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Living In Grace 2022: The Blessing of a Lifetime

How I experienced being back at the home of Living In Grace, our blessed Asilomar on California’s beautiful Monterey coast, was as a continual Blessing of a Lifetime!

For the first time since December 2019, we were blessed to gather in person for this, and what a gathering it was! The honor for me of being there was a continual blessing, which in fact continues in Spirit for all, I believe.

The training itself is a magnificent, Joy-Full, sacred way to release any concerns/tensions/judgements in a beautiful Spirit-led experience. The eternal Blessing of the presence of our Beloved Traveler John Morton and beautiful wife Leigh and all the joy she brings was and is amazing! The awesome opportunity to clear and lift higher and higher in each breath was and is an eternal promise fulfilled.

The historic location is second-to-none on the glorious Monterey peninsula, with glorious beach walks together included and time too for us individually to enjoy the great outdoors and fresh sea air, amazing natural beauty and rustic surroundings! Truly an awesome experience all round, supported by amazing nourishing food in joy-full surroundings, filled many awesome mealtime sharings with dear friends, old and new!

Thank HUUUU, beyond Thank You, to the beyond amazing Assisting Team and NOW Productions for such a truly awesome seamlessly-Blessed total experience of Loving Light! And firstly naturally, my great thanks All Ways goes to Beloveds John and Leigh for everything!

As all ways, when we gather together outwardly, online or inwardly, there is all ways the presence of Loving Light amplified, the ability to inwardly focus on peace within and to bless this beautiful planet in our breath and gratitude for All That Is plus all that’s to come! In Immense Joy, is my ongoing experience!!

And with around 100 folks gathered in person at our beautiful Asilomar, home of Living In Grace, I certainly continue to experience the palpable Immense Joy of Spirit’s Divine Presence, continually in the sweet Blessing of my divine heart and in the Divine Oneness of our shared spiritual heart. Truly, The Blessings Already Are and the Best Is Yet To Come and in fact is here! Joy To The World!! ETC…. Eternally Traveling Consciousness…

View the Photos by David Sand from Living In Grace at Asilomar, December 2022


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