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Fanny Chan receiving the Volunteer of the Year award at MSIA's Conference of Joy, Fun and Laughter, June 26, 2022

Being a Volunteer

We asked Fanny Chan, one of MSIA’s Volunteers of the Year 2022, about her service.  Here is her endearing sharing:

I am so grateful for the opportunity to serve our MSIA family. It’s important for me to understand how I can socialize with the community.

Volunteering has easy and not too easy jobs. Sometimes I feel busy and I may not know how much time I need for each volunteering job.

For myself, I don’t need to worry about it, just open my heart accepting God’s calling, and without time limits.

During weekdays, I help Betsy doing her laundry, and weekends I help to serve her meals (lunch and dinner). I appreciate being able to help.

Each month at the Global Minister Meeting I help to organize supplies for the meeting.  Anytime I go to Prana I feel I am going home. Yes Prana is my home.

I acknowledge myself for my willingness to participate more fully in the service consciousness of Spirit.

I give my thanks!!!

Love and Light for the highest good of all concerned to all,

Fanny Chan ?

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