Integrity Day Tour 9/24/ Screening Mystical Traveler Film and 9/26 John-Roger Marathon John-Roger turns 81 — Happy Birthday J-R!

By: Zoe Golightly

October 7th, 2015

Integrity Day Tour 9/24/ Screening Mystical Traveler Film and 9/26 John-Roger Marathon John-Roger turns 81 — Happy Birthday J-R!

Thank you to all that gave Nicole and I support to travel to Israel to celebrate J-R’s 81st Birthday. It’s coming to one year since his passing into Spirit and I must say it’s been strange. Returning to Israel I knew I must not try to repeat what I have done there with J-R but rather try new things and go to different places to share J-R’s teachings. Last year was spectacular as J-R was there alive with 141 Participants. The three day fundraiser with John Morton, Michael Hayes, myself and Paul Kaye. It was so special and an unforgettable basking in the Love and light of John-Roger.

My attachment to J-R’s physical body is immense. I can not just forget and move on. I noticed Nicole and I were looking for J-R in everyone and everything ala the force. The Jewish and Muslim holidays, Yom Kippur, Sukkot and Eid al-Adha Festival surround us in our actives and finally surrendered and found such love that was shared to families and friends. The air was contagious with honoring God and self it was perfect for us as we were Honoring our Beloved John-Roger.

This trip was the first of many where I’m not thinking of getting back to J-R to see how he’s doing. It’s like J-R is with me allowing me to enjoy fully and not worry about getting back to the hotel to care for him. It’s a habit hard to let down. I felt him young inside and showing me where to go. If I tried to recapture him in those old places he would not be there. Maybe it’s the same with the Christ. “Here and Now.” He’s in the here and now, I give that title credit to Ram Das as I stole it lovingly from him. I kept hearing “Here and Now” be here.

It was graceful when we arrived and for the most part it was smooth. Everything came true for us. My dream and intention was to screen Mystical Traveler film, (all 3 1/2 Hours) on J-R’s 81st birthday on 9/24 and that same night we celebrated J-R, overlooking the Old City on the roof top of Notre Dame Hotel. We Skyped with John Morton in France and the Energy was awesome, the vortex, the meridian lines it felt like we were transported to J-R universes.

On 9/26 we would hold 9 hours of Non-Stop John-Roger seminars at Zahava’s Yoga studio Called “Spirit of Tabor.” Benji, Gilad Benji’s son and Mia Gilad’s girlfriend all helped to set the stage for this great event honoring him. Many people came to the Mystical Traveler Screening, about 60 new folks, and 10 folks to the J-R Marathon. We headed to the First Century Synagogue in Magdala. I encourage folks to google it. This Synagogue indicates that Jesus and Mary Magdalene might have prayed or taught there. Much thanks to the Donors, John Morton and The Prez. Love and Light to all for your support and love to myself and Nicole.

In the name of John-Roger,
Jsu (The Kings hand)

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Thank you n Jsu and Nicole for these photos. I got it!!!! I wanted to share that on that day Spanish people from 40 locations around the world joined Online from Prana, to do se’s and share what we had learned from J-R – or one of those unique moments each one had with him. Then we listened to J-R’s Christ Meditation. It was a very special moment and now watching these photos I am living it again. Thank. you.