My First Experience as a Seminar Leader

By: Anna Sugai

November 4th, 2016


My first experience as a Seminar Leader
by Anna Sugai

Every time I was in a Home Seminar, I experienced this amazing blessing that is being in a group, sharing from the Heart, sustaining the Light, connected to the Traveler Consciousness. The awareness, the love and the Light have always been a true and a great gift. The idea of becoming a Seminar Leader was in my mind. I left it aside for a while, thinking that maybe I was too young to host a seminar or that maybe it wasn’t for me. But it’s like those things that I perceive as graceful: It won’t be forced on to you, but it’s available, it’s there if you choose to. And so I did.

In Brasilia, my hometown, I think most people come to MSIA through Insight Seminars—which to me is a blessing. People usually have gathered useful information, had a Heart-Centered experience and are interested in continuing to work with themselves. It’s a beautiful thing to watch.

I promoted my first Soul Awareness Seminar in the “Love is in the Air” PTS class that happened here through some beautiful translated flyers that were sent to us by Debbie Roth. I also let people know through Whatsapp Groups on my phone. I invited friends and family, without worrying who would actually be present. I prepared my house, the food, inviting Love and Light to be present all the time.

And about the Seminar…it was so sweet! There were many young people. For one of them, it was the first time he was in an MSIA event. Those who had been to a seminar before joined me in an introduction by talking a little bit what it was about. Then we asked for the Light to be present and we chose a J-R audio seminar together. Even though the audio was in Spanish, and we speak Portuguese, it seems we all took the valuable information that each of us needed. After that, we shared from the heart, putting our current experiences and learnings in the Light. Then we all shared some food and juices while we talked about how much Brazil is a big mix of different nationalities, remembering how blessed we are.

I thank J-R, JM and all MSIA Community for the beautiful opportunity to awake to who I am and see it happen in other people too. I could perceive the love and Light that was present in my house during and after the Seminar.

From my Heart, I thank you all.

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Anna, I completely love this! The tips for inviting folks to your seminar are really helpful, and your description of the seminar itself is heartwarming. Thank you for caring and serving the ways that you do. <3 Blessings to all in Brasil.