Light Tour — Mystical Traveler Movie Screening & Sabbath Dinner

By: Deborah Martinez

September 13th, 2014

We just happen to be in Israel at the time of the Nirvana Film Festival at the Cinematheque in Tel Aviv, a festival of spiritually-oriented films that is the perfect setting to show “Mystical Traveler: The Life and Times of Dr. John-Roger“. A big group of us take a bus from the hotel for the one-hour ride to Tel Aviv. There is a large number of Israelis who attend in addition to our group, probably one of the largest contingents of locals in any of the places that we’ve shown the movie. They seem to be very open and receptive, and many of them introduce themselves to Jsu after the film is over and request DVD’s of the film. Jsu does a short introduction and Q&A after the film is over.

I wanted to stay and see the movie but had to work on photos. I’ve seen it probably a half dozen times now and never seem to get tired of it. For me it’s a meditation, like sitting in SE’s for a few hours. It’s a constant source of wonder to me how when someone is really connected to the Spirit, just watching them do anything, or hearing about something they do, or experiencing the most ordinary reference to the most ordinary thing they’re involved in, conducts the spiritual energy. When you get exploded you get all over everything.

After we get back to the hotel we have a traditional Jewish Sabbath dinner, complete with blessing by our guide Benji and nice young Jewish girl, Heide Banks. We also have a special visit from the rabbi of the hotel who participates in the Sabbath blessing.


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I love all of these write ups, David.