Choosing Back as a Light Ambassador

By: John Morton, DSS

September 4th, 2020

Choosing Back as a Light Ambassador

"As Light Ambassadors, you continue to bring the Light out into the world.  In the name, Light Ambassador, is an invitation and an opportunity.  Light is always present with us.  The opportunity is to be more conscious and aware with the Light."- John Morton

This article is taken from a zoom talk John had with MSIA Light Ambassadors on July 31, 2020.

As Light Ambassadors, you continue to bring the Light out into the world.  In the name, Light Ambassador, is an invitation and an opportunity.  Light is always present with us.  The opportunity is to be more conscious and aware with the Light.  That is an unlimited opportunity.  On the way to fulfilling that opportunity as an Ambassador of Light, we more and more become a consciousness of the Light.

As the Christ, we can say, “I am the Light.”  There is an opportunity for the ambassador to become the Christ.  That’s in our teachings in the Movement of Spiritual Inner Awareness.

Many are called and few are chosen as few choose back.  Let’s choose back.  That is what we do first inwardly.  When we do that, the world is going to test us.  More accurately, the negative power is going to test us.  We are built to pass the test.  We are not given anything we can’t handle.  We can stay the Christ.

There’s a wonderful seminar from John-Roger called “Initiation: Molding the Golden Chalice.”  It tells the story of an MSIA initiate but also tells the story of the Light Ambassador or a Christ Ambassador. It’s the light, the truth and the way.  Most importantly, it’s the loving.  If you are loving, then you are a Light Ambassador.  It’s that simple.

With MSIA, this is also the Traveler Consciousness.  This is a vehicle through which the Traveler Consciousness is working.  It’s working through your initiations into the sound current and through your choosing to become an ordained minister in MSIA.  This is going to help.

Each minister is called forward into the world.  The first ministry is always going to be involving the silence and the invisible.  Spirit is present in that and also present in loving, joy and peace.  These are all the way.

If you want, you can apply that in relation to MSIA, which as a business has the purpose and mission of making the teachings of the Traveler available to those who are looking for them.  It’s like leading people to a door, which they need to walk through in their own free volition.  All of us have done that.

There is more that we work with.  We find ways to meet and congregate in this purpose.  We can gather together in the consciousness of the Christ and the Traveler.  Then the Spirit is in our midst because this is, as the scripture says, “Doing it in my name.”  We are doing it in the name.

This transcends an organization.  But I don’t know a better organization than MSIA for the Traveler’s works in this world, because it leads directly to where the Traveler is doing its teaching.  People can hear it right from the mouth.  They can read it and study it.

We have Peace Theological Seminary for that purpose.  John-Roger also founded other organizations to make the teachings available.  Heartfelt Foundation, Insight Seminars, University of Santa Monica, The Institute for Individual and World Peace and The New Day Herald are other ways we make our teachings available.  There is a new program, “That Which Is”, or “Aquello Que Es” that is a library of many of the works of John-Roger and myself that can be accessed through the MSIA website at

Part of what I’m saying is just lead people to the source.  Then you have done your ambassadorship.  It’s like you are an escort.  Others are coming to a gathering and they don’t know where to go.  You attend to them so they find their way.

The intention is that they can do it on their own.  Even the Traveler needs to back off.  We don’t do Soul Transcendence by holding onto them and making them do it.  They must choose back.  We must let them have their own experiences.

The teachings are masterful.  Just getting into Discourse One could change their existence, not just their lifetime.  It’s very powerful.  The Spirit does the work.  We don’t do it.  Spirit will take care of it.  Saying, “I will make them see the truth,” is not our job.  We couldn’t do it if we tried unless we are doing it for the Spirit.  Spirit is working through us, but Spirit is doing the work.

That is important for ambassadors to keep in mind.  You can be a vehicle, an instrument. You can recite the prayer from Saint Francis to be an instrument of the divine.  You are the divine.

An ambassador is like a conveyor or conveyor belt. You bring something from here to there.  John-Roger referred to it as a transport mechanism.  He has also referred to the Traveler as a conductor saying, “Let’s see your ticket. Can we check? Okay, come on the train.”

Spirit does not inflict.  When people aren’t ready for the Movement of Spiritual Inner Awareness, or even if they just don’t want it, Spirit does not inflict.  Check to make sure as an Ambassador of MSIA that you are clear.  In our work we do lots and lots of clearing.  When we call ourselves forward in the light, that’s a clearing.  When we do a ministerial ordination, we request the clearing.

Sometimes what that involves is the need to clear the room where we meet.  If there is a group of you clearing the room with the Light, that is a first step.  Start with the Light and then check, “Is this clear to proceed?”  The more you get attuned to what that is, the higher you can function as an MSIA Ambassador.  You do this Light work according to the Light.

Notice it’s not called MSIA teacher, expert or an authority on MSIA and the Traveler.  I’d be very careful attempting to do something like that.  If you are Spirit led, okay.  I’ve been amazed and astonished at what Spirit would do through certain people and humbled by it.

I also understand that when Spirit chooses, it’s working through the will of God.  It doesn’t need someone’s permission.  It may need your invitation because that is what’s up.  It’s working at the level of co-creatorship.  It always has the power.

The more we are attuned to how the will of God is functioning, attuned to the highest good of all concerned, the more we become an Ambassador of the Light.  It’s powerful.  If God be for you, who can be against you?  Nothing.  It’s like Moses at the Red Sea with all the families and folks getting out of bondage.  The Red Sea is not going to stop him. Somehow there is an attunement.

Even if someone expresses that as some kind of natural occurrence, like that was because of an eclipse or a meteor or whatever, look at the perfect timing.  It showed up so Moses and his people could pass. The pharaoh and his people could not pass.  That qualifies as some kind of miracle.

I am not here to prove anything to you. I am here to welcome you as Ambassadors of Light and to make room for other Ambassadors of Light. The work is plentiful and designed to be shared.

That’s what Jesus did at the Last Supper.  It is an occasion where, “This too you shall do….” – now listen to the way of Spirit – “…. and even greater.”  You are going to take on even more than what I have taken on.  If you go, “Well, what you took on led to a crucifixion.  I don’t know if I want to take that on,” this is where it can take great courage and conviction.

I don’t know a greater conviction than to the Holy Spirit.  I experience it as the presence of, “God is here and in Its power.”   It has this hard to describe quality called the fear of God.  I translate that as it’s awesome and beyond what I can comprehend.  It can be experienced something like, “I’m dying in this moment.  It’s squeezing the life out of me.” But it doesn’t do that. It squeezes the nonsense we don’t need to hold onto out of us.

It is a conversion, and many have lived to testify to it.  They were struck by the Light.  Some say it was more like having their eggshell burst.  “One day I became enlightened.  I had a revelation, a conversion, an epiphany.”  It can do it in a flash.  Whoosh, like that!  It can be immediate or like a dawning of a new day, or of a new age.  What was a caterpillar is now a butterfly.

Maybe in some way you are more willing to be a Light Ambassador.  Let’s consider that the most important part for the Light Ambassador is the little things.  Do the work that is required.  Simply show up because there is an invitation for you to volunteer.

I also see something that is in the invitation.  Whoever is greatest among us step forward.  That would be the Spirit.  Whoever is carrying and expressing the Spirit in the way that is of greatest service, there it is.  It’s not necessarily according to what the world would think.  “It came into the world and the world knew it not.”  The world rejected the Light and the Light bearers.  Let’s call those the Ambassadors of Light.

Maybe it isn’t always going to be easy or comfortable.  People aren’t always going to agree with you or like you. You may say, “I think there are people who don’t agree with me and don’t like me being in MSIA.”  That sounds like the MSIA I know.  We are still personalities walking around with egos that want to have it this way or that way.  We’re working that stuff out.  John-Roger called it sandpapering, working through the rough spots, smoothing out the karma.

Let’s consider there is a blessing of all those who carry the Light of the Holy Spirit in the willingness to let go and let God.  There is willingness, in particular, to help somebody who is looking for these teachings.  There’s the work.  Help somebody find the teachings and offer the teachings to them.

I’m reminded of those that Jesus called forward to go out and do this work.  He said for them to go out and share it openly.  If they refuse or reject you, shake the dust off your sandals and move on.  We are in that way.  Sometimes we let people ask for it and then ask for it again.

There is a way of progression.  I’d say when people get onto the Discourses, that’s the way.  That is an essential way the teachings are made available in MSIA.  But it’s also in your way of being a Light Ambassador, that you express the Light, the truth and the way. You profess the loving that is God’s loving and you do it personally in the way you would do that.

This is a blessing.  God is blessing the way you are, who you are, as you are, calling you in the way of the light and love as a wayshower, as the anointed one.  The one who calls out, “Come follow me.”  Be ready to move. Be ready for the Traveler and the Traveler’s emissaries to invite you to take responsibility.

Call people to follow you in what you are preparing and organizing.  This work is blessed.  All you need in support is already prepared.  We are making it better and better.  We’d love to have your help.  The way is prepared.  The blessing is you are chosen.  And the blessing is in your choosing back to do this work.

God bless you all.

Baruch Bashan

Blessing of Heartfelt Service

Father Mother God, we give thanks that You are bringing us together

in Your work of service to all.  We go forward into the world, wherever You take us, in Your Light, love and joy.

You show us that there is an opportunity to uplift so that we may all know the greater fellowship of Spirit who is paradise in this world.

We ask for whatever direction You can give us today

so that each one of us who are gathered here

and all those involved on any level may know what we are to do.

We know where we are to go to serve the needs that You present to us.

And we give thanks for this blessing unto Spirit.

Baruch Bashan


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