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The Miraculous Presence of the Lord God

The Miraculous Presence of the Lord God
By John Morton

This article is from an Open MSIA Seminar and Q&A with John Morton held in Santa Monica, California on December 5, 2000.

At the very first MSIA occasion that I went to, there was a small leaflet that was an introduction to MSIA. It was the very first one I read, the very first version, which I found very profound. It was an orange color, front and back, eight and a half by eleven inches. I probably still have it somewhere tucked away in some box or file because I’ve managed to hang onto the mementos of my journey over the years. It was for me, at the time, one of the most profound things I’d ever read.

Recently, I was looking at the information in our current pamphlet, particularly about the Teachings. I was reading it, and I again found it very profound. What I was realizing was that words are all profound. All words have a profound meaning in their own way. Even a word like “the” has a profound meaning because it in some way leads us into what’s next.

The very first paragraph of the pamphlet says, “Most religions teach that God is always with us. In MSIA we work to become more attuned to the presence to make it a reality in our daily lives.” I was struck by how profound that is, to take God as a teaching and move it into a presence so that we really are more aware of that presence as a reality in our daily life. It is something that I’d like you to consider, regardless of whatever else you came here for. It’s in our gatherings and in the teachings that are in various forms from John-Roger, the founder of MSIA. He’s the one who established the current form of the Movement of Spiritual Inner Awareness, and he has shared lots and lots of teachings with us over the years.

Some of you may not be subscribing to Soul Awareness Discourses or Soul Awareness Seminars. If anything moves you at this time in a way that’s profound, in a positive way, then I would invite you very much to partake in the Discourses. The Soul Awareness Seminars are a kind of parallel format, in a way, of audio recordings of various seminars that John-Roger has conducted.

I was listening to a Soul Awareness Seminar, which was recorded several years ago, and finding that there is a quality in the aspect of the profoundness that we’re dealing with here that goes through time. What was being addressed and spoken of by John-Roger in 1971 is very much how I relate to it today. There is a kind of consistency that runs through what we do that is about the presence.

We are in an eternal loving presence, and when we awaken to that presence, when we make ourself available to that presence, miraculous things can happen. If you’re missing the miraculous in some way, just take a check, a little personal inventory in your life right now. Where is your miraculous quotient at the moment? How would you rate yourself miraculously? Do you really consider that you have a miraculous life? We often like to use a scale of one to ten, ten being the highest. Consider where you would be on that scale?

If you’re not really on the higher end of the miraculous scale in your experience, I would like to invite you to move higher, in case you need that invitation. Perhaps you can consider more of what we are dealing with the Spirit as miraculous. We’re considering an aspect of this creation, however you view it, that has no limits.

With God, All Things are Possible

Someone said, “With God, all things are possible.” Have you heard that before? Take a little inventory of yourself. Is that how you conduct yourself as you go through the day? That with you and your life all things are possible? Is that your attitude? Certainly we could weigh in and ask, “Are you also saying that the negative is possible, too?”

Yes, it is important to consider that all the negativity is possible. I often remind people that we all have a preference. We all have choices. If I were to offer you openly and freely whatever you want, you would make a choice clearly as a preference. If I could simplify it for you and say you could either have the positive or the negative, do you know what your preference would be?

Maybe some of you are wondering if this is a setup, like it’s a trick question. You’re not sure you want to indicate at this moment what your preference would be.

If you’re not making a choice, you are still making a choice that is a default choice. A choice by default means that even if you refuse in all your power to make a choice, a choice is still made for you. Have you experienced that?
Life has a way of moving along regardless of how you feel about it. Whether you like it or not, it moves along. Choices occur and you may not agree with those choices, particularly the ones that happen outside of you, the ones in the world. Let’s be more practical. If you consider your financial situation, or where you live, or the relationships you have or any aspect of your relationships, you could find that you have preferences. And you have ways to choose how to relate to your choices. Some ways would equate to positive ways, and some ways would equate to negative ways. As creators we always have a choice level, regardless of what’s happening.

Let’s also consider that what’s happening is in some way beyond our control. Have you ever noticed that? Let’s also consider that God is always in control. And God is always up to good and loving.

I know that there are things beyond my control. And I would prefer them to be different. Would you prefer that your finances were different? Perhaps you would prefer that what you deal with on a day to day basis could be different — where you work, who you work with, or what you do? Regardless of the choices you’ve already made, and this is one of the magnificent beauties of the way choices work, you still have choices.

You don’t get a limited amount of choices and then you’re done, like you go to make a choice and they say, “Sorry, you’re out of choices.” Better choices are available to you. If you consider those choices are ones that are with God, then all things are possible. That is profound — with God and the choices with God, all things are possible.
If it’s not quite your experience, if that’s not quite how life is occurring to you, then consider that you have more room to be with God. When you really get with God, all things are possible. Now that is profound too. We all can work on harmonizing with God so that all things are possible.

The first choice is God. When we make that choice, then all things are added unto us. As it says in Scripture, seek ye first the Kingdom of Heaven, and then all things will be added unto you [Matthew 6:33].

Just imagine for a moment if you had a day in which all things happened unto you. That could be one wild day. Just consider the things that go on in this world and imagine all of them occurring today. And we’re talking about the gamut — all the things going on. You might be really glad that all things weren’t added unto you today. You might take a moment and give thanks for what didn’t happen.

When we invoke the Kingdom of Heaven, the reality is not all things are necessary. So if you’ll set yourself up to follow Heaven, or seek it as best you can, then the things that are part of that in the very best of what it is can follow. And the things that are not part of it, that are not necessary, can somehow bypass you and spare you.

Consider that you could set yourself up so your choices also spare yourself of things that don’t really serve you and aren’t necessary. It’s a matter of seeking God, seeking the Kingdom of Heaven first, and then all things can be added unto you according to what is best with God.

It isn’t about what you see. It isn’t about what you hear. It isn’t even about what you know. It’s about faith and trust. That’s really how we can make great gains in the Movement of Spiritual Inner Awareness. We can follow the line as best we can see it and know it, and there’s still going to be a level of our choice that is working according to our faith and trust in God. You may ask, what are we faithing in and what are we trusting in? Who is this God? What is this God?

Trusting in Love

There is a place in Scripture where it tells us who and what God is. “God is love, and he who dwells in God dwells in love and God in him” [John 4:16]. God is love. So that Scripture is what we are trusting as a faith. That God is love. That’s really all we need to know. That’s enough to know.

What we do in this organization that’s called the Movement of Spiritual Inner Awareness, what we seek, is love. That is the essential quality that you find here. That’s what we’re about. Now you’ll also find other things go on — things that are more like everything in between and things that we don’t really experience as love.

What is the negativity of love? It’s the attempt to deny love. The only negativity of love is the attempt to deny love, meaning it really can’t be done or is not present. If we don’t experience love, there may be an attempt to deny it. In that attempt to deny love, there’s a separation, a pain, a death and a whole lot of other things that I don’t prefer and I don’t think you do either. There’s no need to for denial of love which is also spelled t-r-o-u-b-l-e. The only need is to seek love, to look for love in people and things.

The reality of our awakening and discovering our true self, our true nature, is that we realize love has always been present. Love is an eternal presence. That eternal loving presence is our true nature. Yet we live in a world and an existence where we have a darkness. We have a separation. That is part of the perfection of the creation. It isn’t something to be bemoan or feel that we’re cursed, struck, or God is asleep, or God is dead.

It’s important to discern that we can be awake, rest, be nurtured, restored and regenerated. In fact, it works better that way to actually go into a state of consciousness so that we’re more awake as we rest. We may find that we’re more awake in other realities, so that the reality of what we call sleep is an inner journey that we may or may not consciously realize.

In the part that we bring with us, what we do recall, it can be an interpretation or translation of something that was beyond our mind or our capacity to be consciously aware in the body. That’s one of the things that we are striving towards in this Movement, to be voyagers and explorers into the unknown, past our conscious awareness. What does that mean? How do we take our awareness past our conscious awareness?

That’s the Movement of Spiritual Inner Awareness. As we have a willingness to let go of our conscious awareness of ourselves in this world and in this body, our awareness can be taken into other realms so that we’re ushered into experiences that enlighten us and reveal our higher nature. We bring that back with us even when we don’t consciously know it. There’s an ability of what we call the Traveler Consciousness to take you out of your body, out of the mindfulness of this world and into the mindfulness of the worlds beyond, even though they’re unknown and unseen to most of us.

We have various versions of what we experience. Often there’s a hesitation to want to share or reveal that to one another because one version is different from another version, so others might interpret it as, “You’re weird and you’re strange or crazy, or you should die for that because that’s blasphemy.”

There’s been various interpretations when people have chosen to share their inner experiences. Often inner experiences are not meant to be shared in this world because they are of a nature that’s sacred and holy, and they’re not yet to be revealed. If someone happens to know it, then that’s the Spirit that revealed it to them.

There’s a story in the Bible in which Jesus was asking some of the Disciples, “Who do you say I am?” [Matthew 16:13-20]. One of them responded, “You’re the Messiah. You’re the Lord.” Jesus responded that flesh and blood didn’t reveal that to them, but the Spirit did. That’s how you know that about your true self. It’s not necessarily meant to be revealed materially or as a spoken word.

Sounds of Love: Sacred Tones

In MSIA, we work with what we call the sacred tones and the sacred names. There is a way of relating to those tones that is meant to be unspoken and not heard physically. You cannot hear it with your physical ears. So even what is spoken is not it. It’s a vibration in the physical more from the inner consciousness. When it’s spoken inwardly, it’s a vibration that is in harmony with the spiritual sound.

As we chant the tones inwardly, it vibrates with the inner tone or the Sound of God in a particular vibration. It assists us to bypass the limitations of the physical or human nature, transcend into the other realms, and have the experience even while we don’t know anything more than we’re just chanting a name for God. You may think, “It really doesn’t have any meaning. I don’t know what this means. It’s supposed to be a name of God, but I don’t relate to this name of God. I’ve never met this God, or I never heard God tell me that’s the name.”

Our mind can have lots of rebuttal about what’s going on until the experience takes place. One experience that I’ve always found is present when we do chant the sacred tones, what we call Spiritual Exercises, is that we increase ourself. We infuse ourself with the vibration. If we’re observing what happens as a result, we can notice that we’re carrying a vibration that when we sat down, we weren’t carrying. There is in a way a tangible result from the spiritual exercise. Yet if you attempt to make it tangible, it’s as though it evaporates on you.

Have you ever had a dream and it was with you and then it was like you just moved slightly and it was gone? Then you went to try to get it, it was like, “Where did that thing go?” In the moment when the dream was present with you, it was like you couldn’t move because as soon as you moved, you moved out of it. Just in physically moving, you moved off the vibration of what it is. It’s like being tuned in on a radio. If you adjust the dial even slightly, you go off the station. What happened? You moved the dial, and you’re no longer tuned into that station.

Our True Vibration

All those who have the ears to hear and the eyes to see, to have the attunement, have been called into this Movement because you are ready. What does that readiness mean? It means that your soul development or evolvement is such that you can bypass experiences that are no longer necessary for you. What it allows you is that you can pick up on the Sound Current and move on the energy field that is transcending from this world into the level of our soul which is our true home, our true vibration. That’s where we come from.

One of the ways you can relate to it naturally is when you consider yourself in this world, you realize this is not your place. There’s somewhere else that you belong. We are strangers in a strange land. If we went home, we’re actually like residents in our homeland. You get the difference? You’re a stranger in a strange land because it’s a strange land. That’s why you’re a stranger here. So when you go home, you realize, “This is where I live. This is natural.”

As we pick up on our soul nature, we realize this world is not our home. It’s not an attitude of, “I hate this place,” because that really doesn’t work. So choose to love this world and love it all. That’s a big key to getting into the soul vibration and bypassing the unnecessary experiences that are here — learning how to run silent and run deep. Maybe that brings up the image of a submarine. That’s fine as this movement is about the Ocean of Love and Mercy.

Have the willingness and an openness to attune to the Spirit. Spirit does what it does perfectly. If you are open such that your intention as you sit there or however you participate is to be with God, to commune with God, to worship with God, then that intention will take care of you because it’s between you and God. In MSIA, we let people have a look and we do what we can to get out of the way so that it is never really about this organization or somebody in the organization.

MSIA is not about a personage or personality. Yet there are things that appear exactly as if it is about the personality with a hierarchy to administer things into the world. This world has all kinds of things that, when you get in the Spirit, go by the wayside. As you get higher in the Spirit, you can realize, “This is really beautiful, glorious and truthful world even with the all the negativity.”

There’s an opportunity here to use all experiences. That’s part of the beauty of this planet. It requires a lot of strength to deal with the conditions. Just to survive here takes awareness, consciousness, paying attention, and learning how to get along and cooperate with how things work.

The movement of spiritual inner awareness is a process of eternally traveling as a consciousness. So don’t stop. Keep progressing. Keep going. Keep refining yourself which is learning how to love it all and find the joy in this place, to take the responsibility that you do have as a being that God sent here.

Consider that God sent you here, and the very basic purpose of your life is to make this place better than you found it. When you learn how to do that outside of yourself, you will automatically learn how to do that inside of yourself. The greatest consciousness in this world is the greatest servant here. So as you learn how to serve, you are uplifting all. When you walk in a room, that room is lifted. The air becomes clearer and more rarefied because you’re in it, because you’re breathing in the room and what you bring as a vibration is uplifting to all. Who can do that? It’s the Spirit in us.

We’re doing our best to get what’s inside of us deep, at the very deepest level, to get it radiating so it’s in our fingers. It’s in our hair follicles. It’s that you’re getting your Spirit out so you’re vibrating and radiating. You’re more accurately a radiation, a pure light and love.

If you’ll give God not just half a chance but any chance to assist you and support you, it’s there. It’s there as much as you will allow. We’re the ones who place the limitation because we, in some way, decide, “I’d rather do it myself. Now leave me alone.” The idea that we’re going to somehow do it by ourself and get along without God is ridiculous. Since that’s not the way it’s going to work, you might as well learn how to get along with God completely.

The way that works is to accept God for what God is, and God is everything. That means to accept everything and learn how to cooperate with God’s higher movement. This is what we refer to as the spiritual movement. Get with that movement. Cooperate with that movement. Are there other movements? Yes, there’s the movement of dense awareness. The movement of the infidels. The movement of hedonistic expressions. There’s all kinds of movements. Just look around.

It is in the sanctity and the holiness of who we are that God shows up. That’s one of the ways I really love this Movement. It has a tendency not to be able to be boxed in to certain things. We have our rituals, and we have our routines and habits and all kinds of things. But the real thing I find going on here is, regardless of where we are, regardless of what’s happening, it’s God’s movement. God is in this world. So let’s get with that eternal love.

Sometimes it is about getting down on our knees and knowing the humbleness of who we are. In that humbleness, there’s a quality that I relate to as being naked. There’s nothing covering me. I am not hiding. When you get into some of our classes and workshops, we hear from people in the most disclosing, revealing ways. Sometimes people just completely bare their soul in front of us. It gets very sacred when somebody does that, when they really open themselves so that they’re vulnerable. What I find is we are those who, because of the Spirit that we worship, embrace people as we find them regardless of their history.

This is the love of the Christ. I hope those of you who have something about that term, where it rubs you or it’s like it stings you if I use it, that you can get to the aspect of the Christ that is the anointing, that is the consciousness of the Messiah that has come into the flesh to reveal the Spirit in the flesh. It can be something that is miraculous in the flesh and yet we know it as ourselves, so that we can reach out and touch the Lord and the Holy One amongst ourselves here and now. The Lord is with us, however you experience that. We are two or more gathered here in the name, that holy name of the Lord God who is in our midst.

Baruch Bashan

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  1. Natalia Pashigina.

    A so heart touching article ! I have read in one breath, like being in a huge loving stream . So grateful to John Morton, JR, msia and all of us.

  2. Natalia Pashigina

    Thank you!!! A so beautiful article! I have read it like on a huge loving wave, so grateful to you all and JM and JR God bless us all!

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