J-R Marathon and Mystical Traveler Film in London, 2106

By: Nathalie Franks

October 26th, 2016

J-R Marathon and Mystical Traveler Film in London, 2106

The John-Roger marathon in London started at 10am. I love the immersion of allowing myself to be with Spirit’s energy for long periods of time. Every time I do this I experience a different level of emotional and mental clearing. As with all J-R seminars I go in and come out clearer, with a heightened perception of the Traveler’s grace. For me also it’s like a spiritual exercise in listening, observing and absorbing the finite.

This time I sat through most of the day with the grand icing on the cake, watching the Mystical Traveler Movie. I realised that I had missed some great keys about the sound current in the movie so was grateful to have this opportunity to watch it again. Thank you Jsu for bringing these marathons alive so we can share in J-R’s teachings that are invaluable. God bless us all.

-Nathalie Franks


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