Awakening to the Soul

By: John Morton DSS

November 29th, 2018

Awakening to the Soul


This article by John Morton was originally published in the New Day Herald, November of 2003

“There eventually comes a time when you realize, ‘I want the real thing, I want my Source, I want to awaken and throw off these layers of illusion and the perceptions that are not real. I want to take to the truth of who I am.'” – John Morton

The Traveler knows how to do what it does perfectly because it’s been given that authority by God. So it’s really the authority of God, the ability of God, the knowledge of God that functions through the Traveler. That’s a big thing, and it is in everyone. It functions as a spiritual consciousness, and it works because you give it attention. So the difference between you and another person can be the attention that you give to it. Still, even the most “despicable” person has a relationship to the Traveler because at some level they know they’re loved. The Traveler is in there waiting patiently as they go through their process of learning and discovering who they are at the extreme, the negative end of things.

That’s part of how the Traveler works with you. You may realize, “I’m not really so interested in that negative end. I’m interested in growing and learning and waking up to who I am.” In this, you have turned the direction of your life from an opposition or negative dedication. People often enter into the material world with a negation toward the Spirit. In order to have that separate experience, you have to deny and negate the Spirit as you know it. You can’t truly do that, but you can have an image of that or an illusion of that, which can be very powerful and which works as a construction of the negative realms. Not only is it very powerful, it also serves a purpose. Part of the purpose is to bring consciousness into that negative field, for you to have that experience and, when that experience is sufficient enough for you, make the choice to turn and move back into Spirit, from which you came. That requires a dropping of the negative identification. It really is the dropping of the body and the layers of the body that are part of the psychic-material manifestation.

If we were looking at you, we would find that the psychic-material nature is to acquire these layers of substance that are of the negativity; it just keeps applying itself, and then it takes on certain characteristics that are an image of God. So even as it repeatedly takes on the negative form and has layers of negative forms, it still retains elements of the spiritual nature so that we are made in the image of God. There is tremendous value in just looking upon ourselves even negatively, that we can still see the spiritual nature coming through because that negative image is reflecting upon the Source. Somehow, someway, the negative image will present us with the reality of who we are from a negative reflective standpoint.

There eventually comes a time when you realize, “I want the real thing, I want my Source, I want to awaken and throw off these layers of illusion and the perceptions that are not real. I want to take to the truth of who I am.” As you put that forth in your consciousness, the Traveler comes forward to meet you and work with you to do those things. But it’s kind of like you need to be the one to take off the layers, and it really requires that you stop the negative as your identification, focus, and choice. So if you’re participating in negativity, you stop it, dismiss it, let it go, release it. The beauty of that is that the negativity just evaporates and returns to where it came from, which is the negative power. It’s like a magnetic attraction: it goes right back to its source, and you realize, “Gee, that wasn’t really me.” It’s a disillusionment, a taking off of layers, and the Traveler is there guiding you in how to restore yourself. And it does it by showing you what you truly are, a spiritual being.

As you see what you truly are, you realize, “I’m not a jealous person. I’m not an envious person. I’m not a guilty person. I’m not an unclean, impure person.” As you start throwing off and releasing those things, it gives you buoyancy in your consciousness as a spirit, and you must go to the level of your Light; it automatically allows you access. Part of what the Traveler does is get off you the negativity that you don’t know how to take off yourself. That allows your spirit, the Soul body, to go unencumbered by the negativity. Then when you come back into the body, you’ve gained access to the experience of yourself without that negativity, so when the negativity comes back on you, it feels very alien and strange to you. It’s a consciousness change in which you realize, “I don’t want to be like that. I don’t want to be mean. I don’t want to have doubt toward myself or to disrespect myself.” It starts coming in like that, and you start changing those ways. You stop entering into the negative identification.

It’s a constant process, and you charge it by chanting your initiation tone, or Hu or Ani-Hu if you have not yet been initiated. You also charge up that relationship by living the Traveler’s teachings. The teachings are a directive, like a description and an instruction in how to be a Soul in this world becoming itself, enlightening itself, realizing itself. As you go inward and charge yourself up in the Spirit consciousness, the Traveler has a greater ability to clear the negativity from you. So then you have greater access to the higher consciousness and you become much wiser about who you are as a spiritual being and how you’ve conditioned yourself negatively as a human being. You get much smarter and more conscious about dropping the negativity and the negative identification.

The change will show up as a beauty. You’ll really become more beautiful as a personage, and those who love you will get it. Those who don’t love you, don’t worry about them. They’re not yours anyway. We’re not trying to be saviors rescuing those who are lost and misguided and misdirected. If they come to us, we have a willingness to minister to them, but we don’t make it our mission to go out and feed all the hungry or stop all the violence. That’s not our mission. Our mission is really to awaken to the Soul. As we do that, we become a serving consciousness, so we do good in the world, but it’s more like doing it where we are, right here. In that, even though there are wars going on, somebody still needs to sweep the floor. Maybe that seems like a petty, small thing to do, and shouldn’t we be over there on the front lines, stopping the war? You have to decide that for yourself. But you might want to clean up your own area so that you stop the war in your own life. Then maybe that will give you the authority to go stop the war somewhere else.

Baruch Bashan.


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