Exercising Our Choices in God’s Love

By: John Morton, DSS

October 24th, 2019

Exercising Our Choices in God’s Love


We are loved in the perfection of God’s love.  So exercise your choices, knowing it’s all presented to you to serve your highest good.   – John Morton

This article by John Morton was first published in the New Day Herald in July of 2014.

Our choices can be influenced into the negative in an attempt to be against ourselves.  But there’s a reality about this world that’s about praising God.  Glory be to God.  Even with every choice and all of our influence, we can’t take down God’s perfection. We can’t take down God’s truth.  That’s glorious!  We’re already saved. We’re already preserved.  All the things that we might worry about or be afraid of, we don’t have to worry about them. So what are choices about if there is always perfection regardless?

Practically, I see choices are about learning and growing in perfect timing and perfect ways.  It’s perfect that eventually, however long it takes including whatever past choices we have made, that we are going to become one with our perfect nature in God.

John-Roger shared, “Some decisions seem very hard to make because you don’t want to make the wrong one. That is a negative approach. All decisions involve making a series of choices to move events around you from point to point within time and space.  If you make a decision to go one way and it isn’t working, then you make another decision to move in another direction. Ultimately, there are no right or wrong decisions; to decide as such is short-range vision.”

Our choices are about our learning and growth and our moving into realizing our own perfection, our oneness with God, which would then be with all of God’s creation.  That means it would be knowing we are one with this person and that person.  So when you’re having difficulty with somebody, it’s just a slight adjustment in the moment. It’s realizing the oneness by your faith in God.

Realize that somewhere within your field of choice, you love each person and they love you. That’s the truth in God’s love.  God loves all of Its creation.  What’s also true about that is out of God came all things.  So in the loving of it all, there’s no exception. The creation also loves God.

Maybe we will tack that one up somewhere, like it’s time to tell God, “We, the creation, love you!” That’s where we stand. That’s where we live in spite of what we do at times that would seem like we don’t love. In truth, in our heart of hearts, we really do love God.

The beauty of that is that we are not what we do. You are not what you do. I am not what I do. And you’re not beholden to your past. You’re not living in your past. So let it go. Release it. It’s served its purpose. It’s over. If you just look at it, what we’re being challenged to do is to come into the present. And how would we do that?

We would be at peace with the past so we’re not hung up on anything that is in the “already been” category.  How would we check that we have let go of the past?  We check that by asking ourselves, “Do we accept it? Do we love it? Do we forgive it?” We also learn to forget the past so we can be fully present.  We still retain all the learnings that matter to the Soul.  Eventually, we understand that this world is not where we are from and that what takes place in the world stays in the world and is not everlasting.  What is everlasting is the love and truth of our divine nature.

We have this wonderful power called the negative that will test us.  It actually serves us as a magnificent friend, as an angel at the gate. The negative power says, “You claim that you’ve let go of the past, but let’s see if you do.”  The negative power has an amazing ability to test us by giving us new opportunities and asking, “What about this situation? What about this person?”

Your lesser self may want to dismiss it, excuse it, justify it, or explain it.  But it’s important to have an attitude toward negativity like, “You got me. I need to correct that.”  The negativity is teaching us about our love, acceptance, and trust in who we are with God.  So those are the moments where we have choice points.  Some choices can seem very inconvenient. It can be very humbling. It can seem like it’s a loss. Like if you admit or correct yourself, that your life is over. Your life is ruined, or it’s a disaster. You may think you’ll never love again.

What you’re really saying is there’s an adjustment needed so you’re moving into neutrality. You’re not neutral if you’re feeling charged in either direction, positive or negative. You can learn to shift from what is highly charged for you.

So here’s the test — if you get what you want, is that fine with you? If you don’t get what you want, is that fine too? If you respond, “Oh, no, that’s not okay,” then you’re not neutral. If you say, “I want this and I don’t want that, then you are set-up for upset or disturbance.   If you go into celebration and cheering and feel happy all over again if you do get what you want, that’s a place to watch out.  That becomes a set-up. You may start thinking you should always have it the way you want, which is about having control.

God is in Control, Thank God!

When I look at control, I understand God’s in control. I thank God. In my humble opinion, I don’t know enough to have control. My experience is I’m not functioning at the level of omniscience and omnipotence of God.  I think that to have control, I would need to be functioning at that level to be in control.

I want a God who knows it all and has all the power, the absolute power.  What I love about that is in God’s perfect loving, I know and experience the best. I have no argument at all. So I’m in complete agreement with God being in control.

When you’re feeling out of control, however you got there, you have the opportunity to trust God’s omnipotence and omniscience and loving of all. There’s the opportunity to move into the trust.  Often the reality practically is the need to have a moment to source within.  When I’m having a challenge, I often need a moment to tune within to my divine guidance.

You may ask, “Why would a Traveler have a challenge with any of this?” The Traveler’s not exempt, not in any level, and certainly not in this one. I am like you. I encounter the same conditions you do.

Often there’s a view, not just with the Traveler but with anyone who seems to be functioning in a powerful, magnificent, exonerated kind of way, that the person is special.  There may be the view that the person has abilities that you don’t have, abilities that makes them elite and elect. But that’s not correct.  Each of us is just exercising our choices.

Expanding Awareness of Divine Diversity

A great key in exercising our choices is awareness.  It can extend so that we can open up our self, past whatever factors we’re dealing in consciously. Our awareness can include factors that are emotional, mental, sensory, psychic, or unconscious.  We can have awareness of those levels and have it be so congruent that we too could say, “When you’ve seen me, you’ve seen the Father” [John 14:9].

You may wonder, “Who am I to claim such a thing?” Consider that we already accepted that out of God comes all things — including me and you.  So when I’ve seen you, I’ve seen the Father.

You are the Beloved even if at times people react to you differently.  Let us not have it that we have to be like each other where we have no other choices. Part of the blessing in the creation is in the diversity and the differences. We are loved in every iteration, in every issue.

How things come to manifest in the earth is influenced by conditions. There are distortions. There are limitations because the psychic material condition can distort.  It limits and it biases, and it takes us into a representation of the dark. It’s not really dark in the light, but in the conditions that we see or that we interpret, it can seem dark or negative. So the conditions are affecting us, and it often becomes, “How do I resolve this situation? How do I make my choices here?”

You’ll always be correct when you do the best you can to move your awareness into the loving — to be the loving. Ask yourself, “What is the loving choice?” Source the Beloved within yourself first so that it’s loving for yourself before it becomes the loving for everyone and everything else.

There’s a reason why there’s diversity in different levels of concern playing out so that we can stand aside and say, “I’m not part of that. I’ve been there, done that over and over. I could write the book about it. I don’t even want to look at it so I turn from it to where my calling takes me. I’m not about that any longer. And I’m not trying to stop that or influence that. It’s not my level of concern.”

That’s part of the amazing mystery tour of God. It has all of this diversity. So right here we have lots and lots of levels of concern. If we were to look at it from a higher view, if you really take it into the divineness of it all, it starts becoming singular.  There is not againstness in love and light. It just has a responsibility to live in what is the truth that you know that it’s all perfect in God’s love.

Do the best you can to bring your knowing forward so it’s of the highest God, the knowing of God that is influencing you. We’re all practicing.  We’re all seeking the truth.  We keep being influenced by conditions, and we need to reassert ourself in our focus and intention on the truth of God.

Every day we’re born again. There’s a new day in the temple, a new decision this day. Who do we serve? What do we serve?   In this house we service the love. In MSIA, we love here.  We adore our Lord God here.  This a place in which the Lord is welcome, which means we love one another regardless.

Jesus laid it out in very clear terms. He related that the greatest commandment is to first love the Lord, thy God. And then Jesus did something so amazingly ordinary and simple.  He said to love one another. Love your neighbor. Love the one you’re with. Love your enemy. That’s all. That’s it.

Knowing God’s Love

God is in all things. So there’s no place where we’re absolved of the responsibility to love it all. Then in a very practical way, love who is next to you. That’s where the tests come in, the measurement of how we are loving God.

God will bring the one who would test us. We can more or less be assured of that. If we need something in our learning and our growth, it will be brought to us. Then when it’s brought to us, if it’s not in a convenient time and to your liking, what’s your move going to be? Are you going to hold your trust and faith that somehow God is doing what needs to be done?

People often look at it like it must be a punishment from God, but God is not in the punishment business.  If God in some way is teaching you the law and how the law works, there’s a higher law called, “I love you.  Let me help you clean that up. Let me wash your feet.”

You may ask, “God would do that for me?”  Yes, God would do that for you because the one who’s the greatest amongst you is the greatest servant. And God invented that business. That’s God’s greatest business.

Do good unto others what was done unto you as good.  Be a lamp. Be a Light. Be a voice crying out in the wilderness for greater good.  Be one who serves. It’s like asking, “God, what do you want from me?” What would be of highest service? What would be the highest good? Lord, what do you want me to do?”  And if there’s no answer, realize there’s something that you may need to work out.

Ask yourself, “Do I love this day? Do I love what’s before me? Do I keep that countenance? Over and over, I’ve been humbled by the ordinariness.  So be smart in what you’re dealing in. It’s smart to take time to go and source your true self within. Even if nothing appears when you take the time, have that dedication, that devotion, that consecration, all the commitment necessary, to do it anyway, to choose the love.

Love people where you find them. Love them how you can love them. Often it is something where we find our own limitations. Where we are brought to the level of, “I don’t know where the love is for this person. I’ve run out of my love.”

Traveler’s Love – Always Available

Would you like some love that is available to you?  Love that comes from a level in you that’s been asleep? These things work in perfect ways, and sometimes in the way that we are able to see them is mysterious.

There is a quality of the Traveler that starts out mystical. It’s right there in the name: Mystical Traveler Consciousness.  The mystical lets us all know, including whoever is functioning as the Traveler, that it is mysterious. Those of you who are initiates, that’s your heritage. That’s your line. This is moving into the Traveler Consciousness.  The Mystical Traveler Consciousness is a level of being conscious of who and what God is and functioning in that way. It’s mystical because this level has a veil, a distortion, an illusion, and the Traveler is not exempt.

When you’re at your worst, look to the Traveler. When you’re not feeling right with the world, that’s a hint. Look for what is with you wherever you are in the world that’s always right and correct.  That’s the Traveler’s eternally loving consciousness.

The Traveler walks with you. There’s no problem because the Lord has already prepared a place for you, and this world can’t touch it. So anything that happens in the world is not really anything to be worried about or afraid of. When we truly understand that, then whatever it is that feels like a pressure or burden, a fright or a weight upon us, it can’t stay with us.

We are loved in the perfection of God’s love.  So exercise your choices, knowing it’s all presented to you to serve your highest good.  Remember, we are all in God’s loving protection always in all ways.

Baruch Bashan


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Leave a comment here…God is love and all knowing.everything is in the hands of God.

Recently, for some unknown reasons, I’ve been feeling out of control, for no valid reasons ( With Spouse, grandchildren) . LOVING EACH DAY messages give me ‘pause’ to reflect on. Now, I do have the opportunity to TRUST God’s OMINIPOTENCE and OMNISCIENCE and loving of all. There’s the opportunity to move into the Trust. This has been a moment for me to SOURCE the divine guidance within.