How Can I Make My New Year’s Resolutions for the Highest Good?

By: John Morton, DSS

January 13th, 2021

How Can I Make My New Year’s Resolutions for the Highest Good?

“Consider that what we’re doing in making resolutions is discovering. So, I invite you to work very personally with yourself when considering your New Year’s resolutions. Perhaps you’re confirming your relationship to God as a partner, as a best friend.”
– John Morton

This article was previously published in the New Day Herald in January 2011 and seems as valuable today as it was then.  Following the article is a Blessing for the New Year that John gave on January 1, 2012 and a link to register and view a New Year’s Day Resolution Workshop John led on January 1, 2021 (tuition $10).

Question: How can I make my New Year’s resolutions for the highest good?

John Morton: Consider that what we’re doing in making resolutions is discovering. So, I invite you to work very personally with yourself when considering your New Year’s resolutions. Perhaps you’re confirming your relationship to God as a partner, as a best friend.

The ways of God are perfect. When we behold who and what God is, we have a deep, profound, glorious, magnificent experience of the perfection. And the perfection is one that is integrated so that there’s no exception. As John-Roger said and we teach in MSIA, “Out of God comes all things.” So whatever God is doing, it fits within a realm of perfection. That’s something really important to get a hold of as much as we can. There’s this beauty and grace that integrates with all of the Creation so that there’s never an exception. There’s no person, there’s no thing that is an exception to the perfection. To me, that’s resolute, which is a form in the word resolution.

If you look at the literalness of the word resolution, it’s re – solution. It means a resolve or being resolved. It means a determination. There’s also a part in the definition about a solution. We often need to be reminded of what is already solved and that we don’t need to solve it. So, when we have an approach like, “There’s a problem here and I need to resolve this,” in some way we’re off. We’re not seeing the truth. The truth is it’s already resolved. However, we have an essential part, an integral part, that is required of us personally in order for the perfection to play itself out. There’s a dimension I find in God that isn’t done yet. So, it’s in process. That’s the aliveness. It’s the dynamic. It’s the movement.

One way we find our resolution in the Movement of Spiritual Inner Awareness is in the consciousness of the Light. So, in our gatherings it’s kind of a resolution that we begin by joining and participating in an invocation and a prayer. We chant an ancient name of God, “Ani-Hu.” We vocalize if for ourselves, silently or aloud, as a calling of our consciousness to God.

In MSIA, we work with an intention and a commitment to God, to be conscious and aware with God, and to have God conscious and aware with us. I think we have a God that has this perfect design so if we need to come closer in order to hear God, it’s in our betterment to come closer. I think God gives us all kinds of reasons to come closer. That way, God can better get ahold of us.

One of the things I’ve heard John-Roger say is, “It’s our move.” So, if you have a sense that God is the one that needs to move, I suggest you check again. There’s no waiting in God’s movement. It’s here. It’s full. It’s present. Jesus explained, “When you see me, when you hear me, you’re hearing the Father speaking. That’s who has that authority.” There’s the anointing. There’s the resolution. What is of the highest good, the highest purpose, for this year and for the rest of your life? Get your bearings on that. What would serve you in your health, wealth and happiness? In your fulfillment? Have the resolution to go home to God now. Be direct and keep going. Be slow and be sure. Keep your eyes on the Lord.

What is of truth meant to be for you in your highest good is what we’re resolving to experience here. So be resolved to know God more fully than ever before. Enjoy discovering how your commitment, dedication, devotion, consecration, and celebration lead to an experience of God in your heart. Know yourself as a spiritual being and carry that knowing into the New Year.

I say “Happy Old Year and Happy New Year” as my way of regarding yet another passage in time. My heart and Light are with you as you move through this passage. Remember always, God knows the truth of you and loves you completely. This completely transcends what transpires and expresses in the world. The more you can find your peace, your strength, your trust in God, the more you can understand that this world is but a test which you are fully capable of passing. Your way of responding is important.

Keep your tone, as best you can, relaxed, clear, loving, bold in your truth, humble in your willingness to serve with compassion and forgiveness for others who attempt to rebuke you and take you down. Leave any retribution to the Lord to do as you take the higher road that expresses through peace toward all. There are many who have gone through testing from the world via the loyal forces of the opposition. This is an opportunity to respond from the Spirit indwelling with you as the Comforter. Know “this too shall pass” while you as your soul will triumph.

Be sure to take time, real time, to be in communion with the Lord. Bask in the Lord’s presence which is your protection and salvation.

Let’s ask for a blessing of being more conscious of God’s resolution in us — that it is solid, clear, and true. Even with us not consciously knowing, not consciously being clear, there’s value in the process.

There’s no struggle here. We let that go. We give that up in the Light. There’s no pressure. There’s no setup for disappointment or discouragement. There’s the trust in the perfection. And we trust that it is done. We give thanks.

Baruch Bashan

Blessing for the New Year

Dear Lord,

We give thanks for the opportunity to come before You

as those who fully embrace all that You are.

We know there is a beginning that is Your acceptance,

that You have issued Your creation in acceptance of all.

If You allow it, it is part of the perfection.

So, we have put aside our differences, whatever conflicts we have been holding.

We now ask that this resolution with Your blessing

deepen to the very core of our being, so that whatever is our choice,

we choose back freely, openly, and completely.

We choose to celebrate Your creation, to rejoice another day, another year before us.

We rejoice in this lifetime, that we do this for ourselves,

as is the responsibility to love and take care of ourself.

We also are resolved to do this for others, and, yea, for all of Your creation.

We stand before You in the spirit, radiating this love that You are.

This blessing goes to all of Your creation.

We are integrated with Your loving and the truth of Your loving,

that we proclaim clearly and fully, with all of our strength.

We do love You as has been the commandment that has come forward through the


We discover we have always been loved that we are never forsaken.

So, all judgment is dissolving from our eyes, from our inner holding.

The solution is what we are immersed in in this moment.

This peace is full. This love is full. This joy is full, this day.

We claim ourselves as those who go forward in Your love, in Your light, in


When we come upon ourselves, in any way forgetting

that we are divine and looking upon the distortion,

seeing in darkness and negativity,

we ask that You may have mercy on our souls as You always have.

We are awake in Your love,

full in our awareness and consciousness of Your love.

This is our truth that goes forth to all from us.

In our vision, we can behold a world of celebration.

We can let ourself see that we are children of God in Your kingdom,

rejoicing and knowing Your will is done always and forever more.

Baruch Bashan

To view the New Year’s Resolution workshop John led on January 1, 2020, CLICK HERE for the English and Spanish registration links where you may purchase a ticket ($10) and view the event.

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