Honoring The Beloved

By: John-Roger DSS

January 26th, 2015

JRBeloved500From a seminar on December 12, 1988 honoring John-Roger’s 25 years as the Traveler, at the Beverly Hilton Hotel, Los Angeles

Years ago, when Spirit honored me by saying, “You’re going to do this spiritual work,” I said, “No, I’m not.” Spirit said, “Yes, you are,” and I said, “No, I’m not,” and we went back and forth like that for a while. In 1957 and again in 1958, the spiritual forces tried to get me to do it, and I said no. Finally in 1963, they made me “an offer I couldn’t refuse.” They just said, “If you don’t do this work, you will die.” So I said, “Well, okay, I’ll do it.” Some part of me had an inkling about it. Did you ever get the idea that there’s something in store for you and it’s got to be more than what you’re doing, but you don’t really know what it is? I had that kind of inkling. And, looking back, sometimes I think that if I would have known what it was going to entail, I’d have died.

So I made a bargain with them. I said, ‘What is it you really want me to do?” And they said, “Well, you have to contract to take people into the Soul realm.” I said, “Fine,” and asked who they were. They said, ”Your mother and father.” And I said, ”That’ll be really difficult because they’ve never listened to me. Why don’t you give me something like a whole planet? That would be easy compared to this.” My folks—that was impossible.

I’ve talked about my folks over the years because they were first and foremost my really good friends—and they just now showed up here in Spirit.

Secondly, they were my parents, but I sometimes thought they weren’t very good parents. But my dad told me once, “You weren’t a very good son, either.” So I figured with what we all had to work with, we did pretty well.

My dad also said, “If you don’t accuse us of child abuse, we won’t accuse you of being a juvenile delinquent.” So I stopped complaining about them. Once when my dad and I were driving up really high in the mountains in a truck, I said to him, “Could I ask you a question?” And he said, “What?” I said, “I want to ask you about something you and Mother did to me a long time ago.” My dad hit the brakes on that truck, and it skidded to the side.

We were on a ridge 10,000 feet in the air, and the first drop-off would have been about 3,000 feet lower. When I looked out the window, I saw that my side was over space. I looked at him and he said, ”You got kind of close there, didn’t you?” I said, “Yeah.” Then my dad said something like this: “However your mother and I treated you, that’s what we did. And if you don’t like how we did it, you’re smart enough to change it inside of you.” I thought, “Darn! He’s right.” So I said, “Okay, Dad,” and I changed it.

It was an amazing thing. I forgave myself for them being my parents, and I forgave myself for being their son, and then we entered into friendship. From that time on, it was good times, bad times, in-between times, and we just were going to be friends.

I found it amazing that my folks honored me. And I found it equally amazing that I honored them. I don’t know if you people understand what it means when I say you honor something.

When you honor someone, it’s like this: somebody rings the doorbell, you open the door, and there stands the Beloved. You say, “Wow,” because you’re in awe of who is there. And that’s what I have for my parents.

Over the years I got a lot of mothers and fathers, and many are here tonight. They’ve been very prominent in my life, shaping me and teaching me cultural differences. When I took on this job, I knew about cows, horses, pigs, sheep, and dogs, but I didn’t know a lot about ethnic and cultural differences between people. So I would always bring someone forward to teach me. I would talk to them for long periods of time, asking about people and cultures. It was a crash course because I had a lot to learn.

I also had to travel to a lot of places to find out about different things. I knew that the information would be valuable later on, but I often didn’t know exactly how valuable until much later. I went through a lot of experiences, and I’d sometimes ask myself, “Why in the world did you have that experience? It’s of no value to you. You’re not going to do that again. You wouldn’t even do it in the first place, so why did you do it?” Then four, five, ten, fifteen years later, somebody would come to me with a problem, and I had already had the experience.

I knew that I had had it not for myself, but for that person. I found out I had many experiences for many people, and when the people showed up, I would be able to tell them about it.

One person set me very straight. He took one look at me and said, “Well, if you got where you got and you did that, then I can do it real easy.” And so I became humbled by the mere fact that I had to crawl a long way to stand up. But once I stood up, it was still very easy to fall down many times.

I thought that being the Traveler would be a sign of absolute perfection.

And it actually was, but the perfection isn’t here on this physical level; it’s on the spiritual levels. Then I started seeing this consciousness unfold in other people. When I’d talk to somebody, I’d see that consciousness come up inside them, and I’d say, “Wow.” Something would connect, and I started honoring that Spirit in people.

I started seeing other things appear in people—the Christ, the messianic energy. I saw the Holy Spirit; I saw God. I saw things that, if I told you, you’d probably say I was absolutely crazy. Well, all the teachings might have seemed “crazy” until they worked for you or you worked them.

Then you probably said, “That’s not crazy; that’s practical.” The levels you’re going to go into will sometimes seem crazy to you just because you are new at experiencing them. The levels you’re already on are very practical, and you’re teaching them to people who are coming up as your students. You have to be very, very “crazy” to see the face of God. It takes a lot of courage—physical, emotional, and mental courage.

I’ve traveled places where there were death threats: if I showed up, I’d be shot or bombed or whatever. We wore flak jackets under our suits once in New York City because of a death threat. They show up rather regularly around me. I haven’t shared that with many people because people get concerned that I’ll get hurt. I have the same concern, so don’t worry. I take care of myself, and I have others who also take care of me.

It can sometimes be very difficult to live around a person like me because I don’t know what I’m going to do next.

I gave seminars for years to hear what would be said. We put them out as audiotapes and, later, as videotapes.

There were also the discourses. People around the country were getting them, and they were writing back and saying, “Can you clarify this situation for me?” So I started writing answers to people. And it was amazing how they’d write back and say, “That was exactly what happened three or four days after I got your letter. Your answer told me exactly what would happen. How did you know?” I said, ”There’s a Spirit that connects us all, and it informs us all of what’s going on.” That Spirit is what I honor in people. I think we sometimes honor the wrong things. If we’re honoring my physical body here tonight, I’d say, “No, that’s wrong.” If we’re doing it for emotional or mental reasons, I’d say, “No, that’s wrong.” If we’re honoring the spirit of the occasion, then I’d say, “That’s okay, as long as that occasion takes in everybody in the room and on the street and in the hotel and all of Beverly Hills and Los Angeles—and then sweep it around the world.” At this time of year, I think it’s really important that we honor that which has honor inside all of us, and that’s the Christ. I think we should take to heart the real value of that. I’m not a person who gets hung up on a word, and so I’ve called it the breath of life, the Holy Spirit. We could also call it Maitreya, Buddha, Jesus. Whatever it is inside of you that rings with that same resonance, that is what I’m honoring.

That’s what I would like you to honor through me to everybody else.

Or leave me out, and just honor everybody else. To do that is to awaken that place inside of you that allows the Spirit of God to indwell and to show you the might and the power of love that is ours, that is us.

I’ve never wanted anybody to be like me or to do like me because when they made me, they broke the mold. And when they made you, they also broke the mold. And so the Movement of Spiritual Inner Awareness is each person being as they are and who they are.

And do you know, never in my wildest imagination did I think there would be a group of people. I thought there would be a lot of people in many groups, but not a group of people.

And I didn’t want a following. People would say, “Do this,” and I’d tell them, “No, I’m not a joiner, I’m not a follower, I’m not a leader. I’m just doing this work. I’m doing spiritual inner awareness, Soul transcendence. I can do it while I’m with you physically or not with you physically; all you have to do is ask.” All of us in here represent individual physical manifestations of the one Spirit that we’re to honor. That means there are people in here who have different skin colors, and we honor that because it’s a part of the Spirit. People speak different languages, and we honor that. There are differences in race, creed, color, situation, circumstance and environment—and we honor all of that.

Do you know what that means? No one can sit in judgment. If I judge any part of you, I have honored my judgment more than I have honored the Spirit inside of you. Do you understand that? That would be shutting off the Spirit to me, and I won’t do that to me. I don’t honor my emotions, my thinking, or my presentation, because I’m going to keep improving it all the time-sometimes at your expense and sometimes at my expense. It’s immaterial.

I would say this to you: do the same thing.

Over the years, sometimes you people would ask me questions about things having to do with the physical  level, and I’d say, “That’s your 10 percent level. You handle that. What you do in this situation is like deciding whether to wear red socks or white socks. You decide what you wear; you decide what you do. That’s yours.” And I take the same privilege to myself.

For my 10 percent level, I’ll decide the socks I’ll wear and the shoes, too. I’ll decide what I do. I’ll tell you if I feel like doing something, and I won’t if I don’ t. You have exactly the same privilege. The10 percent level is where we’re going to make so many mistakes while we grow and learn, and we’re usually so bound to the god of opinion that we’ll never be able to grow unless we can have space to do that physically.

And that’s why we have to have friends and associates who say, “I’ll take you as I find you.” You know, if God waited for all of us to get to a certain place before he said, “Okay, now you’re worthwhile,” there would be no need for Jesus Christ to have been born.

There’s a real significance in Jesus having been born in a manger amidst beasts; it’s not an accident. This was saying that no matter where you are and what the environment, start reaching toward God. Let that which is the Messiah awaken itself inside of you. The Bible says we have our coming and our going in God. That means we breathe God, we eat God. That means we’re growing into that. The Bible also says to let the mind that is in Christ Jesus be in you. That means you can do it. There are so many things in the Bible that are our promise.

I don’t make spiritual promises in the physical world because I can’t deliver them here. There’s a lord of this world that does not want spiritual promises brought in, and that lord has to be respected and honored. But when you ask for a spiritual promise in your Spirit, you receive it in the Spirit. Then you can manifest it anywhere you want to in your 10 percent level, where you make the choices and decisions about how you’ll create. It’s amazing when you really think about it.

We’re tested all the time by opposition to see if we’re strong enough for the next level of our awareness, which is going to need increasingly greater strength to maintain. Many of you people have gone through that, and you’re here as a testimony and a tribute to your ability to stand up inside yourself and honor your own spiritual truth and to love people regardless of the race, the creed, the color, the situation, the circumstance, or the environment. And I didn’t exclude myself from this.

I’ve picked up from the gutters people who were drunk. Someone might say, “I wouldn’t have even associated with them.” Why not? The next day they would probably be sober. The next day they may change.

Why not meet people where you find them and talk to them of the beauty inside of them? You see, this planet has talked to us of our evil; it’s talked to us of the badness. It’s talked to us of so many things that we may never have heard the voice of love speak to us.

Then, when someone speaks the voice of love, we may become extremely skeptical because this planet is a rip-off. And the Travelers “rip you off” while you sleep. They remove you from this level and take you to the place where you get the invisible teachings, which the negative power can’t corrupt. How many times have you heard me say I could sit up here and say “ham and eggs” all night and you would still get the necessary spiritual information? That information is not dependent on me and my mouth and my voice and my words or anything like that. It’s a transmission that goes on spiritually. And we’ve also found out that I don’t have to be there physically and it will still transmit. Do you know why? Because I’m not doing it. It’s being done through me—not because of me, but in spite of me.

When I came up here to do the seminar, I was quite sick. I told John Morton, “Stay close by. I’m not well.” Then the spiritual Light came over me, and, while I’ve been up here, I have been healed by the Spirit, and my illness is gone. Over the years I’ve probably had more illnesses than all of you in this room combined. And the Spirit keeps healing me. I also keep saying to myself, “Why are you so dumb that you have to be healed all the time?” I still don’t have an answer for that. It may very well be that that’s my transformation. Maybe my enlightenment to the physical level is to experience that and, in spite of it, go through it and keep doing what is there to be done. The part of me that’s a Traveler knows everything; when I get to that, I can know it. And this part down here can be pretty dumb.

I found out the most interesting thing about Spirit. It’s the law of faith. That energy of faith is more powerful than this glass that holds the water, and it’s also more transparent. It’s an energy that is so powerful that when you step up to it, it meets you and supplies you with what you have presented to it. I’m not talking about a thought or a hope: “I hope it’ll be there.” This is something different.

The teachings of this Movement of Spiritual Inner Awareness have not taught the concept of faith because we could prove and manifest things out of our own consciousness; we could check out and test them and see whether they are so or whether they’re not so. But there still comes a time in your existence when the levels you are on can’t be checked. At some point, you cannot have an experience to validate your spiritual life. It’ll be an existence but not an experience. Then you have to drop your truth of your experiences and go into the nothingness of the Spirit and know that that’s so. You do this on the energy of faith.

That faith is what brought us all here tonight. There probably wasn’t one of you who questioned whether I would be here. You just came here based upon this—from Nigeria, Australia, Europe, New Zealand, Canada, Mexico and South America, and from all parts of the United States.

You probably didn’t say, “I don’t know if I’m going to go. J-R won’t be there.” It was more like, “How do I get there?” You stepped out on faith, and you started asking how you could do it. You know, the Bible says that you receive not because you ask not. So start asking. Don’t be disappointed if you don’t get everything. But know that if you don’t get it, it’s both a lesson and a blessing. So we support each other, knowing that we’re supporting the great overall movement of all of us. And that’s a wonderful thing, too. We support by loving and forgiving.

Christ is in the forgiving business. We do something; it’s forgiven. And love is in the “for giving” business.

Love is to be given away. If you don’t give it away, you lose it. We have a song in the Movement that says, “Love is the strangest thing that I know. You keep it around by letting it go.” You give it away. You give it away like the sun shines on the wicked and the good. It’ll bum all of us equally; it’ll warm all of us equally. It’ll do all of it equally, and that’s how we must love. We shine the love on all-and then we decide who we participate with intimately. And remember that your selection is part of the 10-percent level.

People sometimes write to me and say, “What’s my karma with this person? We’re thinking of getting married.” And I write back, “Ten-percent level.” When they get that, they say, “Oh, that’s really smart. There’s no need to ask you.” That’s right; there’s no need to ask me. You just look at the person and ask them, “Do you love me? Do I love you? Are we going to do it? If we are, let’s do it.” But don’t rush. Check it out. Everything looks really good in the bloom of love. Then you may find out that it was just a bloom, without the loving that would sustain a lasting relationship.

Just about 95 percent of you in this room have got the loving radiating, and there’s another 5 percent who are still sitting there thinking, “Well, maybe, maybe, maybe, maybe, maybe, maybe.” But if you shut off your loving to me, you hurt yourself because you shut off that part of us that is one inside of you. You shut it off. Why be stupid to yourself? If you’re with somebody in here that you don’t love and you shut your love off to them, you hurt yourself, not the one you shut it off to. They may know that you’ve done that and figure, “Well, that’s part of how you do things,” and they’ve accepted it. But why not give yourself a break and open up the loving and give it? You don’t have to turn around and say, “I love you,” or anything else in particular. Your love will become evident because the Spirit inside of you starts to honor the Spirit in the other people. It starts to push energy out.

But I’ll tell you, when they do love you and they say, “I love you,” and it goes into you, you have more at that time than you had as a single individual—much more.

That’s why we say, “Let’s all bring our hearts together. Let’s all be the beloved. Let’s not have a lover and a loved one; let’s be the beloved, all one, all loving, all parts of all of us.” And when we see another person, we just know that that is also us there, and they have an individual right to express the karma of their existence. Not for good or bad, but to learn and grow.

And if there’s a judgment, let’s leave that to God. Down here, we can’t judge. We can only get upset, become disturbed, and complain—and then the person still goes ahead and does what we judge anyway. Judgments would work if people would stop doing what we judge them for doing. But then we’d all be the same “statue,” looking the same way, and we’d all be nothing.

I am so glad that, in this Movement of Spiritual Inner Awareness, we have such diverse personalities. In this room tonight we have people who still use LSD and still smoke marijuana. Some are even shooting or sniffing cocaine and using heroin. And so what? They need love, not condemnation. They need support, not belittlement. They need encouragement for their next step, not a stumbling-block put in their way. They need us to be there, because we need other people to be there for us. Not all day, not all night, maybe just for a second. And then we lift again and we’re giving out again.

You people are magnificent because you’ve entered into what I call the “squirrelly” part of life. You’re following a Traveler that is invisible and that’s teaching about things he won’t validate, that tells you to check it out and challenges you to do it. You do it and you grow. We’re all on this spaceship Earth, traveling through the unknown with somebody we don’t know, going to a place we have never been to, and we’re doing it lovingly.

I have beautiful friends, and I have people who, if I stumble and fall, stop my head from hitting the cement so I’m not too bloody and bruised. And that I thank you for. Because this particular job isn’t popular. I hear people say, “Oh, I’d like to be the Mystical Traveler.” And I look at them and say, “You’ll never get it because you want it.” .

With me, I think God said, “Let’s play a big joke on all the intellectuals on the planet. Let’s get a nerd. Let’s get one who is so full of faults and misunderstandings and uses such poor English grammar and has such a lousy presentation and all sorts of bad facial tics and mannerisms—and let’s use him and do it in spite of everything.” So he chose me. I didn’t feel honored by that; I thought that was a backhanded compliment: “Hey, you down there . You get to do it.” “Thanks. Why didn’t you choose somebody who would really do a great job so we could get more people?” The answer comes back, “Oh, don’t worry about it; they’re handled.” Right now, we’re just setting the stage for the new energy fields of the new dispensation that’s coming in. In another two and a half minutes, we’re going to have all the rest of the spiritual keys transferred to John Morton.

The reason I had to sit here so long is that it took that long for me to cooperate with what was going on and to let it come through, to let it take place.

On June 19, John got the keys and the staff of power; now he has to have the rod of power available to him. I held it from June up until tonight, and it’s now time for me to let go of that. I hold it spiritually; I hold it even while I’m alive physically. When I die, I hold it spiritually until a new Traveler shows up, and then he has to take it over and I get to “vacation.” But that’s actually a big lie. I never get to vacation. People say, “You’re going on vacation?” I say, “Yeah, we go on vacation, and we work harder than we do when I’m doing this.” When I do this, everybody goes, “Well, you’ve worked hard,” and they leave me alone. But if I’m on vacation, it’s more like, “He’s doing nothing; let’s call him up and talk to him.” A few years ago, we were in the South Pacific. I was with John—-the Mystical Traveler over there—and, at that time, I was boss. He’s boss now. So now there’s no need to dislike me because I’m the Traveler; you can dislike him if you need to. The Traveler Consciousness has gone across from me to him—very nice. And it’s 7:04 pm Pacific Standard Time.

But when we were in the South Pacific a few years ago, John wanted to go up this big rock, and I knew there was a gigantic devic form up there. He said, “I’m going to run up there,” and I said, “I wouldn’t if I were you.” “No,” he said, ”I’m going to run up there. I feel really attracted to it.” Again I said, “I wouldn’t if I were you.” John said, ”I’m going to go up there, and I’m going to climb to the top.” Finally I just said, “No, you’re not! Sorry about that, but you’re not going to go because you’ll die. You’re not going to go.” I said that because even back at that time, I knew he could take on the Traveler Consciousness, and I was protecting my interests. It was a very selfish point of view.

We’re going there again in retreat, and John will probably not even want to go up that rock, but now he can because the devic form is now under him because he’s the Traveler. On this trip, he’ll probably run into someone else who’s going to say they’re going to go up there, and he’ll say, “No, you’re not!” Except John could probably pick up that person and throw them down in the sand and say, “No, you’re not!” Can you see me trying to pick up John and throw him down in the sand? On that same trip, we were going to go from the island we were on to another island. We were ready to take off in a boat when John said, “I’m going to go back to the hotel and get the Frisbee.” I said, “I wouldn’t.” He went back anyway, and by the time he came down to the beach, the rest of us had already left in the boat. The other island was quite a ways out there, through a really big, deep channel. I looked back from the boat and saw him coming with the Frisbee, but we were already gone. For me, it was like, ”Tough luck, buddy,” because I had told him, “Don’t go,” and he went, so I thought, “Have your karma. It’s fine with me.” On the other island, we went snorkeling and windsurfing. When we were getting ready to go back to the first island, I sat in the boat facing the way we were going to go.

And, suddenly, out of the water came this behemoth with a Frisbee in one hand. He walked toward the boat, and I told him to get into it. He got in, and I was really so glad to see him. I said, “Did you swim all the way over here?” He said, “Yeah.” I said, “Damn it, you don’t do that in these waters, with all the sharks around.” He said, “I’m here.” I said, “All right, okay. Don’t do it again.” It really scared me. I know that when you’re on a spiritual path, all sorts of things work to knock you off it—all sorts of things. (Your best friends can be the sharks, but they’re not your best friends; they just said they were.) While we went back to the first island on the boat, I asked John, “What’d you do on the way out here?” He said, “Oh, sang a lot, chanted a lot.” I said, “Did you carry the Frisbee in your hand all the time?” He said, “No, sometimes I put it in my mouth.” And I was sitting there thinking, “God, I love you, man. You did that, you just did that.” He said, “You weren’t going to leave me behind.” I said, “I got that real clear.” So from then on, if he was late I told the others, “Hold the boat,” because I knew he’d start swimming, and I’d be thinking, “Where are the sharks? Where’s the sting ray? He’s going to get it. I won’t be able to get off the planet right away.” I think John has noticed that he has never been left since. That was an agreement I made to myself, not to him, because I don’t make promises to anybody else.

It was really, in a sense, looking at his birth inside of me and seeing the Christ manifest in him and seeing it manifest in others. I saw many people about whom I thought, “This person could be the next Traveler. Oh, boy. It’s all set up. I’m ready to go. I just give it to you, and I go.” And you know why I thought that? Because when I got the Traveler Consciousness, I didn’t know anything, so I figured anybody else could do it without knowing anything, also. But I’ve given them a lot of teachings. And John could have a real cushy life. All he’s got to do is just keep reproducing the information I put out for twenty-five years, and he’s got another fifteen years just to oversee that, even if he didn’t do anything else.

We come to this time of year, when it’s time for new birth—and John has that. And it’s really important to know that he must increase, and I have to decrease in order for that to take place.

You know, John is my friend. And I really would love for you to love him as much as I do. And in the ways that you have supported me, I would love for you to do that for John. When the Spirit chooses somebody, regardless of what it looks like physically, that person is honored. And when the Traveler Consciousness is placed with somebody and activates theirs and then gives them the keys, we have to look at him as being the elder brother who has the keys for all of us, and we make sure that he keeps them right. And when he’s ready to see that they go on, he won’t make the final decision; he’ll just acknowledge that the decision has been made, the same way that I did. But I imagine that if he takes the wear and tear that I did, it won’t be too many years until he’s going to say, “Let’s get somebody else.” Because John likes to play and I like to play.

And it’s really nice to play with your friends. You know, this world is a game. It’s a beautiful game if you see it from the beauty inside of you. And it’s a garbage pail if you look at it from any other level. I look out here tonight, and I see smiling faces.

I see friends shaking hands and saying, “How do you do?” But they’re really saying, “I love you.” So we can really hear “I love you” in everything they say, and we can honor that—not because of what was said, but we honor ourselves so we don’t listen to things that are not honorable, and we direct ourselves into the spiritual life of love and joy and happiness.

The Traveler’s message is loving, caring, and sharing; health, wealth, and happiness; prosperity, abundance, and riches. Anyone or all nine or a combination thereof. If you’ve already got one of them, go for another. Make yourself available to yourself. Your ego will be hurt, it’ll get vindictive, it’ll be corrupted, it’ll decay. So what? It’s going to go with your body.

You know, there was an interesting statement in one of Shakespeare’s plays. Mark Antony said it when they were burying Julius Caesar. It was to the effect that the good dies with us, and the bad stays behind. For those who didn’t get it, he was saying that your karma is left behind you, and you get to come back and finish it. The good goes with you when you die. When you leave this plane of existence, all the good that you have mustered and gained goes with you, and the negativity is returned to the nothingness. Don’t have any karma on what you do because then you have to go back with it.

We’re all responsible for our creations-me as much as anyone else. But my responsibility for it lies in the Spirit realm. When I go up, I’ll just pull it all with me. When you go up, I hope you pull yours with you, too. If not, from the Spirit world you can reach down and pull it up. Isn’t that nice to know? So when you get the Soul level initiation, all hell sometimes breaks loose. You may say, “I don’t want to be a Soul initiate. It’s terrible.” Do you know why? Because now you get to come down in the lower levels and pull everything up out of the physical, the astral, the causal, the mental, and the etheric and dissolve it all in pure Spirit. And that’s why it breaks loose around you. You should say, ”Thank God that one’s being done. No more.” That’s sweet; that’s terrific. And when you come to the time and place in your existence when that takes place with you, you’ll probably remember that I told you this. If we said, “Merry Christmas and a happy new you,” I think you’d understand what I’m talking about.

We have a saying—Baruch Bashan—which means the blessings already are. There’s another one—Baruch Hashem—which means the Lord is there. The Lord is in the blessings that already are.

Find the Lord. Call him Jesus, call him the Messiah, call him Buddha, call him Maitreya, call him Mac or Sam—it’s all right. As long as you know who you’re calling, that one shows up. Have an intimate relationship with the Lord so it infuses your being. And let that relationship go to everyone. I really urge you just to love people where you find them. They have the wherewithal to pick themselves up and move to wonderful levels of experience, wonderful levels of ability. It would be wonderful that you know them.

I won’t have a chance to go around and hug each one of you and tell you that I love you, but I hope you would accept it this way and know that it is the same as if I could do that with you. Spiritually, I do. When we meet in those other levels of consciousness, it’s really remarkable how much fun we have. We go in the heavenly realms and the mystery schools, and they have to “call us to order” because we’re having such a good time. I think some of the mystery school keepers are going to be glad when I go because then you may get disciplined by somebody who will teach you the solemnity of traditional spiritual church-ness. And I sit back in the comer and crack jokes. I don’t do it disrespectfully; I do it because I can get away with it. But if you can’t, don’t do it because they can kick you out of the school.

Actually they don’t really kick you out. I’ve heard a lot of people say, “I got kicked out of such-and-such mystery school.” You walked out; they didn’t kick you out. But it’s true that they test you to see if you want to go on. I don’t do that. Your karma will do that. And you’ve set it up perfectly for you to have all your buttons pushed by all sorts of things to see what you have overcome in this world.

Jesus said, “I have overcome the world.” What a statement! And all the karma’s gone for all of us. I took him at his word and dissolved mine. He said it; I believe it; it’s done. And it’s amazing what that does for you. You have to be careful you don’t go out there and just inadvertently mash into people, knowing you can get away with it. You actually walk the real fine line of obedience and honoring the Spirit of God in you and other people. Do that as a birth for you now and a rebirth every morning. And keep rebirthing yourself every second of the day.

Then if something comes along that you don’t honor, don’t let it in. Honor yourself, honor your loving. You’ll find out that we have really been great friends.

Baruch Bashan


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No “ham and eggs” here. Every word ringing like a gospel. I had no money at the time and I somehow found my way to this 25 Years as the Traveler event. My first of many trips to CA to be with the one known as John-Roger. What a giant! I trulyhave been really great friends with you all these years.