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Heartfelt / HeartReach Luncheon at the Conference of Health, Wealth and Happiness

The Heartfelt Foundation
The Heartfelt Foundation

The annual Heartfelt / HeartReach luncheon at MSIA‘s Conference of Health, Wealth and Happiness took place on Thursday afternoon July 1st. We were squeezed in between the Reps meeting in the morning and the PTS Graduation in the afternoon, but we made the most of our time.

Stewarded by Patti Rayner, the Heartfelt Foundation has grown and expanded to offer more loving service in the world and more of the same within our own church. While Heartfelt is the organization that serves our brothers and sisters out in the world, HeartReach is MSIA’s outreach ministry to our own spiritual family.

The focus of this year’s luncheon was on the important services offered by HeartReach to our family in times of need. As Patti explained, the original program offered temporary support to individuals in times of personal crisis. David Donner administers this program through our dedicated Guardian Angels and Ministering Angels.

Elder Reach, administered by John Lee and Linda St. John, is our outreach to the elders (and in many cases the founders) of our church to keep them engaged and included in their MSIA family.

HeartReach also offers a program of Prayer Communion to support ministers in giving and receiving this valuable tool of spiritual healing. Barbara Hill is our administrator in growing this program in Los Angeles and around the country.

At this year’s luncheon, Patti focused on the newest service we offer — Circle of Light. This is a new program of sitting quietly with our loved ones at the time of transition into Spirit. The idea is to be physically present and holding the Light while the Soul makes its final departure into Spirit. She talked about how this process works and how we train ministers to participate in it. Alexandra Roberts is our Circle of Light administrator.
Just as important to the program is the detective work of finding community resources to assist the individual in crisis. For that we are blessed with the loving service of Annette St. John who is expert in finding and taping into appropriate community support services.

When Patti completed her remarks about Circle of Light, John Morton expanded on what she said by explaining the importance of what it means spiritually to support the individual in their final process. We are blessed in the knowledge of the Traveler’s support in the work of service that Heartfelt and HeartReach are doing.

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