Choosing the Soul’s Purpose

By: John Morton, DSS

February 26th, 2021

Choosing the Soul’s Purpose

“How do you love your Soul?  In the Movement of Spiritual Inner Awareness, this is our business.  When we talk about Soul Transcendence, it is to move so that we are in full contact and relationship with the Soul.  In that, get ready for great liberation and freedom!” – John Morton

This article is taken from a John Morton Soul Transcendence Seminar he gave on February 3, 2021.

How do you love your Soul?  In the Movement of Spiritual Inner Awareness, this is our business.  When we talk about Soul Transcendence, it is to move so that we are in full contact and relationship with the Soul.  In that, get ready for great liberation and freedom!  Freedom to choose your life however you choose it and taking responsibility for all the choices you make.  There is always something to gain through our learning and becoming more fully in harmony and attunement with who we are as a Soul.

Right in the midst of that is a great amount of ordinariness.  At times, that can seem strange in how we experience it.  There is even more ordinariness as we open spiritually.  In a sense, we become more human.  That can seem perhaps like, “Wouldn’t I learn how to transcend my humanness, so I don’t do stupid stuff like making a fool out of myself or running into things I don’t like or want?”

That can become disagreeable with a sense of confliction, consternation or upset.  It can become something that is difficult because of physical conditions, health, what happens to us and all the rest.  In the Soul’s purpose, there is something very important, and that is to handle all of it.  One of the great teachings in MSIA is that we are built to take it, spiritually.  I remember John-Roger’s mother teaching him, “Look, if you survive, you’ve handled it.”  So, if you’re still breathing, use it and work it.  There is an opportunity to benefit, regardless of what “it” is.

You can use everything for your upliftment and whatever is needed to gain greater experience to go into your mastership, while you are still in the human condition of your life.  Handle all of it.  If that seems overwhelming, like, “I don’t know how to handle this” or “I just want to give up, avoid or get revenge,” or something on that order, my message is to find something better to do.  Find something that is on the order of joyful and making your life better.  There is more fun and more peace.  There is more of what you want to experience and less of what you don’t want.

There is an asterisk here.  Be careful that what you “don’t want” isn’t avoiding what you need to experience, resisting what is next for you.  Check that out.  Take a look inside.  Take a moment to pause.  Perhaps you are doing that right now, reflecting on whatever is coming to you, coming to mind.  It can be whatever is in your life that is occurring to you in your level of concern.

I am sending the Light to all of you.  I can do that because the nature of the Light is that it can be sent to all creation.  There is this wonderful opportunity that we all have. We can use it to go to God.  Even if you say, “I don’t know what you are talking about when you say, ‘go to God’,” just have the intention of going to God.  Then, allow that opportunity as a “Co-creator God”.  Relate to yourself that way, that you can direct God’s power.  Consider the true powers of God.  The only powers of God are in love.  Loving is caring and all the things necessary to work it out.  Take that in.  Call upon your partner, God, your co-creator God, and then be available to do your part to help yourself and others.

We can solve this, whatever “this” is.  Consider that everything in your existence, not just this lifetime, amounts to a steppingstone.  From all that has happened to you, it has allowed you to step up and be able to enter into the creation that you’ve always intended.  Your life isn’t to remain in this world.  It is to go on to the world from which you come.

You can say, “From which I come? What does that mean? Come and go?” It’s something like that.  You are here, and the opportunity is to go into that consciousness while you are still in the world.  Then you would be able to know about your relationship to the divine or whatever you call it, perhaps heaven.  The name isn’t so important, but rather the awareness of another reality that’s full of divine nature.

You can realize that divine nature while you are in the world.  In this world there are lots of things that go against, are contradictory and in opposition to the divine.  Regardless, your divine nature remains intact.  It is waiting and holding, fully involved in your life in a way where it observes what you are doing until you are finished.  It is involved until you choose to become aligned once again, attuned to the divine nature.  This, too, is Soul Transcendence, to keep moving higher and higher into ever greater knowing and awareness of our divine nature, regardless of where we are in creation.

Baruch Bashan


Blessing for Presenting Ourself to the Lord

Lord God, here we are again, presenting ourselves such as we are.

We take a moment to pause, so You may stir what is unconscious in the way that is

of the truth, of our higher nature.

We ask that You simply point out to us anything that we could sacrifice.

If there is resistance from our perceptions, we ask that You assist in the way of

understanding so we may freely let go and trust that You are leading us constantly.

We come into a consciousness to be Your students, to learn from Your exampleship.

May we put aside whatever we have held as beliefs that are not true, that function

in illusion.

Bathe us.  Cleanse us. Let us freely give up any darkness, any attachment in

whatever does not serve.

For those of us who are exhausted, tired, frustrated, or in any way shut down,

we ask for Your strength and healing to continue with enthusiasm and joy.

You are the Lord that restores, redeems, and makes new again.

For some of us, You show that we must forgive.

We must release the judgments if we are to behold Your mercy and grace.

We can see those who are our friends, the ones we know who come from Spirit, are

gathering around us and holding light and love, sustaining until we do let go.

We understand that all of Your creation, whatever has gone before in our existence,

is converted into our friend in all these experiences.

Stand tall inside of us as our wisdom, our knowledge and our liberation.

You stand before us as the one we know as the Christ and the Traveler, and with all

those who share in that way.

Sweet surrender.

Baruch Bashan


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