When You Are at Your Worst, Spirit Is at Its Best

By: John Morton, DSS

August 21st, 2020

When You Are at Your Worst, Spirit Is at Its Best

"Do you know that sense where there are two things on your shoulders going for your attention?  It’s as if one is the devil and one is the angel.  Does that represent something similar to what you are experiencing from time to time?"- John Morton

This article comes from a sharing that John Morton had in a Ministers & Initiates Question & Answer Seminar held in Buenos Aires, Argentina on November 11, 1995.

Do you know that sense where there are two things on your shoulders going for your attention?  It’s as if one is the devil and one is the angel.  Does that represent something similar to what you are experiencing from time to time?

The reality is that you are in the middle.  You are larger than whatever is pulling or pushing on you.  It doesn’t overwhelm you.  It can feel overwhelming, but it’s not big enough to get you.

People who fear the devil are fools.  People who fear God are even greater fools.  There really is nothing to fear.  We will endure and outlast whatever would come against us. The great consciousnesses have known this.  They have said, “Do whatever you want to my body.  You can’t get to me by getting my body.  Whatever you do to my body, I’m free.”  Some have said, “You are doing me a favor.  By taking my body, you send me to the Creator.  I’ve been waiting for the chance, so today you set me free.”

That is a great consciousness.  Those who know that are not foolish about the knowledge.  Suicide is not a way into Soul Transcendence. There is a great teaching that has been around for a long time.  No one knows the hour of his or her transition, other than God.  That is always in God’s hands and it’s one of the great mysteries to be revealed.

We can look at the portals.  That is actually something we practice in spiritual exercise, to go through the portals of transitioning from this world.  As you know this more consciously, the things of this world – even though they are interesting – have less interest in you.  However, as you raise your consciousness of Spirit, the negative power takes a greater interest in you.  The temptations and the intensity of the testing are greater.

Consider that as the intensity increases, so is the necessary strength and wisdom that you must draw from.  Adversity is ordinary on the way to God.  It’s as though it increases as you come closer.  The power of the negativity has access to you and increases because of your ability to handle it.

There’s a spiritual protection that is with every Soul.  We’re not given anything that we cannot handle.  Have you heard that teaching?  It’s not allowed.  The negative power is not allowed to give us greater negativity than we can handle.  But we, in our foolishness, are allowed to create great messes.

At some point we get sick and tired of making messes.  We change our ways, renouncing those things that no longer serve us.  We have nothing to do with them.  They are not our level of concern.  As we no longer resist and fight with what comes at us as a temptation or test, it loses its power over us.  We are the ones who energize the negativity.  That is how it comes at us, because we’ve created it.

In reality, the Soul is much like Adam and Eve.  The Soul comes into the world with great innocence.  But as we allow ourselves to be corrupted, we take on a darker material nature.  It’s like becoming ugly in relation to our Soul.  We become like a beast.  One of the terms that is often associated with the negative power is the “beast.”

Typically, the nature of the beast is ugly, big, powerful and wild.  It’s out of control.  If you find yourself with “big, ugly, wild, out of control,” those are signs that you are off your path.  You are doing things that are against your true nature.  What it’s really saying is, “Stop! Come back into yourself.”  In a sense, it is a time to stop the world.

That is one of the aspects of spiritual exercise.  It stops the world.  As you call in the Light, it places a protection so that Spirit will intercede on your behalf.  It will keep the “beasts” at bay.  Then you start getting to work your freedom, and it’s manageable.

Instead of having seven “beasts” all at once trouncing on you, you have one.  And maybe that one is muffled, because Spirit has grace.  You get to take on the “beasts” you’ve created for yourself and get free of them.

Let me describe what this might be like during spiritual exercises.  You call in the Light, chant your tone and all hell breaks loose.  Your mind is crazy.  Your body is fidgety.  It’s hard to stay put.  It takes all your will power to stay with it.  It is an understanding that you are doing something to clear yourself.  You’ve got to do your part.

You are a creator.  If you don’t do your part, then it doesn’t allow the Spirit to do its part.  That’s a great deal, like a bargain.  Your part is ten percent.  Spirit takes care of ninety percent.  It’s a great deal because, under grace, you can get free from most of what it is that binds you.

You are not dragged into God. You do it voluntarily.  As you look back you see, “I am the one who chose this.  I did it by the power within me.”

You will also have the opportunity to see all the assistance and support that was there for you all along the way.  When you get a glimpse of that, you usually have a great cry because you realize how much has been done for you.  When you were cursing God and cursing yourself, that was when the most was being done for you.

It’s like, “When I was at my worst, God was the most loving.”  It is one of the great paradoxes.  When you’re at your worst, Spirit is at its best.  What we are assigned to do in Soul Transcendence is to come into our lowest level, our worst level.  In a sense, this is it.

In your progression as a Soul, this world is now your lowest level.  You are finishing up the things that are keeping you down.  The more rapidly you complete things here, the more you are going to go into Spirit.  There is no limit.

Another paradox with God is It’s entirely present.  That means it’s already done.  We can realize it right now.  That’s where the enthusiasm comes in.  We take on as much as we can handle.

God bless you.

Baruch Bashan

The Blessing of Doing Good

Blessing This Day

May 11, 2020

Welcome this day

Welcome the Light and love that comes forth from our consciousness in Soul

The highest good and the highest God

We also bring forth in the consciousness of the Christ and with the Traveler working with us

Whatever is needed

We can celebrate

We can claim this fully in our heart, in our natural knowing

We take a moment to breathe that in and breathe that out, to call it in and call it out

And to be in the certainty of the Soul that knows all is good

Not one Soul will be lost

We can handle whatever it is because our first knowing is we can handle this

Even if we don’t understand and we don’t comprehend

Whatever would come forward as doubts and fears, any form of negativity

We can handle this, we can handle it with peace and joy

We can handle it with doing good and more good

These are the keys, and they are delivered fully and eternally

So we choose this day to be in the certainty of the Soul

The knowing that we can be ever greater in the goodness of who we are

We extend ourself through our consciousness, through our intention

To all Souls, all people, everything

It’s a good day, it’s a blessed day

Let’s go out and do some good.

Baruch Bashan


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