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Cooperating With What Is

This article by John-Roger was first published in the Rod & Staff, 1988. One of the greatest keys that anyone could give you to create your own happiness and well-being would be the key of unconditional cooperation. That means cooperating with everything that’s going on.  If people express themselves in an illiterate way that you don’t appreciate, keep in mind that they’re not better or worse than you just because they don’t talk the way you do.  And if others use very flowery language and are well-educated and cultured, that doesn’t mean they are better or worse than you either.  Acceptance, then, is a big part of cooperation – accepting people for who they are and seeing past the expression of the moment into the message they deliver from their hearts.

People usually don’t like to admit they’re not cooperating.  I’m sure you might say, “I’m cooperating.  I mean, I get up every morning and go to work.  I’m there on time.  I leave on time.  I keep my mouth shut and stay out of trouble.  I’m cooperating.”  That may be minimum cooperation, and that may get minimum results.  But what about the better, greater things you’d like to create in your life?  What about the more creative job, more money, and greater happiness?  How are you blocking the cooperation with your world that would bring those greater things to you?

Attitude is one key.  When you are in a state of cooperation, your attitude is one of joy, enthusiasm, and abundance.  When you’re asked to do something, you let the one who asks know that your cooperation extends far beyond what you were asked to do.  You do it more fully and more completely than they had even thought to suggest.  You may find that when you are really in a state of cooperation, you not only do what is asked but you see beyond that to the next project and start preparing for that immediately.  Your focus is beyond yourself and your immediate job.  You are exercising your creativity and manifesting your joy.  It’s a joyful attitude.

In a cooperative attitude, you don’t look at a new assignment as, “Oh, darn, I just finished one thing, and they’re going to load me up with something else.”  Rather, your attitude is, “What can I do to assist you?  Maybe I can think of a way that will assist you even more than you considered.”  You know, you’re going to be a day older whether you do anything or not.  And if you choose to do something, you can do it either smiling or cursing.  But you’ll be a whole lot happier if you’re smiling; I can almost guarantee that!  If someone is really in a state of cooperation, you can ask him to close a door to keep a room warm, and he will run around and close all the doors, turn up the heat, check the windows, and do whatever he can to make sure that you are comfortable.  That may be cooperation in an exaggerated way, but it is the willingness to go the extra mile that creates an attitude of cooperation.

When you’re living outside cooperation, life can get rather miserable.  You may spend a lot of time just sitting around in a state of restlessness, worry, or anxiety.  The doctors call it ulcers or heartburn.  It could also be called heartache, despair, agony, and loneliness.  You block the flow of energy that is present to be used in action, in DOING.  When you block the action, when you don’t cooperate with what needs to be done, the energy turns inward and becomes negative, and you can move into “down” feelings.  Sometimes you may curse and blame God for your trouble.  God probably didn’t have anything to do with it.  You do that to yourself.  And you can get out of depression by DOING, by moving into the positive flow of action, by cooperating with what is present in your life.

People sometimes feel that life is unfair, and they don’t deserve the things that happen to them.  But it’s just not so.  When you cry out, “Why me, Lord?” the reply might very well be, “Because you promoted it, it’s coming to you.   And I love you so much that I’ll allow you to experience and learn from your own creation.”  You always get the things you have worked to create, and that applies equally to things positive and negative.  You get the return in proportion to the effort that you put forth – physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.

We are creators, and we are very adept at it.  So when something happens in your life that you either like or dislike, take a look at what you did to bring it to yourself.

There are a few quick ways to know when you’re not in a state of cooperation.  One is the attitude of, “I’m right!”  This attitude creates separation because it places a judgment on someone or something else.  Another key to knowing you’re not cooperating is the attitude of, “You’re wrong!”  As soon as you hear yourself say that, get somebody to kick you real hard where it hurts to wake you up and get you to look at your attitude.  Another way to know you’re not cooperating is when you hear yourself say, “Yes, but….”  The way to cooperate with people who are expressing these negative attitudes is to let them win, to let them have their way.  It’s easy.  When they’ve won, you can continue in your own positive direction without becoming involved in their point of view at all.

We’re moving into the new age, the golden age, an age where the awareness of Spirit is more present that ever before.  People are learning and growing at a tremendous rate.  You’ll be faced continually with opportunities for cooperation.  You may be aware of and be able to move into some of them, and you may miss others.  But later, if your energy drops out from under you and you start to feel the “down” feelings, you may realize you missed a chance for self-cooperation.  Use those times to teach yourself.  Look back at those situations and evaluate where you moved out of cooperation and into the personal point of view of, “I’m right.”  Then look for the next opportunity to cooperate and to practice the positive attitude.

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