Your True Nature

By: John Morton, DSS

September 7th, 2018

Your True Nature


This article by John Morton was originally published in the New Day Herald, Febuary 2007.

“We deal in that nature we call the Soul or the Spirit or God. There are a lot of names for it. We can also call it joy, love, and peace because those are the qualities that we know it by.” – John Morton

Your true nature is not negative, so when you experience negativity, it doesn’t feel good, it doesn’t work, it just kind of messes things up. That’s by design, that’s on purpose, that’s all part of God’s perfection. It is a way for you to know, “I’m not this, this isn’t me, this doesn’t feel right, this isn’t working.” The negativity is doing its job really well. It’s when you identify with the negativity that you really have a problem. When you start thinking you are the negativity, that the negativity is you, that tends to mess things up. But if you have an understanding that negativity is what it is and you know who you are, then you would realize that the negativity doesn’t have much to do with you. It may get on you or affect you, but it really doesn’t change you because what you are is immutable, and you don’t become negative because you deal in negativity.

We deal in that nature we call the Soul or the Spirit or God. There are a lot of names for it. We can also call it joy, love, and peace because those are the qualities that we know it by. So when we’re in joy, that’s a way we can know we’re dealing in the Spirit.

Sometimes that gets misidentified because people get all excited and worked up, and they put their emotions on what’s going on; then when their emotions change, they have the positive somehow tied into that, and it’s not. It’s just that your emotions shifted and you lost track that the Spirit is eternal, ongoing, undeterred, and incorruptible.

Just knowing that tells you that when you’re looking at negativity or dealing in it, it’s not really you, so don’t take it personally. You may say, “It hurts,” “It doesn’t feel good,” “I don’t like it,” “I’m frustrated,” “I’m angry.” Still, that doesn’t change that you’re not that. You’re just caught up in that, but you don’t even need to get caught up in it. Instead, you might have a good laugh at yourself or just sit down because if you’ll sit down for long enough, the weather will change. The negativity will pass. And that’s one of the great ideas: “This, too, shall pass.”

So if you’re patient, it will move. “Well,” you say, “I died of it.” But you’re identifying with the body again. So that gets straightened out, too. In the Spirit, people who identify with the body get told, “You’re not your body. See, that over there is your body. You’re over here. And now it’s time to move on. You won’t be dealing with that body any longer; it served its purpose.” That’s the way it’s going to be in Spirit, so you might as well get used to it. Don’t take personally what goes on physically. It’s not going to last.

It’s just a ride, and the ride’s going to be over. If you’re smart, you’ll enjoy the ride. You’ll have a good time, and you’ll get some things done that were important for you to do. That brings experiences to you that awaken you, nurture you, strengthen you. That’s what it’s about. If you lose track, just bring yourself back to the loving. Find a way to love what is present. We teach that because we teach sourcing that nature, and once you connect to the loving, it fills you up and overflows. You become loving; it becomes your nature and the way you see and relate to things.

The more you do that, the more you adapt the lower nature to the loving. One of the big assignments you have here is to change your nature into the loving, into the Spirit, to spiritualize the material. But it’s a challenge because we take on a veil, a filter, a karma that allows us to forget, so the ones who are already strong spiritually choose this. The others likely go with their instincts, and it becomes like a reactive nature. In psychology, it’s stimulus-response: I wave a red flag in front of me, and you charge instead of realizing you’re not just a bull. You’re more than that, so you can transcend that lower nature and stop acting according to the lower nature that instinctually responds in a reactive way. You start bypassing the lower nature.

And what if we can’t tell if we’re being loving or just dumb? I wouldn’t worry about it. If you’re happy-dumb, you’re in good territory. A lot of people don’t make it. They are stupid-dumb, they are upset-dumb, they are angry-dumb. Getting happy-dumb is loving yourself because you’re the one who’s always around, so you might as well start there and get that working: “I love myself.” If you can do that consistently, you have overcome a lot right there. In fact, loving yourself tends to transfer so you’re loving others.

And when you don’t love something or someone, thinking it’s “out there,” this is actually pointing out what you don’t love about yourself. Even in something little, like a mosquito, if you’re all worked up and hating the mosquito, that’s just pointing out your little nature and that you need to learn how to deal with that, even though it is an irritation. And no one is exempt from being stung by a mosquito. If that happens to you, you’re going to get a little bump and it’s going to itch because that’s what happens when mosquitoes bite you. If you then get upset about that and decide your life’s no good, that’s something you added on to the situation.

There are some really basic things that John-Roger laid out early and in very bold ways. One is that “out of God come all things.” That covers a lot of ground; it’s everything, no exceptions. Another is that “God loves all of Its creation.” That certainly covers you, so that means you’re loved, and anything or anyone you’re dealing with is also loved. So God sets the tone and shows the direction. And if you want to go to God, this is what God is doing here: loving the creation.

When you really get that going, you get free in the creation and you’re not caught in it, so you must move in your Spirit. Moving in your Spirit is transcending any negative level, any aspect of negativity, so that it can’t hold you and no longer has any authority over you. This is glory. This is getting free of the “wheel of eighty-four,” the cycle of reincarnation. Your time here is not long. You have to go somewhere other than this world because this world no longer can hold you. You’ve overcome this world.

Sometimes people get an attitude something like, “Well, I must have really messed up, and I’m lost and forsaken because I don’t understand the things I’m doing. I’m confused. Then I look at myself and decide I’m really dumb and stupid because I forgot the things I thought I knew and I end up causing myself problems here.” But, as J-R has also said, “Not one Soul will be lost,” so don’t worry about that. You can’t be lost, you’re coming home. That’s your destiny, God ordained it, and so it is. So don’t get all worked up about what you’ve done and what’s happened; you’re free of that because of who you are.

There’s also more to that. It’s called, “Let’s clean up,” because you’re a responsible creator. So if you’ve judged yourself and done some things to get caught up, there’s a process of letting all that go so you’re no longer judging, no longer caught in the karma of your past actions. We get caught in the past actions because we haven’t learned what we needed to learn. There it is. So if you just learn what you need to learn, you’re free of it if you choose that. “You mean, I can let it go?” Yes, if you do let it go, because you know what you need to know about it. “But,” you might say, “it still really gets me. I’m really upset about that. I really can’t let that go. I’m attached to that.” All right, then obviously there’s something there that you haven’t yet learned that you need to learn. Go for it, get whatever it is. The way that works is if you’re going to do something and get involved in it, then really get involved. Do it with all your body, all your mind, all your Soul. Really get in there and get everything you can from the experience until you’re done. Don’t hold back. Do it. And that’s really going to work for you.

And there are a few checks along the way that J-R has told us, such as, “don’t hurt yourself, and don’t hurt others.” That’s very practical because if you ever think hurting or being hurt is what you’re supposed to be doing, you didn’t come here to be hurt or to hurt. That’s none of your business, so don’t get involved in it.

J-R also told us a good way to do that: take care of yourself and, when you have the opportunity, take care of others. That will keep you moving in the right direction. Then remember that everything around you, everything in your life, and everything about you is there so you can use it for upliftment, learning, and growth. It’s all designed that way, a perfect design. When you’re on to that, your life is full of grace. You’re whistling, singing, having a great time, enjoying everybody and everything. If you do that, you may be accused of being a real fool, stupid, and not in touch with what’s going on by those who are a fool, stupid, and not in touch with what’s going on. They know they’re about to lose you, so they’re trying to hang on. The smart ones are just having a good time as much as they can. It doesn’t become irresponsibility. It becomes, “I’m doing what I need to do.” I’m finding that this is real basic, real elementary. It’s things like breathing, not making a mess, and cleaning up after myself. After that, there seems to be quite a bit of time left over to do what I want to do.

It’s amazing to know that when we really look at how life works or doesn’t work, it’s set up absolutely brilliantly. We may forget and get loyal to things that really aren’t serving us, like conditioning that we got from somewhere. Some of that conditioning we were born with; we come in and it’s a pattern that fits in as our personality, our character, what we identify with, and how we’re raised. But when we wake up, we realize, “I’m not any of these conditions. These conditionings are not what I am. They’re not the truth of who I am.”

The way I look at it, those things are just circumstances, scenery, facts in my life. I don’t deny any of those facts; I just let them go. That was then and this is now. Right now I’m a completely free consciousness. I can do anything. I don’t do just anything because I’m learning that my choices make a difference, that there are better choices and lesser choices, so the choices I’m making are the ones that I find work in the very best way. And sometimes I don’t know what’s going to work in the very best way, so I flip a coin or I sit down and know that because there are choices doesn’t mean I have to make them.

Sometimes the best choice is not to do anything. When you can get to that point, you may have a sense of joy, love, peace expanding inside you. That energy doesn’t change, it doesn’t go away. It’s like wind in your sails. So when you’re with it, go. Let it take you. Go with the joy, enjoy it. Use it as a way of relating to things because it’s the energy of wisdom. It’s the energy of truths. When you’re on to the joy, when you feel that joy buoyant inside of you, you feel light, easy, free. And it has clarity, too, so it will let you see what’s going on.

Baruch Bashan.


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