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What’s the Best Way to Tithe into a Money Magnet?

Article imageQuestion: How can I tithe into a money magnet in a way that is open and giving and not hoarding?

Answer: When you’re tithing, you’re giving to God — the source within you that is the one God of all creation. When you tithe into a money magnet, you’re tithing to yourself — the God inside of you. In my consciousness, when I’m tithing to myself to the fullest extent, then it’s to 100% of all of God’s creations, not just to the one that’s in my physical form. I’m giving to the one that I am that is God, all of God, including my physical form. By giving to the source of your spiritual connection and teaching in the world you then allow for an exchange for what you have received to go back to the source.

How they tithed long ago, on every ten sheep or every ten bushels, isn’t practical now. In his book, Fulfilling Your Spiritual Promise, John-Roger suggests that whatever comes in as your increase, first take ten percent of that amount and tithe to your spiritual source. Tithing to your spiritual source could be, for example, on the gross amount of your paycheck. Tithing to your money magnet could be on the net amount, what actually comes to you after things are taken out of your paycheck, such as taxes. If you receive a gift, you might look at what is the value of the gift and donate the monetary representation or something of equal or greater value. If you come to a place with your money magnet in which you are concerned that you are “hoarding” or acquiring too much, you are likely reflecting upon a consciousness of lack. You could consider the story of talents in the Bible and look for how best to utilize your “talents” for greater good. A consciousness of wealth is also a consciousness of freedom; freedom to receive and freedom to give.

John-Roger wrote in his book, Wealth & Higher Consciousness, “It’s important to tithe with love in your heart. Tithing to the source of your spiritual teachings and to yourself is part of the process of prosperity that is your heritage…A money magnet is to be recognized and relished in its physicality.”

You are the one who determines how you tithe to God who is your spiritual source and to the God that you recognize within you as a spiritual source. So from the bounty that comes to you from God, tithe and create your money magnet freely according to what’s clear within you and with cheer from your grateful heart.

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