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Loving Who We Are: Representatives Meeting at Conference 2010

John Morton at the Representatives Meeting 2010
John Morton at the Representatives Meeting 2010

On a beautiful sunny morning, representatives from all of the organizations founded by John-Roger met together to love ourselves just the way we are. We listened to inspiring John-Roger excerpts, we took in the many blessings of John Morton’s sharing, we reflected, and we shared our loving with each other. In our oneness in service, we received of the divine love from the One who answers our prayers and guides our loving service to the Traveler.

The lovely Martha Boston, long-time Insight facilitator, welcomed all of us and began our meeting by calling in the Light. She then shared a moving excerpt from John-Roger that helped us remember that in our heart of hearts we all are friends. Martha then invited Paul Kaye, President of MSIA, to share with us about his recent visits to our MSIA family throughout Europe, including Stockholm, Paris, Madrid and Moscow.

Paul reminded us that Discourses are currently translated in several languages, including Spanish, Portuguese, and French. At this time, over ten years of Discourses have been translated in Russian, and the remaining two years are in process along with several books by John-Roger. Translation to more languages are being explored to help make the Discourses available to all regardless.

While in Europe, Paul provided staff services in Moscow, including 28 initiations and 10 ministerial ordinations. Some folks traveled more than two days by train in order to meet with Paul to receive their initiations! Paul shared with us about an informal gathering of the MSIA community in Spain that turned out to be a deeply moving, enlightening time for everyone. Paul’s sharing was a gentle yet powerful reminder that making the Teachings available can be simple, easy and nearly effortless because tuning “in” is what Soul Awareness is all about. As Representatives, often all we need to do is help create the space, show up, share our loving, and then let go and let God.

Martha rejoined us and reminded us of John-Roger’s message that health is loving who you are. Martha encouraged us to look at our service as Representatives as being about loving and about our devotion to loving. We then did a sweet “mingle” where we met up informally with each other and shared how we can be more loving and accepting of ourselves in our service. Martha encouraged us to allow our hearts to guide us more deeply into loving ourselves through any blocks or challenges. From the mingle process, we were reminded that we don’t need to do anything to be in our loving and accepting but move our awareness within because that is truly who we are.

We then watched a profoundly touching Moment of Peace with John Morton about loving ourselves exactly as we are. To bring John’s message to our experience, we then shared in small groups a sweet process of loving each other “just the way we are.” How wonderful to give and receive of such pure loving and acceptance from other Representatives!

After a delicious networking break, we learned from Deborah Martinez, MSIA’s Webmaster, about the new gorgeous and incredibly efficient MSIA website. Still located at, the website now offers a multitude of features, including never-before-seen videos of John-Roger and John Morton. Deborah showed a video of John-Roger explaining the value of Discourses, a video that can be shared with anyone wanting to know more. The website has share buttons so that video, articles and pages can be shared easily by email, on Facebook and on Twitter. Deborah also let us know that the website will continue to expand as more videos and materials are being developed and placed there, making the teachings of the Traveler even more accessible to those who are looking for them.

Our beloved John Morton then joined us, first honoring NOW Productions for all the ways they preserve the teachings for future generations through CD’s, videos, Moments of Peace and other media. John then spoke about the value of Discourses, and in particular, his own love for the Discourses after more than thirty years of studying with John-Roger. He noted that to increase interest in Discourses, we need to show more interest in whatever ways work for us for the highest good.

John encouraged us to remember that we are here to do good, take care of ourselves, and help take care of others. John reminded us that the teachings of the Traveler are about Soul Transcendence. We are here to love it all, as God loves it all. Representing the Traveler around the world is often simply about sharing our loving, of ourselves, of each other, and of the wonderful teachings in whatever forms and ways we are moved to support.

We enjoyed listening to John’s Blessing of Serving in the Light which can be found on the CD that accompanies his book, You Are the Blessings. So as we serve the Traveler, we can choose to be open to receive and take in the divine loving gifts of who we truly are.

From this year’s Reps meeting, we came away renewed in God’s love, knowing more fully who we truly are. God provides the health, wealth and happiness that is our true self. All we need to do is choose into the loving, of ourselves and the Lord in each one, and claim these blessings that we already are.

Baruch Bashan

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