenty-five.  Yes.  “What is five times five?”  If we keep doing this do you think it might become something that’s not very interesting?

Let’s say the first time we discovered five times five equals twenty-five, it was a fantastic experience.  Incredible.  So, we think that if we just do five times five, we’re going to have that great experience again.  It wasn’t the “five times five”. It was the learning and the growth.

Those who are involved in Soul Transcendence are great adventurers and risk takers.  They are willing to live beyond their fears, venture into the unknown, be unpopular and have no material basis for what they do.  They live beyond any agreement from the world, going upon their experience of what is.  It takes great courage, because in reality you are playing at the level of God and leaving everything else behind.

It is the great surrender when we have that willingness to give up everything, to let go completely and trust in God.  That is Soul Transcendence.

Baruch Bashan



A Blessing in the Way with the Lord

Dear Lord

We welcome You into our presence.  That we are those who are open to meet You, to experience Your embrace, to know You are always with us.  That You also prepare the way.  You know the way.  As You are the way.  And You are also the Light.

So, in Your presence, all is illuminated and revealed in the blessings that already are.

And You show us the truth of who we are.  And it’s all good.

All is done in our fulfillment.  And this world is prepared as a stepping-stone.  That we have been designed to use everything for upliftment.

You also reveal to each one of us the nature of the spiritual promise, how we are directly related to You and to the One who sent You.

Baruch Bashan

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John, Thank you You always explain everything with the Soul transcendence radiating. Love and Light Willem van Esch