Peace Seminars Around the World

By: Debbie Roth

March 24th, 2017

Peace Seminars Around the World

Hello Beloved Reps and Seminar Leaders,

Early this month, John Morton extended an invitation for Seminar Leaders worldwide to choose the theme of Peace for your Soul Awareness Seminars.

The response has been wonderful so far! Seminar Leaders are offering peace seminars in areas such as Africa, Spain, Brasil, Colombia, and numerous states around the US. At Windermere, we’re doing a lovely Peace Walk followed by lunch and a peace seminar.

Feel free to offer a seminar on peace in your community too. If you do, please email me with how it went (and photos!) so our seminars team can share your experience and learning.

Below are reports from two Seminar Leaders on what they did for their gatherings. It can be very powerful if we are aligned with this purpose that is being present with the peace within.


Debbie, on behalf of the Soul Awareness Seminars team

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Marina Bustamente from Madrid, Spain offered a peace seminar, and here’s what she wrote:
We were myself, May and Any Karoly, who is very enthusiastic about MSIA seminars and might very soon start her Discourses study. In the light of the Christ and fthg. At the beginning I explained the purpose of the evening as to align with Peace, which resides inside of each person, in that precious place where there is a divine spark, the I Am that we have inside. Then we asked for the Light, fthg. Then we put our intentions for peace and people and expressed our gratitude for the Blessings.
We listened to a Blessing of Peace from the CD You Are the Blessings by JM, the Ani-Hu chant, we did silent se’s and then listened to The Christ Meditation by J-R. We later had sharing of the heart, which was filled with joy and much loving. WE could tell we were in Peace, joyful, our basic selves wanted to smile and laugh and we were enjoying our unity and gathering.
We called in the Light again to close the seminar and as we were saying bye until the next week, I realized that my home was filled with Light, love and gratitude to the Father, for this service and doing my ministry.

Obinna Otutubuike from Abia State, Nigeria also offered a peace seminar – the very first seminar in Abia State! From Obinna:
I want to inform you that a seminar was held on Peace in Umuahia Abia State yesterday and it was beautiful.
I called ourselves forward into the Light as we began the seminar by 9am last Sunday morning. We chanted Ani-Hu after which we played a tape titled WHAT IS YOUR HEART DESIRE. We also chanted the word PEACE after which again, I shared all the quotes from our beloved Travelers from the Resourse Materials that was sent to me for the Peace Seminar. We closed the Seminar by sharing, chanting H-U and also reminded ourselves to always focus on Peace despite the situation. It was indeed beautiful to have participated in that class as it is.

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