For the International Month for Peace: A story of a summer experience at Windermere Ranch

By: MSIA Staff

September 24th, 2014

I wanted to know this place because we talk about it as an oasis of Peace when we do Peacemaker Meetings (PMM) in Caracas, Venezuela. There are challenging things happening around here in these times. Therefore, to have integrity, to “walk the talk” as they say in America, which is very important in my practical spirituality. I decided to go there to invite attendees to the Adopt-a-Horse program with a quality charged by J-R, from the experience of meeting the horses and get the feeling of the energy there. (John 20:29- Jesus said to him, “Have you believed because you have seen me? Blessed are those who have not seen and yet have believed.”).

Therefore, I went there with my sister Vania. Everything went according to God’s plan. First we encountered the guesthouse that has an amazing view, ventilation, smell, energy… and got all set for a great overnight, unfortunately I did not plan that. One interesting thing that happened while we drove to the guesthouse is that we had doubts if we were following the right path; we were driving so close to the cliff edge. That gave me the opportunity to reflect on how often the same thing can happen in life: that doubt gets in the way when we do not trust in the fact that a traveler, Christ, Holy Spirit, God is guiding us. Good learning and reminder.

We had a first encounter with Vallentino whose quality is “Vigiliance”, which I could say he is the living example of this quality when it comes to getting any gift that can be there for him, for example a treat. We heard that about him, that he would give back kisses for a treat. Sadly, we did not have any treats for him, well, maybe next time.

Then we encountered Lynn who lives there, and she was so loving and took us to visit the horses, driving what we would call a 4×4 golf car, it was so fun!.

There we met Prince, Future and Dawn. Prince and I got a connection as my family used to call me “prince” when I was a child, and royalty recognize each other, as we know the divine dignity of being present on this level. We are all divine. His quality is “Giving”, a great one I believe.

Then Future was also there but got more close to Vania. Future’s quality is “Assertiveness”. I think it is a good one for a human. When I went to share with Future she was somehow shy, but I petted her with loving and I could feel she was happy with my presence there.

Finally, we met Dawn whose quality is “Kindness”. She was away as we were having our experience with the other two horses; maybe she is also wise and knows to give space for people’s process as a loving action that can be called “Kindness”. Anyway, it was beautiful sharing with horses, as they are so noble.

Then Lynn took us closer to the Peace Pole. There we walked around, played, took more pictures, had more fun, and found a bench with a plate of John Morton’s 25tth anniversary celebration as the Traveler with a quote that I love: “Each moment that one individual chooses peace inside, the whole of humanity moves forward”.

To finish I could say that all the qualities that I can adopt in the program are within each one of us, as we are perfect as Souls, but their manifestation in the physical world depends on our choices moment-to-moment to make our way, guided by Spirit. Thanks J-R for charging them, and reminding us the greatest truths though your teachings.

Windermere is there for everybody who wishes to experience its blessings. Either by adopting a quality of peace or by visiting. Thanks.

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