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The Five Characteristics of the Spiritual Warrior


This article is based on the book Spiritual Warrior: The Art of Spiritual Living by John-Roger, DSS.

Incorporating these five characteristics into everything you do can bring you closer to your inner Spirit each day:

1. The Spiritual Warrior accepts all things – This means no judgment and no resistance.  (No one ever said that these practices were easy!)

2. The Spiritual Warrior cooperates with all things – You know you are not in control, but it looks as if you are.

3. The Spiritual Warrior understands all – This doesn’t mean you can explain everything that is going on within you; you just have to awaken to your experience of it. Then understanding appears.

4. The Spiritual Warrior has enthusiasm for all things – When you open to the Spirit, Its energy pours through you, and you regain the wonder and awe of life.

5. The Spiritual Warrior has empathy for all – Others are going through the same trials as you, so there is no need to feel superior or inferior.

As long as we are hampered by our old mindsets, even formulating our highest intention will be a daunting task.

Take this example. If we want to make more money, but believe that the kind of work we do can only pay what we are currently making, we have already made it impossible to achieve our goal.

We need constantly to shake up the old and make room for the new. More importantly, we need to practice being in Spirit, being in alignment with our spiritual intention, so that it becomes our habitual state.

This book (Spiritual Warrior) will not waste your time by attempting to change your behavior or rid you of your negative patterns. Such attempts are invariably futile. You won’t find any easy way to lose weight, quit smoking, or make a million dollars in these pages.

However, change will take place naturally as you adopt the simple principles and tools offered here. Ultimately, we are going to upgrade our addictions—our habits, the things that trap us—to God.

So what we want now is to orient our addictive patterns toward God, so that we keep moving toward our intention.

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