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Rossi Kossacheva, MSIA Minister of the Year, 2024 at the Conference of Celebration

The Instrument of My Blessing

Editor’s Note:  Rossi Kossacheva was awarded Minister of the Year at MSIA’s Conference of Celebration 2024.  We asked her to share about her ministry so that our readers can learn more about who she is and her service.  Here is her sharing:

Thank you for the opportunity to reflect upon these 18 years of Ministerial Life. Hundreds of seminars, thousands of people who got in touch with J-Rs energy, hundreds of people who became team captains, Insight leaders and MSIA leaders.

I don’t know how this happened. It was never intended. I just did the first step. And the second. And the third. And the forth and so on….

After I got my Ministerial Blessing I was so much empowered, so much in the Light! People were coming to me asking: “Who are you? Why are you like this? What to do to have the same?”

18 years of service, 18 years of J-R’s work and the result is: Rain of Blessings, sometimes hail of Blessings, but at the end – countless Blessings in my Life.

I was thinking: “What makes me do so many years what I am doing?” And the key and the secret are: I am just an instrument. It is not me who is doing these things, I am just an instrument. If something good happens out of it – I didn’t do it, if something not so good happens – I didn’t do it. I am just an Instrument.

I am just the instrument.

Saying this, I want once again to thank all of you, for all you did without even knowing it, to support me and hold the Light for my Ministry.

And here is my Ministerial blessing:

Walk tall in this Ministry. For you bring forward wisdom. Wisdom from your heart. Wisdom from God. So as you open and attune inwardly, this wisdom will pour forth in abundance. Allow yourself to enjoy it. Allow the freedom of your Beingness to express. For the Light of God is free and easy.

There is strength in this Ministry. Allow that strength to walk with you in the silence, in your actions, in your words. For that strength will give others the strength as well.

With deep gratitude for this incredible opportunity to give, inspire, grow, learn, laugh, cry and to know you, my beloved Family!


2 thoughts on “The Instrument of My Blessing”

  1. Nathalie Franks

    I loved Rossi’s sharing when she received her volunteer award. it was profound. Thank you

    love and blessings

  2. Ilenya Marrin

    Thank you, Rossi, for your heartfelt sharing about being an instrument and taking each next step as it appears.
    God bless you and your beautiful ministry ongoing!

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