Transitioning into Newness

By: John Morton, DSS

August 7th, 2020

Transitioning into Newness

"Let’s say you are in a stage where the new form hasn’t yet emerged. You don’t know what to do.  It feels as if nothing has meaning.  Nothing is going on.  Your life doesn’t feel like it has any significance right now.  There is a process that is emerging..."- John Morton

This article comes from a sharing that John Morton had in a Ministers & Initiates Question & Answer Seminar in Buenos Aires, Argentina on November 11, 1995.

There are transitions while we are here on the earth.  Death is a transition.  Birth is a transition. Usually, people associate things like getting married, having children, moving, changing careers or relationships as transitions.

Within all our choices is the will of God.  My experience is the will of God is absolute.  There’s nothing we really can do outside the will of God.  Attempting to separate from God is, in a sense, futile.  There is a saying, “Your arms are too short to box with God.”  At some point it will stop, but the choices we have are vast.

As we progress in our life experience, we have more completions.  This is especially true for those who are old souls with lots of life experience.  With that comes a sense of buoyancy.  Buoyancy is being free of the level.  Happy people are free of the level.  People who are attached are unhappy.  It’s very simple.

Having that buoyancy is a sign that you’ve been free with the world and free with your life choices.  Now you are coming into a level of progression where you meet up with your difficulty.  That’s a transition.

Certain things are leaving.  It’s like a death.  The life goes out of them.  When the life goes out, we don’t have a connection.  You may say, “My heart’s not in that.”  You walk around and there is no enthusiasm.

That’s a sign of something new coming forward, and it could be big!  It could be moving, leaving all kinds of things you are used to doing that are familiar.  You are becoming very different in your expression.  It can be very powerful.

People can feel crazy when this is going on because they are losing an identification.  They look at the way they used to be and don’t relate to it.  People may look at them the way they are now and say, “I don’t relate to you.  I want the person I used to be with.  What’s happening to you?  There’s something off.”

That’s because they are holding onto an old reference point.   You can do that to yourself, holding onto an old way of being, instead of being willing to move into the transition.

You can have a lot of trust with yourself because the way you’ve lived your life gives you confidence.  A person that leads a happy life has confidence.  Carry that forward in transitions.

Do you know how a caterpillar becomes a butterfly?  It goes into a stage called a cocoon, which looks very much like death.  It IS actually death to the caterpillar.  It puts itself in linen, wrapping the body and the caterpillar ceases to exist.  From the outside, it looks like nothing is going on.  A great transformation is taking place, which is made clear only as the new form emerges.

Let’s say you are in a stage where the new form hasn’t yet emerged. You don’t know what to do.  It feels as if nothing has meaning.  Nothing is going on.  Your life doesn’t feel like it has any significance right now.  There is a process that is emerging.  Give yourself one hundred percent trust that something is emerging for you.  What you are to do with your life will be clear.

Do you know that before you take off for a long journey there is preparation?  A lot of completion goes on so that when you leave you haven’t left things undone. You may say, “Well I don’t know if I’m going to return so I’m going to prepare so I don’t need to return.” That can be a lot of different things.  When you leave, you’re free to go.

Instead of somebody saying, “Hey wait a minute! What about all these debts?  What about all these things you said you were going to do?”  If you haven’t really completed, that will be held to your responsibility.  It’s your choice.

I see good news, more to be happy about.  Something greater is about to emerge.

Baruch Bashan

Blessing the Consciousness of the Beloved

We welcome this day in Your Light, Your love

The Holy Presence that is always with us

We take this moment to go within

And our breath is the key, and so we go in

We also release into the outer

Into this world in all of its various manifestations

Wherever we find ourself in this day in this moment

We embrace, we take it within

To loving, to the radiating Light

That is always purifying, cleansing, transforming

Into higher and higher states

We also call upon the consciousness that is the Beloved through the Christ

That Presence we know as the Spirit in all Creation

We especially welcome the Traveler Consciousness this day

However we would meet up with that

So it may become very personal

The Traveler is with us

We can feel the embrace

We feel the joy, the sacred, the comfort

In this Traveler presence we also again realize

All is working in perfect ways

That perfection is in the changing, ever moving

In this movement of spiritual inner awareness

We are letting go that we may move higher, ever higher

As we do that within, we can also do that in the ways

That we express, in the ways we relate

So we take it to our mind and our emotions

We take it to whatever we sense

Whatever is taking place in our cells, in our consciousness

We find we are in the perfect rhythm, in and out

Moving into ever greater moments of peace

Whatever comes to our mind

We choose to put into that consciousness of the Beloved

So we see as that Christ Consciousness sees

That it is in our vision, it is in our way of relating

And our way of relating to what is going on

We take a moment to understand

There is a choice present in the perfection, always a choice

Every choice is freely presented as our opportunity

So this day we resolve towards the better choices

We ask for that attunement, that knowing, that it is the very best choice

Knowing it is choosing that is ongoing, a process that is ongoing

The Traveler assures us whatever choices are present we can handle

They come as a process that always works in what is needed

In our growing and our moving into a higher consciousness

So this day, we choose the higher consciousness

Asking for that attunement that is the highest good

That we can realize the highest good extends to all of the Creation

To all that is concerned

Which is a way of saying, “Is it our level of concern?”

So we ask for that attunement that is our level of concern this day

That we may see perfection

That we may witness that we are always within a consciousness that knows what is necessary

We find that comforting

We find that it is everlasting, always with us

This consciousness of the Beloved, Beloved of God

Which is absolute perfection

Is always with us

Baruch Bashan


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Thankyou so much John, your words are very timely and seem to be just what is needed for the world transition at this time. The blessing much appreciated this day and very uplifting for me. God Bless you now and always.