MSIA’s Easter Sunday at the Beach: Another Glorious Morning

By: Deborah Martinez

April 14th, 2015

It never fails. Year after year, the Easter Seminar at Santa Monica Beach is consistently one of the sweetest annual events hosted by the Movement of Spiritual Inner Awareness.

Perhaps that is due to the simple joys of being at the beach: feeling the soft, powdery sand between our toes…lifting our faces up to the radiant sun…hearing the sharp calls of gulls swooping overhead…while all along, the deep blue Pacific Ocean waves continue their ancient rhythmic march onto the shoreline.

Or maybe it’s because this is a rare opportunity for our spiritual family to be together in both sacredness and playfulness, young and old alike. After the program, the children are usually excited to collect as many treasures as they can during the Egg Hunt on the sand, directed by the Easter Bunny himself. A few families usually gather for a pickup football or soccer game, while most people just enjoy catching up with their friends. (And a brave few get out into the water to surf or swim!)

The special nature of this day might also have something to do with the inclusiveness of welcoming all who choose to partake of the blessings that are available—such as the beautiful music, fresh flowers, delicious food and warm fellowship. Anyone who wishes, even if they are just passing by on the boardwalk or are hungry for a meal, is always invited to join us.

But most of all, it is the presence of our beloved Traveler who brings the precious presence of the Christ forward on this most holy of days.

This year, Easter Sunday on April 5 was no exception.

The morning began with a chill but soon warmed up with periodic illumination by the sun. Our ever-uplifting host Rev. Nick Segal called us forward into the Light, introduced the talented Matt Van Fossan, who recited a lovely original poem, and then invited John Morton up to speak.

Continuing a theme of the weekend, John asked us each to consider what our lives might be like without MSIA—a thought that no one particularly liked. He spoke of the blessings that we all have in our lives through participating in this Movement: the consciousness of the Beloved and the Christ; knowing that the Divine walks with us every step and in every breath, bringing complete peace, understanding and love.

John encouraged us to experience the Presence in the silence and to claim that everything we need is taken care of by the Father/Mother/God. We can all choose to live from the heart, radiate loving, express forgiveness and be a Light Bearer in the world through our caring consciousness. From beginning to end, the energy and essence of John-Roger was very present in our hearts and souls.

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As he wrapped up, the Easter Bunny appeared and led everyone present in a rousing round of Handel’s Hallelujah Chorus before collecting all the kids for fun, games and the egg hunt. Nick then acknowledged NOW Productions for their excellent (as always) sound setup, Urth Caffe, which provided the bountiful brunch, and all of the amazing volunteers who supported this event.

The program concluded with a magnificent drum-and-vocal trio—Clara Jaramillo Jansky, Jason Paul Jansky and LeeAnna Sharp—performing an invigorating Spanish Hallelujah song that got people up and dancing. Do you think it is a coincidence that John requested a rain dance for drought-stricken southern California, and a storm hit just two days later?

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