J-R Marathon & Mystical Traveler Screening in Rio

By: Rio MSIA community

August 11th, 2016

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J-R Marathon & Mystical Traveler Screening in Rio

To bring more Traveler Gratitude into your Heart —

Here are sharings from participants in the J-R Marathon & Mystical Traveler Movie Screening that Jsu Garcia presented at the Atrium in Rio de Janeiro on August 8, 2016.

Lanita.💕 dear.👄 want to thank you soul to soul.💙 the great gift that Jesus gave me especially the documentary John-Roger’s life, that filled my heart with gratitude, compassion and love.💟. Give to him my tenderness for the beautiful loving  work he is doing. kisses in your hearts. I love you, sweetheart / beloveds. Marinalva

My soul says countless thanks to God, J-R, John Morton, Leigh, Jsu, Lana and every one, thanks from my 💜 it was all, very beautiful and deep, divine! Lana, send my special gratitude hug to Jsu on its own initiative , openness, presence and loveliness! Suyan

Suyan! Your words express exactly what I also feel! I think the service Jsu has done phenomenal! I praise, applaud, I commune! Thank youuuu, Cristina Rocha

So it was for me too! GRATITUDE beloved spiritual family of Brazil. God bless our ministries !!  Cris Escallon

It was beautiful, it’s beautiful! I thank God and all of those beautiful days connection with the Traveler! Gorgeous, gorgeous,  Anna

Every word echoes in my heart !
deep gratitude for all of us together in this magnificent journey. God bless us at all levels and that the light flow remain united only towards the heart of God. Adi Ribeiro




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